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One of the main purposes of “the Church of the End-time Zombies: A Guide To Religious Detox”  is to prepare YOU to stand alone as the author did for 8 of the 11 years she has been out of organized religion.  Once Pam Sheppard started the online Christian fellowship called RESCUE, she now has supportive friends from several American states and others from South Africa, Dubai, India, Antigua, Finland and Canada.  A prolific writer, Pam’s books are  really an outgrowth of her main passion: deliverance counseling and pastoring.  So this book is a labor of love to all the people around the world that Pam would love to personally pastor, particularly those who have been damaged and deceived by religion as peddled by “the religious.”

Since she is without the resources and capability to personally pastor the millions who are in dire need, she is using this book to coach those who will one day have to stand alone as she did. So as a labor of love, Pam  has jam-packed almost 300 pages with loads of truths to prepare you for the evil day. It was a book written a century ago  that turned Pam’s life upside down and served as the catalyst to open her eyes to comprehend  just how deeply the enemy’s infiltration into the institutional church had personally hindered her walk in the spirit. “War on the Saints”  set her free from being a Christian zombie for 25 years.

So  this her 7th  book is motivated by her democratic belief in the free will of the individual to be un-deluded in this Laodicean age of deception where “Satan has deceived the entire world.” For those who have an ear to hear and an eye to see, this eye-opening  book will take you on the narrow road to meet the true and real Jesus Christ of Nazareth for yourself, without the influence or the mediation of the blind controlling and leading the blind.  This book will pull you out of your religious ditch and cause  you to stand on solid, good ground that will prepare  you to “really be born again.” In fact, You will be able to clarify for yourself what has kept you deceived and what you need to know to address your own vulnerabilities and triumph over them.

In her 6 earlier books, Pam established and presented a framework to unravel religious deception which she elaborates on and enhances in “the Church of the End-time Zombies.” Nothing is withheld that would be useful to you but one subject, demonic soul-ties, the subject of its own book.  This book is conversational in its language style as Pam personally coaches you from each page.

Then there are those of you who do not have to stand alone, as RESCUE still has the capability to receive your membership.  To know more about RESCUE, watch these videos.


Don’t forget to get your coaching book to help you stand alone.

paperback   www.lulu.com/content/16262055

ebook   www.lulu.com/content/16464312  

20 responses to “WE COACH BY PHONE And By Email: Get your “Coaching Book!”

  1. I hear your point and I agree. We do not offer our services as a gift from the Holy Ghost, We do not lay hands on anyone, nor do we offer the gift of the Holy Ghost for money. We are workmen. I am a licensed therapist in the state of New York who happens to be a Christian. Didn’t Jesus say that the workman is worthy of His meat? Thank you for the scriptural reminder.

  2. lenae

    What do you have to say about the American “apostolic” church?

  3. Rina Jongsma

    Dear Pam Sheppard, I admire the wisdom the Lord has given you. Really great! Still: I have also a warning: never allow yourself to be adolised by other people, also of course not on your website. Only God is to be adolised, Never his children. God is a jealous God. He will never give his honour away to someone. Please be watchful. Thanks for your website anyway!

  4. Rina Jongsma

    Dear Pam Sheppard. How much I admire your website and everything on it, still I would like to add a second warning: I hope you never allow yourself to get enriched through your ministry financially. Freely He gives it to you, also freely give it away again. I hope you agree with me that we as christians are called to live soberly, and ought to be examples to the world and to the greedy christianity, who want to get as much of possible out of it. They think it is a blessing if they “earn a lot” by their ministry, and are not prepared to give their money to the poorest of the poor again. So they make their name a stink to the word and to other christians. I hope you never fall into this trap of liking it “to be rich financially”.

    • I am set for life fiancially Rina. Why? Because since I have been in ministry for 31 years, I worked full time, earned a great pension, and so I am trained not to live off of the gospel of Jesus Christ. For when I received a salary as a pastor, I gave it back to the church as my tithe, adding to it 10 percent of my secular salary.

      So personally I am set and want for nothing. Yet in terms of ministry, being an unknown, I have to spend money to be reached online. Every time I am reachable on a search engine, I have paid to be found. For every book I write, I have paid to be published. I am training five people to do the work that I do. I believe in paying staff, as the workman is worthy of his meat. Yet I will not do what needs to be done by begging folk for tithes and offerings. I set a reasonable membership fee that allows me to pay ministerial expenses.

      sister, I have not gotten rich off the backs of Christians in 31 years. No need to start doing so now! Thanks for your interest and concern.

  5. Hi Pam, I would like to join your mentoring and women in ministry program. As I told you I have a radio gospel show with my mom but of course I would like to learn more as well as deal with my own personal issues. You assigned me Tee so I will go online to see if I could connect with her, but I am not computer literate no do I have a facebook, myspace or anything connected to social media except an email address. So please let me know what I have to do. Thank You!

    • I sent you an email. I need to edit the page on Mentoring Women. you are already on the path and only telephone sessions are missing, as you have an email mentor and you are,in RESCUE.

      • Okay, so I’m going along the way I am supposed to? What is the difference between your paid sessions and RESCUE or is it like a process then I get into the paid session later?

        I am listening to your videos and I have two of your books so far “The Fake Jesus” and The New Idolatry”. I am learning so much but I still have questions and still need to know what is mentally going on with me. But thank you for replying.

  6. allen

    Like to know more.

  7. J.

    Hi. I could use some prayer. I was recently involved with someone who practices Kirtan and declares himself a heathen christan who loves God. But he seems oppressed to me. And says he loves Christ and God but doesnt belive that the church is balanced. IDK I’m worried. It says when you have sex with someone you become one with them. Please help me


    I need deliverance for my life
    My finances has been tight down as well as my destiny.
    Am thrilled by what I see on your website.
    Thank you

  9. Debra Lee

    Hi Pam, I spoke with you over the phone a few weeks back. I have come away with so many things you have said regarding coming out of the IC. I have had a gut feeling in my spirit that something wasn’t right. Thanks for the confirmation. Continue to spread the “True Gospel”

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