Vital to Your Survival is “The Church of the End-Time Zombies”


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A Written Word From the Author

I don’t call myself a prophet.  However in 1979, two years before I entered ministry, I heard an audible voice call me a prophet.  I don’t seek to know the future, but countless times I have known it, and I have witnessed  prophetic messages sent to me over the last 4 decades  actually  come to pass. Nevertheless,  I don’t go around speaking into people’s lives so I am not “that kind of prophet.” The Zombie book is a prophetic message to the entire world about a number of crucial issues, like “What is God going to do about the prosperity gospel?” And what is going to happen to the institutional church? and “Will God reach out to the deceived among His elect?”
My use of the term “zombies,” is as a symbol of a passive, lukewarm, lifeless and powerless religious church member. There is another book with a similar concept where the author emphasizes the deadness of some churches, based on an assumption that God will breath life back into the visible, institutional church. On the contrary, the emphasis of my book is not the zombie-like nature of the church itself. No. My focus is on restoring life not to the institution but to the churchgoer. The first step on that path is essentially to leave the institution and not look back at the Harlot whom God Himself shall destroy.
Consequently, ,  the  main prophetic  reason why every churchgoer and non-churchgoer  need this book in their  possession  is that in the years ahead, it will not be safe to be publicly on the rolls of any institutional church.
Here is a prophetic excerpt:
The churchgoing zombie has believed lies to be the truth. Then again, a victim to a lie has too much pride to admit that he was duped. Zombies, though victims of
the I.C’s delusional system of false doctrine and practices that clearly do not work, are nevertheless responsible for allowing the system to shape their souls.
Besides hearing directly from God as I did, a zombie has the free will to use his or her commonsense and declare, “this mess ain’t workin.”
Yet there is a way to recognize the elect. The Lord showed me several years ago that He shall make His chosen ones lose every material thing that they have acquired, in order to open their blind eyes to the fact that the prosperity gospel is a lie from the devil. If it were from Him then it would work.
Beside God having to make such a drastic statement to His zombies, He also gave each of us a will. Our personal volition is the most important weapon to achieve and maintain freedom. Simply, STOP GOING TO CHURCH. You don’t have to riot, sue, or maim anybody.
You don’t have to stick around the IC to try to fix what is broken beyond repair. Understand that you gave your money to the devil and he is not going to give it back to you. Nor will the church or the pastor make good your losses. So don’t just walk. Simply put—-,R-U-N!!!!!

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35 responses to “Vital to Your Survival is “The Church of the End-Time Zombies”

  1. Daniel Case

    Been nearly for 10 years since i been really digging deeply into to the Bible, what a surprise so much i learn doing the study by myself. Shocking been n the church most of my life yet learned very little. I’m now 44 years old

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  3. This book is truly amazing if you love truth a must read you wont regret it god bless

  4. Eric

    Hi Pam. Nobody told me about you. Just accidentally, I ram into your youtube page. From time to time I used to come across it without even knowing who you are or what your page is all about until one I decided to give a try. I am amazed at the level of impartation that flows from your teaching. But the problem is that I cudn’t really get it well because of poor online network in Nigeria here. Now, I wanna make a request: How can I get all the books and tapes of all your teachings down here in Nigeria. pls help for I so much desire to be tutored by your message. Thanks

    • Sorry my answer to you is so late as I did not see this comment. The way to get my ebooks is to take the study courses, one at a time. these courses can be found at Two e-books come with each course. by the time you finish each of the courses, you will have all 9 books. Once you register and click the button for the course, besides the books, you receive the videos and short articles that pertain to that course, as well as short answer and a narrative exam. If you want an email coach, one can be assigned.

  5. kathysfree365

    The Bible clearly prophecies that the church in the end times will be characterized by a great falling away.

    Do Christians believe this is supposed to occur sometime in the future or is this happening now? Do they believe God would not allow them to be deceived or do they believe they’re just too clever or close to God to be duped by satan? Really?

    Writer, Pam Sheppard pulls back the curtain exposing how fallen angels have much of the Christian community hypnotized into various beliefs that satan is successfully using against them–revealing this end-time peril.


  6. I am currently reading The Church of the End time Zombies. I have read The Fake Jesus. In the beginning I knew something wasn’t quite right with the church but I was in denial thinking how could I and everyone else be wrong. But the Fake Jesus gives history and insight on how deceived we all have been. Pam just didn’t come out of the church to invent these things she tested the spirits and took time to research the matter. She has done all of the work for us. Pam herself will tell you to ask God to reveal the truth. I did just that and found that she is a true woman of God. I also counsel with Pam once a week. She is patient yet real but don’t get it twisted for a moment she also commands her respect but in a loving way. The stuff I have learned from counseling, her videos and books have been immeasurable. I have learned more in these last few months than I have attending years in the church.

  7. This book is the best book I have ever read! Everything in it is worth more than gold and any earthly riches. It’s a must read, if you want truth!!

    • The Church Of the End-Time Zombies. This book is one of the best I have ever read . The Zombies in the Church need to see, wake up and stop sleeping. While going to church, people have been deceived, had a false conversion, was taught false doctrine,false religious practices,etc. Church folk need a Religious Detox and this is the right book for you. Pam Sheppard Is the right person because she can help you. I have been undeceived and more all because of her.

  8. I have read Pam Sheppard’s books, “The New Idolatry”, “The Fake Jesus”. I have also purchased the Church of the End-Time Zombies. Her teachings have helped me a lot. The Fake Jesus explains really well how evil spirits are deceiving Christians in the church. The New Idolatry is a good book that reveals the dangers of the occult and how demons, religious demons, fallen angels, Satan and his co-horts are spreading their agenda, masquerading in many ways (i.e yoga gods). I have also joined her rescue online ministry group. I am glad that I did. The problems I was experiencing, the church was not able to help me, in fact my situation just got worse. Today I am doing much better, and have been armored with so much truth and strength. I recommend that anyone who feels that something is not right in the church, experiencing anything strange, supernatural, then read Pam Sheppard’s books and contact her for further help if needed. There are not too many people who are truly born again in Jesus Christ but Pam Sheppard is one of them, to those that God is undeceiving, it will be easy for you to tell.

  9. The Apostle Paul predicted that Christians in the last days would give give heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of Devils. As Paul warned, 2000 years later, more false doctrines have been spread by seducing spirits or fallen angels. Pam’s book bridges the gap from the days of Paul to what is happening now. The religious system is being led by false prophets who have damaged and distorted the simple Gospel of the Cross and the Resurrection. People need to know that true salvation is a stake. This book informs the reader that knowing truth is different from being full of religion.

  10. bsallis

    This is the book that shows you how to understand the resurrection, prepares you for true salvation, and prepares and teaches you to stand alone!
    It helps us to know ourselves better than the enemy knows us. It touches on various subjects, each dovetailing into each other like individual puzzle pieces, then giving the overall picture. With the “Master- Piece” being understanding the resurrection, without which a person cannot be truly saved!

  11. In her latest book, The Church Of The End-time Zombies, Pam Sheppard holds a DYNAMIC that no other end-time author has addressed. She informs and expresses much about the powers of darkness and deception that some are familiar with, but are unable to comprehend and decipher. Their missing link is that those who are called of God are “desperate” but do not know that it is because they are without authentic Salvation.The power or “niche” of understanding that Pam brings forth does not appear until someone reads this book,and even tells another and the person/persons process of UN-DECEPTION BEGINS. This book is like “the last call “TO COME HOME”… so to speak. and will speak volumes to the ELECT of GOD!… Because this book is a GIFT FOR THEM…..THOSE that are truly WILLING TO FORSAKE ALL FOR JESUS, ALL FOR TRUTH!

  12. gloria115

    The Church of the end time zombies is a MUST read for every person seeking the truth today particularly for those who have questions about the Church. Pam Sheppard has also written several revelatory books which cover the depth of deception that is going on in the church. My first read from her was the “Fake Jesus” an expose of the fallen angels who have taken over the Church, it left me stunned but answered all my questions, as i saw so many issues that were wrong and didn’t know why, well Pam knows and she shares with us in her first book.

    In this book, she comes even stronger as she takes heavy topics, some untouched by Christian authors i.e. Chakras and Christians. and breaks the topic down so it is palatable and easy for the reader to understand. The main aim of her book is to uncover the lies many Christians are holding on to and in the process free them from the clutches they are in. She concludes the book by letting the reader know what to do, now that they have received the truth.

    Pam also tackles a huge problem in the church today – False conversions. Many believe they are born again but they are not, she shows us how this began and the effects it is having today. You will be clear on where you stand spiritually after reading this book.

    Are there authors out there who are teaching truth? Maybe. I just haven’t come across any, for the ones who do have some truth still mix it with error making their teachings even more dangerous. As for Pam, she is a teacher who is absolutely needed in our times as she shares the untarnished truth. Her love for truth and God is clear as you read the pages and her desire to have God’s elect undeceived is also very evident.

  13. Tee

    What I love about “The Church of the Endtime Zombies” is the fact that Pam really hits the nail on the head when she describes the dangers of religion and several ways religion has bound professing Christians into blindly and aimlessly following a system that is more about rules and practices rather than actual true walks in the Spirit with God. It helps people to truly understand what darkness is vs the light, and ways to recognize how the enemy is working within the church system to keep people in darkness, and away from the light. When I think about “zombies,” I often think about mindless followers, with a blankness about them, that have absolutely no idea what’s going on, bound by following a prescribed set of rules or orders without a clear reason, as opposed to using their own minds, common sense, and their own free wills…which is EXACTLY what exists in the organized church system today. Churchgoers have no clue that they are dead in their actions and in their spirits, that they are not operating according to their free will, and that the rules they are following have no merit, no value, yet they hold dear to them anyway. They do not realize that they are following a dead system that lacks power. People are just going through the motions, engaging in all kinds of religious practices that have nothing to do with God, thinking it is their road to God and to heaven.This book is a great tool that will give you many answers you may have had about why certain things are going on in the churches, and help walk you through the step by step process of discovering the TRUTH of it all for yourself.

  14. Pam’s book deals with the heart issues of man. The deception hasn’t changed and the hearts of men are still evil. Pam puts it in a way that can be easily understood. Because we are all individual though, the enemy customizes our deception to our specific set of circumstances. If we are willing to even consider that we are being deceived because of torment then God can use it to gain victory over the adversary of our soul. We all need to wake up and see how the enemy works in each one of our lives. Pam’s book shows a person how to do this. The truth seeker needs to read it.

  15. Debra Lee

    Hi Pam, I spoke with you over the phone a few weeks back. I have come away with so many things you have said regarding coming out of the IC. I have had a gut feeling in my spirit that something wasn’t right. Thanks for the confirmation. Continue to spread the “True Gospel”


    I need deliverance for my life
    My finances has been tight down as well as my destiny.
    Am thrilled by what I see on your website.
    Thank you

  17. J.

    Hi. I could use some prayer. I was recently involved with someone who practices Kirtan and declares himself a heathen christan who loves God. But he seems oppressed to me. And says he loves Christ and God but doesnt belive that the church is balanced. IDK I’m worried. It says when you have sex with someone you become one with them. Please help me

  18. allen

    Like to know more.

  19. Hi Pam, I would like to join your mentoring and women in ministry program. As I told you I have a radio gospel show with my mom but of course I would like to learn more as well as deal with my own personal issues. You assigned me Tee so I will go online to see if I could connect with her, but I am not computer literate no do I have a facebook, myspace or anything connected to social media except an email address. So please let me know what I have to do. Thank You!

  20. I am set for life fiancially Rina. Why? Because since I have been in ministry for 31 years, I worked full time, earned a great pension, and so I am trained not to live off of the gospel of Jesus Christ. For when I received a salary as a pastor, I gave it back to the church as my tithe, adding to it 10 percent of my secular salary.

    So personally I am set and want for nothing. Yet in terms of ministry, being an unknown, I have to spend money to be reached online. Every time I am reachable on a search engine, I have paid to be found. For every book I write, I have paid to be published. I am training five people to do the work that I do. I believe in paying staff, as the workman is worthy of his meat. Yet I will not do what needs to be done by begging folk for tithes and offerings. I set a reasonable membership fee that allows me to pay ministerial expenses.

    sister, I have not gotten rich off the backs of Christians in 31 years. No need to start doing so now! Thanks for your interest and concern.

  21. Rina Jongsma

    Dear Pam Sheppard, I admire the wisdom the Lord has given you. Really great! Still: I have also a warning: never allow yourself to be adolised by other people, also of course not on your website. Only God is to be adolised, Never his children. God is a jealous God. He will never give his honour away to someone. Please be watchful. Thanks for your website anyway!

  22. I address your question in my book “the New Idolatry.” In a nutshell. it was established by a religious demon.

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