I Am Free from Secret Sins!


My entire ministerial life of 37 years, I was only a member and a minister in one denomination, from 1979-2004. I have no need to reveal the name of the church because “who they are” is not important. Only a microcosm, they remain bit players in the unfolding drama of the entire organized church. Forgiveness was not difficult for me in this instance and without any effort I was able to sincerely declare,”Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.” Forgiveness also necessitates that we “own up” and take responsibility for our own mistakes. In my particular case, I understand why the Bishop desired for a long time to “put me out of the synagogue!”

In the Bishop’s  mind, I was bringing charismatic practices into the denomination that he loves—- whose traditions he is dedicated to protect. Yet, he neither protested nor did he take a stand when his own wife began to recommend a book to the entire denomination,— a book authored by a well known charismatic whose character has recently been publicly exposed.

Email commentaries that I receive from you the reader frequently mention “my transparency.” The reason why I can share as I do primarily is because I have no one to fear except God Himself. In other words, no one can hurt me by my self disclosure. I will never run for political office. I seek nothing from you. I do not seek your tithes and offerings. Nor am I seeking a following to join me in ministry. If you buy a book that sells for $25, the ministry gains $2. With little to gain and nothing to lose, I can be an open book without the anticipation of reprisals from anyone. Therefore, I lose no sleep over being “transparent.” My primary goal is that each reader gleans and benefits from the rough road that I have travelled as a born again believer in Christ Jesus for 42 years in a week!  3/20/2019!

Hopefully, my self disclosure will alert you to avoid some of the pitfalls. I consider my job to be easy primarily because I don’t take more upon myself then I am called to do. In fact, I sleep 10 hours a day. All that is required of me is to remain on the web and the Holy Ghost does the rest. The Lord’s yoke is truly easy and His burden is certainly light in my life today. I don’t even have to wrestle with demons face to face, as people are being delivered over the telephone, all around the world. day and night. In truth, the Holy Ghost is my only covering. I don’t have to worry about regional directors, bishops, or secular bosses and administrators or a husband to stand in my way. Not that I am against marriage. I simply no longer have the commodity of time to learn the ways of yet another man so as to be his helper.

Even though I am transparent, I make it a practice NOT to share the experiences of family, the local sheepfold and other personal associates without their permission. If I share my professional experiences with a client in counseling, the background of the client is camouflaged with no identifying information disclosed. Most important, no human being controls my income or my livelihood. Therefore, I am free to be an open book. It took years to get here and I relished it. As a state government worker, I once had to be closed and cautious but those days are over. The way I determine “what to share” is by the perceived needs of you, the reader. If I believe that exposing myself could possibly help you, then I share. If I don’t, then I keep my sins and my personal business between me and God. Only with Him am I completely transparent. Another reason why no person can pull my strings, is that I have never been “fearful.”

In conclusion, I believe the scriptures which reveal to me that my secret sins prior to being born again are not remembered by God, nor are yours, if you are born again.  So we all  need to learn to forget them as well. I have forgotten most of mine because it is built into my human nature not to be shamed based, nor to condemn others or myself.

SO I OFTEN FORGET WHO DID ME WRONG or even what they did.

I don’t minimize. I simply cut myself and others some slack. People are jealous of me for that because they realize that I am beyond either their criticism or their correction without God using them. I let people have their “opinions” but people with a critical tongue to bring me down I will cut out of my life with a quickness.


Sometimes an evil spirit is the culprit and we need to put him on the run and make him flee. This I do with ease.

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    Confidence is apparent in those who believe that their secret sins are hidden from the Father, washed in the blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.


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