Understanding The Season of Trumpism in “the Plot to Hack America” by Malcolm Nance

“The Plot to Hack America will help you understand the signs of the ties.

Group 5: Preparing For End-Times


Within the first days of the Trump Presidency, the country’s  focus has shifted from Russia to a plethora of a fast paced onslaught on cabinet picks, the inauguration attendance, the Muslim ban, the firing of the  acting attorney general, the wall Mexico won’t pay for, the Dakota pipeline and on and on.  Yet nothing about Russia. Could this be a diversionary tactic?  Well after reading Malcolm Lance’s extraordinary book “the Plot to Hack America”, the  chaos and the incompetence of these times could be a well-thought out plan to see just how far the new administration  can go, in Trump’s efforts to derail democracy in this country.   What both Steve Bannon and President Trump have  found out is that even if the politicians are asleep, the people of America have finally woken up. 

The keyword of the populous is RESISTANCE!

In regards to the contents of the  creepy dossier about Trump and…

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