God Knows Who Will Be Our Next President!

I began my preaching ministry on October 25, 1981. My trial sermon was on a Sunday, as it is again in 2020, 39 years later on tomorrow, October 25, 2020.

As a ministerial project, I have gathered up hundreds of cassette tapes which have been stored in a huge box in my basement, gathering dust. Forgotten for years—- even decades, I was led of the Lord to “go listen to them.”

Well, what a shock it was. the title of the first cassette message I decided to listen to I believed that I “ randomly” removed from the pile entitled “What is Success?”

African American Denominational churches periodically gather together

From Sunday to Sunday around 4 pm to celebrate one of their several “anniversary services”, where a guest minister is the preacher of the hour. On 5/3/2003, I was the guest preacher at the annual anniversary celebration of the Albany District Missionary Society of the AME Zion Church.

Whoa!!! I was like “who IS this woman speaking up in here????!!! I was stunned by how the preacher of yesterday was able to engage the minister of today. ” I was quite impressed. Almost immediately, I heard myself declare something that was astounding for that time.

. Rather casually I stated, “we will have a Black President.” Then I remarked “I feel sorry for him.”

Think about this.

I spoke prophetically about the first black president 5 years before Barack Obama became a reality in November 2008 , not even realizing that I was predicting a future event.

Some might say “ah, you were just speculating like others did back then, when from time to time people discussed the possibilities of a black man in the White House. So your words were not prophetic and therefore it means nothing. It’s just a coincidence Pam. Mentioned often by other ministers from an African American pulpit, you did not REALLY Prophesy.

I would not argue with you.

But here is the problem with that kind of reasoning. It is the second prophecy is what will defy your assessment.

I also said In 2003, “I feel sorry for him.”

The Timeline is Important Here!

Those words were fulfilled this very week, beginning around October 20, 2020 and lingering and enhanced on October 22 , until the moment I listened to an audio cassette tape of my 2003 sermon.

Why was I feeling sorry for President Barack Obama?

Because of two televised events: Obama’s Campaign message on October 20, 2020 and the Presidential Debate on October 22, 2020.

In Obama’s campaign speech for Biden held in Philadelphia Pa, and I heard these words:

“I never thought Donald Trump would embrace my vision or continue my policies, but I did hope for the sake of the country, that he might show some interest in taking the job seriously,But it hasn’t happened. He hasn’t showed any interest in doing the work or helping anybody but himself and his friends.”

I read between the lines and I realized that Obama was actually trying to suppress his utter outrage. I felt sorry for him.

Then came the presidential debate on Oct 22. While watching, again I considered the ramifications of what occurred in Obama’s two terms. When confronted by Trump as to his perceived failures of the Obama/Biden administration, I was shocked by Joe Biden’s one, the. word response to why their ticket failed to fulfill its goals.

Republicans. A Republican Congress.

Again, I read between the lines. In so doing, I actually sorrowed over the realization of the destructive enmity against Obama that caused a Republican Congress to ban together to block him in ways too numerous to mention in this article. I also envisioned the restraint our former President had to use to control himself as he endured the current President’s destruction of his own 8 year legacy of presidential accomplishments.

Wow, I thought to myself. Obama was obstructed because of white jealousy of a black president. This realization also caused me to feel sorry for him. Yes. from a pulpit I prophesied in 2003, “I feel sorry for him.”

So this week, my compassion for Obama and my concern for him touched my spirit in a meaningful way.

I had not watched or participated in politics for most of my life. In fact, I only became connected to it on Oct. 7, 2016 when Obama was a lame duck so I ask the skeptics, “Who knows my thoughts and emotions that I have expressed to no one?”

Nobody but God!

Who remembers a sermon preached on 5/3/03 where I speak on my emotions about a black president that no one knew existed whose name is Barack Obama?

No one but God!

Who knew how to find this particular sermon hidden among hundreds of messages on cassette tape in a dusty old box down in my basement?

Nobody but God!

Who moved upon me as I showered and revealed that every message that I have preached, —-will preach today —-or somewhere in the future will bear fruit for Him and shall not be wasted?

Nobody but God!

If it was not for His speaking to me in that recent shower, I would never have retrieved the dusty box in the first place! For it has been my belief that from the day I preached my first sermon in 1981 until God spoke in 2007, 25 years of preaching to assembled church folk was a complete and utter waste, falling on deaf, stubborn ears!

THAT IS WHY THESE CASSETTES WERE IN MY DUSTY, COBWEBBED BASEMENT IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!! Until reminded, I had completely forgotten about them.

But here is the real kicker.

Since there are several hundreds of tapes to listen to , sermons preached over a 25 year span, I decided to just “grab one at random.” I may have thought that I picked at random but once I listened during this crucial time of picking the next President, I perceive that it was the Holy Spirit who guided me to hear this particular message, where I declared that “I feel sorry for the first black President!!!! “

For at this very moment, 17 years later, this is the exact state of my emotions. This crucial week “I feel sorry for Barack Obama and what he went through for 8 years as President”. I also sorrow for the last 4 years, wondering what it was like for Barack to follow presidential protocol while silently watching Trump systematically dismantle his policies and procedures.

It’s mind boggling to me right now, when it should not be.

GOD KNOWS ALL AND CAN FIND ALL. HE CALLS THOSE THINGS THAT BE NOT, AND THEN—-BANG——THEY ARE!!!! God knows all. he had me to declare that I would feel sorry for Obama at a time when I did not even know his name. he used ME to predict how I would feel 17 years later.

Who can do such a thing????!!!!

Nobody but God!

For the Lord God Almighty, the past, the present and the future are all ONE!

So what does this tell me about the present day election cycle of 2020?

Well, in 2011, I was shown that Russia would interfere electronically during Obama’s time in office. I found out on Oct 7, 2016 about the Russian hacking into the presidential campaign. Then 3 days after the 2016 election on 11/11/2016, I dreamed of the fate of Donald Trump as he was compared to Kong in the movies. In brief, “I was shown his final fall.”

So let us see what happens on Nov 3, 9 days from now. If the 11/11/16 dream was from the Lord, then “KONG falls.” He will not have a second term. If the dream was a lie from the devil, then “Lord help us!!!” We are in the tribulation with three years of it to go. The worst 3 years of earth’s history.

We actually have to wait and see.

The answer may not come on Nov. 3. It may not even come on January 20, 2021.

Remember this. Even though President Nixon won his re-election, he was forced to resign 8 months later.

So, keep the faith, Baby!!!!!

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