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11 responses to “Contact Us

  1. Vee

    I need help desperately to free me from demonic torment, torture & evil voices in my head & sometimes outside of my head & horrible nightmares & wanting to be dead & fighting suicide very hard as hard as I can, but I dare not seek anymore help ever again & I haven’t sought help in almost twenty years. I take prescribed pills to sleep because it’s the only way I can sleep, but no other drugs have helped me at all & the sleeping pills don’t work very well. I believe a person must have a completely pure heart to cast out demons & to heal people & I’ve not encountered anyone who has that quality, at least not yet & I probably never will. I’ve never witnessed a single healing miracle & I don’t know of anyone else who has either & I’ve searched high & low. I’m not asking for your help, just letting you know my experience with this. Much respect.


    • You have to do you. Not quite sure why you feel i needed to know this but what you need to know is that I make no effort to help those with YOUR particular point of view. To your remarks, I would add that when Jesus sent forth the 12 to heal the sick and cast out devils, JUDAS WAS AMONG THEM, WHICH SUGGESTS TO ME THAT HE WAS GIVEN THE SAME POWER AS THE OTHER 11. I would also say that the world does not revolve around your experience or mine either.


  2. Robin Marie Ewers

    OK. Well I do agree with you about that! Bye the way…I LOVE YOUR BLOG!


  3. To most people “to lead someone to Christ” is to get a person to repeat a sinner’s prayer or to get them to say “I accept Jesus.”


  4. Robin, you misunderstood. We preach but we don’t save anyone. The Holy
    spirit takes what we preach and He saves those God has chosen from the beginning of time.


  5. Robin Marie Ewers

    Pam…..let me quote you….”Caution you to lead no one to Christ” are you for real? May the Lord rebuke you and give you understanding.
    Pam, first of all we are commanded to preach the gospel..which is to PROCLAIM the good news of the risen Christ and what was accomplished on the cross! We can do that effortlessly with joy! Also, we can use our testimony which is very powerful in certain situations. I proclaim Christ and people become fascinated. Plant seeds of joy and salvation and stop with this false teaching.


  6. Thank you Pam wow I have been starving out here for some real REMA finally someone that understands the heart of a follower . I have felt Alone out hear with this love God has given me for his people. It is a rare thing indeed to have this burden for the lost sick and dying church . it sometimes is overwhelming. Having had the call to deliverance and deep inner healing and having no pastor over me it has left me with a feeling of nakedness. but praise God He has always covered me . I have fallen into many deception by the enemy. And wounded deeply front the body of Christ God had put on the shelf for the last three years . Finn ally He is starting to build me up again and is teaching me the difference between emotion and compassion. He has allowed me to lead some to the lord but has stop all deliverance . I will do what ever it take to walk in the fullness of what he originally called me to. I know there is allot I must learn and your teaching have captivated my Spirit and left me eager for more . I look forward to starting your books , I only wish I had more time to read and watch your material.
    Thank you so much my beautiful sister I am so encouraged to God be the glory.

    one of Gods wounded sheep

    Serving Him in Awe



    • Hi My Sister,

      Glad to be online to serve you. I don’t cover anyone but I do mentor and train ministers. If you are interested, call 518-477-5759. I have a group going now that you could join. I would caution you to lead no one to Christ. That is the job of the Holy Ghost. Nowhere will we find today anyone who has not heard of Him. Our job of preaching today really is to clear up error and misunderstanding.

      Hoping to hear from you again.


  7. Please help me, I don’t even know where to start….. but before I go any further, I ‘am in a bad place money wise. I don’t have money for regular sessions, but wonder if you could help with a couple of questions?


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