Simply put, PSP makes available  3 forms of publishing to the internet public:  several hundred short blog articles, over 400  videos and 9 BOOKS, BOTH EBOOKS AND PAPERBACKS. 

I was a writer from a child but I never expected to write about the things of God and the devil. 

According to normal standards including my own, for God to choose me either for salvation or for ministry defies human understanding.

Here is the reason.

I was an atheist the first 33 years of my life. In fact, when I was 3, I refused to believe in Santa Claus–a show and prove skeptic from early on!  In fact, as a child, I stood against parents and grandparents, refusing to attend ANY church. My father’s mother,–a first lady with a bishop as her husband— called me a heathen and she was correct!!!! By the time I was 33, I had attended church ONE time for non-religious reasons, and even then, I ran out of there because I was extremely uncomfortable to say the least.

InCome Out of Her, God’s People,” I present autobiographical info in the first 8 chapters. In the next 5 chapters, I reveal concrete spiritual and physical reasons as to why you need to come out of Her.

My books are like a series: Faces of a Religious Demon puts meat on the reason why you should “come out” with profiles and examples, the New Idolatry exposes the work of the seducing spirits and doctrines of devils, Be Delivered from Deliverance Ministry lays out one of the practices of seducing spirits, the Fake Jesus identifies who the fallen angels are and what they have been doing for centuries, and the Church of the End-time Zombies puts it ALL together, with strategy, agenda, and solutions.

If I were God, I would not have chosen me for such a task primarily  because I have no religious history.

As God’s thoughts are not our thoughts, it turns out that this is one of the most important reasons why He chose me for this work. Even though I served for 25 years as both a pastor and an evangelist in the IC system, I never incorporated the  traditions and practices into my soul. Therefore, my detox was both quick and minimal.

So boldly and without reservation, I  reveal to you that I am called, chosen and sent to speak to the enemy on behalf of the saints to command the seducing spirits to LET YOU GO!!!! If you are of the elect of God, I am sent TO YOU!!!!!

Stay tuned to the soon release  of book number 10, entitled Dreams Aware, Dreams Beware.


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KINDLE EBOOKS ( taken from the Church of the End-time Zombies)

1. The Dangers of Opening Chakras and Kundalini Activation

2. False Conversions: A Demonic Sign of End-times


Each   e-book contains the crucial and significant revelations necessary to complete the courses of study located on




View Cart The Church of the End-time Zombies  (273 pages)     This is the major textbook of the Deliverance Academy.  It covers all 4 levels of courses necessary to a complete understanding of  deliverance:  Level 1 False Conversions- Level 2Know the Church-  Level 3 Know  Your Enemy- Level 4- Know Yourself and level 5- Knowing God

Add to Cart Be Delivered From Deliverance Ministry    (128 pages)

BE DELIVERED FROM DELIVERANCE MINISTRY is a book of love to those whose demonic torment  worsened because they innocently submitted themselves to Charismatic, Apostolic and Pentecostal  deliverance workers.  It is Pastor Pam’s hope that captives  who have been trampled upon by insensitive, deceived deliverance workers will come to a knowledge of the truth. This book exposes the myths and the eccentric practices of traditional deliverance ministry and replaces it with cutting edge knowledge, wisdom and expertise on the differences between fallen angels and demons. A wake-up call to the elect of God, the  book reveals how and why the  enemy himself is the un-seen  author of deliverance ministry, for the sole purpose of binding the strongman. Who is the strongman? The one who stands strong in the armor of the Lord Jesus Christ.  For seasoned deliverance workers who are willing to resist pride and admit to error, this book is an invaluable tool for setting captives free, “for real!”

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Cover_faces_newThe material for this book began to be compiled in the year 2000. It was then that Pam met a young woman — Ola. An active member of a non-denominational, word of faith church for several years, Ola spoke in tongues, preached the cross, prophesied and enthusiastically participated in worship, prayer and praise on a daily basis. Yet, she was bound–consistently tormented by demons who projected blasphemous thoughts into her mind and accused and condemned her daily in an audible voice. One day, Ola had a dream that showed her that she had 3 python snakes inside of her. In her dream, Ola was told “Find Pam and seek deliverance.” Ola is a landmark case that brought forth amazing revelations. Since Ola, Pam has ministered to scores of others who have experienced a false conversion through the “I accept Jesus” practice, the altar call, and the sinner’s prayer.  This astounding book prepares the way for understanding what the bible refer’s to as “the great falling away.” (more than 200 pages)

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COME OUT OF HER GOD’S PEOPLE by Pam Sheppard Add to Cart


    cover_new_Come Out of Her    Like “Faces of the Religious Demon,” and “the Fake Jesus”, Pam Sheppard has birthed yet another spiritual warfare textbook extremely vital for our times. For it contains a wealth of valuable spiritual understanding that is absolutely essential in a time when so many Christians are unprepared for the onslaught of demonic deception that moves well beyond the realm of worldly temptation. For demons and devils have seriously infiltrated the organized church. As a pastor in a well-known denomination for 25 years, Pam shares how the Lord spoke to her and led her out of the organized church system. (more than 200 pages)

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THE NEW IDOLATRY  Add to Cart By Pam Sheppard

cover_new_idolatry Shocking and at times even disturbing, Pam Sheppard’s important study is a practical, systematic and comprehensive view of how Satan has obtained worship from both the occult world and the charismatic movement and what the elect must do to gain freedom from deception and to remain spiritually alert in endtimes. From Charismatic Witchcraft to Demon Led Deliverance Ministry, for the Nephilim to spirit rape, no holes are left barred. (Over 200 pages)

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THE FAKE JESUS By Pam Sheppard Add to Cart

 cover_the fake Jesus_new    In 2007, the author received a revelation that compared the church to a condemned building. Pam was asked, “would you put up curtains at the windows of a condemned building?” With that revelation came the understanding that the organized church was judged 3 decades ago. Not believing this word, Pam set out to disprove it by doing a study of church history. She also reviewed various occult, new age websites of mediums or channels who have been communicating with beings who first identified themselves as UFO’s and then ultimately called themselves “ascended masters”. The Fake Jesus is a record of what Pam discovered once she tried the spirits to see if they be of God. This book will open your eyes to the truth as to “who the fallen angels are, who sent them, what is their agenda, and how to recognize if your church is under their influence. The hour is late. This book has traced that fallen angels have been among us since about 1830. Don’t YOU be deceived by a fallen angel.

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RECOVERY IN CHRIST 20 By Pam Sheppard Add to Cart

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 In view of the urgent need among God’s elect today for help on spiritual life and warfare, this book will teach you how to walk in the spirit and how NOT to fulfill the lust of your flesh. “Recovery in Christ” will meet the need of those who have tasted but may not yet have fully drunk. RIC is also an alternative to 12 Steps for Christians. With this book and workbook, you will learn the 7 keys to recovery. (over 300 pages)

Spiritual Empowerment Workshop Manual 1 By Pam Sheppard  (Click title link)

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is sew-manual_1cover.jpgA unique and essential feature is the author’s anointed teaching gift that simplistically unfolds her spiritual scholarship to the average layman, in such a way as to stir up a hunger for the word of God, causing the scriptures in the Bible to come alive. Those who have been taught by the author or who have heard her audio messages on the website can attest to this truth about her anointing to teach. In this the second edition of her first book, Pam  explores an area of biblical truth for many readers who may never have considered the invisible forces–God, Satan, angels and demons–fully at work in their everyday struggles to be set free from strongholds and bondages of all kinds. Never minimizing nor negating the value of the sobriety that 12 Steps Programs have provided to those who were in desperate need of a lifeline, Pam  presents an alternative model—Recovery in Christ. 

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Spiritual Empowerment Manual Part 2

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is sew-manual_2cover.jpgThis workbook explores the concept of weeding within the process of defeating old religious scripts in order to successfully detox from false religion. Rather than attempt to study darkness in detail, this workbook explores the strategies and devices of darkness as they relate to a captive’s personality traits and qualities of his or her soul that causes vulnerability. Various illustrations and case examples are presented.