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70 Generations, Fallen Angels and the Nephilim

The amount of people willingly but mostly against their will in sexual relations with evil spirit is startling. the New Idolatry exposes it all.

Spiritual Warfare Library of PSM

The Fallen angels who slept with women in Noah’s day were bound for 70 generations according to the book of Enoch? ARE THEY NOW UNBOUND?

And the Lord said unto Michael: “Go bind Semjaza and his associates who have united themselves with them in their uncleanness. And when their sons hav slain one another, and they have seen the destruction of their beloved ones, bind them fast for 70 generations in the valleys of the earth, til the day of their judgment and of their consummation, till the judgment that is for ever and ever is consummated.”

Referring back to the 9th chapter, we find out WHY Samjaza and the fallen angels under his oversight were bound. it was because 200 fallen angels in the days of Noah defiled themselves by having sex with women. Sex with another species was certainly a violation of God’s law that prohibits sex…

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Setting Captives Free is the Purpose of My Life!

I love to write but being an author is subordinate to my deliverance counseling and coaching work. In other words, “I write about what the Holy spirit leads me to perform. That is why I don’t write fiction.

Spiritual Warfare Library of PSM

by Pam Sheppard

I used to work in prisons and jails for 17 years as a state employee. I monitored and assessed them according to minimum standards, some of which I also personally wrote. I was in correctional facilities from 9-5, 10 days out of each month for several years.I entered each facility waving my official badge. Once I left the job in 1997, I then entered a prison as a minister on Thursdays and Sundays for group counseling with inmates.

Recently, I dreamt that I was back in prison, doing my ministry and programs. At the end of the day when my work for the day was done, I was about to head for the gate, when I was told that I WOULD NOT BE ALLOWED OUT.

I TOOK NO HEED TO IT, AND WENT ON THAT LONG WALK I took for 17 years, from the back of each…

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Religion and Passivity: Take Back Your Ground!

Spiritual Warfare Library of PSM

Obtaining freedom from bondage and torment involves a captive fighting against passivity, and strengthening his or her free will to stand against the enemy. This passage below by Jessie Penn-Lewis, author of War on the Saints, describes what a captive must do to be delivered from passivity:

“An important point in deliverance from passivity is to keep perpetually in the mind, the standard of the normal condition, and if at any time the believer drops below it to find out the cause, so as to have it removed. Whatever faculty, or part of the being, has been surrendered into passivity, and therefore lost for use, must be retaken by the active exercise of the will, and brought back into personal control.

The “ground” given which caused any faculty to fall into bondage to the enemy, must be found out, and given up; and then refused persistently, in a steady resistance…

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Vital to Your Survival is “The Church of the End-Time Zombies”

via Vital to Your Survival is “The Church of the End-Time Zombies”

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by | June 5, 2019 · 5:19 pm

Freedom By Deliverance Counseling

Deliverance counseling, coaching and mentoring is a present day solution to driving out evil spirits by the power of truth received, truth accepted. For Jesus Christ of Nazareth said that it is knowledge of the truth that MAKES you free!!!

Spiritual Warfare Library of PSM

Are you looking for complete freedom in Christ? Well, my brothers and sisters, this article is written just for you! COUNSELING HAS BEEN MY SECULAR PROFESSION SINCE 1973. An ordained minister who served as a pastor for 17 years, I functioned in a deliverance ministry for 25 years while in the institutional church. The fruits that I have to show for over 4 decades of professional work is a boatload of mistakes which God has turned into golden nuggets of truth. As such, I have developed a deliverance counseling model that is unique. It is outlined in my third book, “Faces of the Religious Demon: Freedom Through Deliverance Counseling.” I call it “deliverance counseling.”

The main objective of Christian deliverance counseling, coaching and mentoring is to set captives free. At Pam Sheppard Ministries, the most important tool in the process is actually the one who is in demonic captivity…

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Spiritual Blindness in Laodicea

By Pam of Pam Sheppard Ministries


What I am about to ask you to do is to “step outside of your personal situation” and see the broader picture for a brief moment.  The problem for all of us is that it is natural for us to be egocentric.  In other words, everything that goes on in the world revolves around us and our immediate situation. I’m asking you to step outside of the boundaries of your own self created circle and consider the state of the organized church system from a historical not a hysterical perspective.

 Imagine that an operation was done in a hospital on a person who had a communicable disease but no one knew he was infected  at the time. The doctors and staff were  extremely skilled, the hospital was reputable. They simply did not know that the person that was operated on had a disease that would spread and affect everyone. So the operating room was contaminated in spite of their usual efforts to scrub and sanitize it. The contamination spread throughout the hospital. Everyone who came in there was innocent, not knowing what was going on. Disease continued to spread from one person to the other, because no one properly investigated the cause.

Who is to blame? Is it the hospital? The one with the disease? No. It is the enemy. He planted an evil seed within the organized church system.

ALL are affected by it. There are no exceptions or special cases.

This is the nature of the church age that we live in, the church at Laodicea. Everyone has been contaminated by false and mixed doctrine and practices for at least 100 years or more. Everyone has been deceived, across the board.

The evil seed has birthed countless false conversions. Nevertheless, if you are willing to “shake your salvation tree,” your willingness to do so is a  positive sign that your name   actually IS written in heaven.  The first thing that needs to be pointed out is that names written in heaven were penned before the worlds were framed.  In other words, you are one of the elect, whether deceived or not.  If you have been deceived, God will move heaven and earth to bring the light of truth into your confusion and with that light of truth will come both peace and power.

So know this:  GOD IS ALWAYS IN CONTROL!!!! If you have been deceived, the Lord will see to it that the blinders are ripped off of your spiritual eyes. As it is in the natural, sudden light hitting the eyes is painful.  Yet, once the pain subsides, sight and clear vision is worth rejoicing over.

As a word of hope and deliverance to those of you who have been deceived in church or by people who professed to be Christians, I advise you to stay true to the light because darkness will often be too uncomfortable to stay around the light.  The darkness in the conscience of those of you who are under bondage to either religiosity or charismatic witchcraft will cause you to either humble yourselves and seek deliverance or to lose all ability to discern good from evil.  Hopefully, you will be genuinely convicted and reborn in the spirit.

To fight off delusion and obsession, you must continue to search your own life by the spirit, praying to the Father of Lights, “Lord, I want the unfruitful works of darkness in my life to be exposed.  Show up, demon!  Show yourself!!”

Once you pray in this manner, demons will be exposed all around you and your understanding will be enlightened. Not only will your own tree be shaken, but everybody around you will be exposed, one way or another.  So hold onto your seatbelts, Beloved.  Its quite a bumpy  yet an exciting ride!!!

LET US HELP YOU “SHAKE YOUR TREE.”  CALL 1-888-818-1117 or complete the contact form below:

For additional  information on how to overcome delusion and deception across the board, you will definitely want to get a copy of “The Church Of The End-time Zombies.” To be enlightened on how the evil seed was planted, you need the Fake Jesus The New Idolatry provides details on religiosity and charismatic witchcraft. Come Out of Her God’s People will help you understand why the Institutional Church is Not Safe.  Faces of the Religious Demon profiles various cases of demonic torment and explain the components of deliverance counseling.  To be un-deceived regarding deliverance ministries, you need “Be Delivered From Deliverance Ministries.’ Recovery In Christ will help you with walking in the spirit.

For both e-books and paperbacks, click here.



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The Mueller Report: A Requiem for Democracy

mueller report

This article is not  a musical composition nor is it a mass for the dead.  This missive is a somber requiem where the funeral ,  though delayed,  is steadily  moving toward the mortuary  and I can imagine  the sound of  the grave diggers’ shovels  at  the cemetery’s gravesite. For deep in my spirit there is a foreboding refrain akin to a solemn requiem  for the death of American  democracy that  we have taken for granted and  grown accustomed to.

For  recent rebellious, defiant events have revealed  that democracy can only stand as long as those in power submit themselves to it and obey the  standards  and laws as undergirded by the U.S. Constitution.  It seems to have never dawned on any politician what to do when all hell breaks lose through a lack of partisan cooperation via simple disobedience.  The Mueller Report provides the framework to proceed yet those in power seem utterly inept and confused as to “what to do and when and how to do it.”

My concerns about Russia  began with a dream I had in the summer of 2011.  I have written about it before.  Simply put, I saw Russians infiltrate this country in a non-military way under the administration of President Obama. Neither a news watcher nor a political person, I began to “keep my eyes and ears open.” .

At the time of the dream, it appeared as though #44 was not going to be re-elected.  But he was.  And I kept on watching for the next 5 years.  Then it happened.  On October 7, 2016, I was sitting on the floor packing my belongings in preparation   to move into the home I had just committed to buy, when the “event” I was waiting  for was announced on TV.  Russia had infiltrated our democratic elections in an non-military act of cyber warfare.

The Mueller report provides a rather clear account of this non-military warfare strategy and implementation.  Here are the details that fill in the blanks of my 2011 dream.  For in the dream, I saw a computer crash, blink and then go dark.  Now I understand what that meant as depicted in Volume I of the report:

  1. Through an organization and a project called the Internet Research Agency (IRA) the Russians used a social media campaign targeted at large  diversified American interest groups to sow nationwide discord;
  2. They also opened fake social media accounts, pretended to be Americans and purchased Facebook and Twitter ads to support one presidential candidate over the other, with 80,000 post, made contact with 29 million Americans’
  3. IRA Russians also travelled to the US on intelligence gathering missions, including promoting rallies;
  4. the GRU used computer hacking and spear phishing to steal  Hillary Clinton emails and then dump them via Wikileaks at crucial times in the campaign for maximum negative impact;
  5. the GRU targeted election officials toward the end of gaining access to state and local computer networks to exploit software vulnerabilities.

There was more in my 2011 dream.  The dream ended with   a warning to start prepping with food and water.  Why that is, I don’t know.

Will there be a civil war that results in a literal Russian invasion?  The bible predicts it if the USA is Mystery Babylon.

The irony is that this is a  requiem because the political leaders are either weakened or blinded.  Present day  politicians are  the pall bearers.

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How To Know Your Enemies in Endtimes

Spiritual Warfare Library of PSM

How to Know Your Enemy In Endtimes    

  In the perilous, deceptive times in which we live, we  ALL face a serious human dilemma relative to a need for belonging, acceptance and sociability that challenges our commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ and our fulfillment of what He has called us to do.  The truth is that built into the human frame is a  desire to be liked, accepted  as well as approved of.

We  seek to fulfill that innate need through people pleasing.

I watched a movie written and directed by Lawrence Fishburne   that graphically makes my point.  Called “Once In the  Life” with two of my favorite actors—-  Fishburne and Eamonn Walker as the main characters,— these two men  played the part of  the closest of  friends  from “back in the day.” In fact, they  had  developed an intimate alliance from having shared the same prison cell when…

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There Are No Failures With the Lord.

By Pam Sheppard

success and failure3

Those who call me for Christian counseling have the same refrain.  “I have not met my goals, I should have a better job, a larger home, everything I put my hands to fails, I have no abundance, no prosperity and I have not fulfilled my destiny.”

What is happening is that people who profess to be in Christ have not yet come out of the world in their thinking, as their yardstick for success is tied to worldly standards and assessments.  I have observed that too much attention is being focused on comparing oneself with the lives of others, which in itself is a worldly practice.

Coming out of the world in our minds and hearts is contigent upon living a crucified life. that is that we become trained, habituated in fact, to walk in the spirit and not fulfill the lusts of our flesh. Logically speaking, if the flesh is “crucified” or “dead” then it has no lusts to fulfill.

Here is how the Holy Spirit works to crucify your flesh of soul.

I like there word “soul” to explain this because flesh usually refers to the body. It’s in the soul where the work begins, and then the body obediently follows. Every word or phrase that has “self” in front of it is of the flesh, and for this reason—self absorption must be broken or crucified. Self is usually proud. Even in the most soft spoken, congenial, “go along to get along” people, there is a seething fire of pride hidden from view. Even a desire to seem more dedicated to God than others is pride. It must be crucified.

The Lord’s definition of victory in Christ  is simple.  All failures lead to spiritual growth.  All success is the culmination of the part given to each of us to fulfill the Lord’s purpose.  The part may be small or it may be huge.  It does not matter.  What matters is that each of us does His purpose.  The issue is this.  We need to be satisfied with the part we have been given and actualize it according to our personal connection to God’s overall plan.

If you are a person who insists that YOUR plan and YOUR course of action is usually correct, and you tend to struggle to have your own way, the Holy Spirit may set up roadblocks, on purpose and  designed to intentionally frustrate you and actually cause you to fall. You will find that in spite of all your efforts to succeed and prosper, you end up “off the mark.” . So you assume from all the wrong prosperity preaching that has permeated the religious world, that you are cursed, in need of deliverance. I hear this story frequently from people who seek my help to cast out a failure or poverty demon.In such cases, the Holy Spirit has set out to break their worldly  desires and their  lust for money and personal success.

There are several compatible scenarios both in the Bible and in everyday life today. Several biblical characters were brought into difficult circumstances and situations in order to renew their souls through the breaking or the crucifixion of their flesh. Many are listed in Hebrews 11, a chapter referred to as the “hallmark of faith,” including even Sampson.

When the hand of the Holy Spirit is upon us to break us, each of us will struggle with Him, based on our particular personality type. Some have temper tantrums while others throw pity parties. Others who are more intellectual will find that they are made to look foolish, even stupid. Intelligence may be broken down and crucifixion is experienced as sheer ignorance in comparison to the all knowing God.

Let us not forget people pleasers and the self-righteous. Simply put,  the Holy Spirit will see to it that all  of our attachments to the world and its pursuits will be broken. We will find that over time, our  inner circle of relationships and friendships will grow significantly smaller.  No one is calling us to invite us to the cook out.  We spend lees and less time “socializing” ad talking about trivial matters, which will be good for us in the long run.

As a pastoral counselor and coach, the Holy Spirit often  uses me with those I work with to challenge and confront every word that has self in front of it. Why? Because our souls must be renewed once we are in Christ. As such, whatever your personality type, the breaking is intended to cause you not to rely on feelings and emotions. Breaking or crucifixion will cause  to be committed to the intents and purpose of God. Simply put, this is walking in the spirit and not fulfilling the lusts of the flesh.

I could go on and on with the plethora of examples within my own life. Yet I won’t bore you with the years of incidents that I would have to wrack my brain to even remember. Rather, I will simply speak to the results of “dying to self.”

The most outstanding outcome is that out of what seems like nowhere, a breeze will fall upon you and blow peace into you. The result is a lack of stress, even a good 8-9 hours of sleep without struggling with demons all night.

The Lord says to the church at Laodicea, you are so self consumed that you are weak, poor, blind and wretched. And He would spit the lukewarm out of His mouth. To correct this condition, He advises us to buy gold that has been tried in the fire. To be crucified with Christ is to be tried in the fire. The result is pure gold.

So successful growth  in Christ is to not fear making mistakes, to throw all worldly desires and teachings upon the dung heap, and press toward the mark of your high calling, which s really God’s purpose for your life.  I have learned to relax, trust God’s power ans authority over all matters, and watch Him either fight my battles for me, of give me His power to fight them myself.  My ministry is a spiritual building made by the hands of many mistakes but no failures.  For He turns failures into successes once His purpose has been achieved.  Once I allow the  Holy Spirit to transform me from glory to glory, success is bound to occur.


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I Am Free from Secret Sins!


My entire ministerial life of 37 years, I was only a member and a minister in one denomination, from 1979-2004. I have no need to reveal the name of the church because “who they are” is not important. Only a microcosm, they remain bit players in the unfolding drama of the entire organized church. Forgiveness was not difficult for me in this instance and without any effort I was able to sincerely declare,”Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.” Forgiveness also necessitates that we “own up” and take responsibility for our own mistakes. In my particular case, I understand why the Bishop desired for a long time to “put me out of the synagogue!”

In the Bishop’s  mind, I was bringing charismatic practices into the denomination that he loves—- whose traditions he is dedicated to protect. Yet, he neither protested nor did he take a stand when his own wife began to recommend a book to the entire denomination,— a book authored by a well known charismatic whose character has recently been publicly exposed.

Email commentaries that I receive from you the reader frequently mention “my transparency.” The reason why I can share as I do primarily is because I have no one to fear except God Himself. In other words, no one can hurt me by my self disclosure. I will never run for political office. I seek nothing from you. I do not seek your tithes and offerings. Nor am I seeking a following to join me in ministry. If you buy a book that sells for $25, the ministry gains $2. With little to gain and nothing to lose, I can be an open book without the anticipation of reprisals from anyone. Therefore, I lose no sleep over being “transparent.” My primary goal is that each reader gleans and benefits from the rough road that I have travelled as a born again believer in Christ Jesus for 42 years in a week!  3/20/2019!

Hopefully, my self disclosure will alert you to avoid some of the pitfalls. I consider my job to be easy primarily because I don’t take more upon myself then I am called to do. In fact, I sleep 10 hours a day. All that is required of me is to remain on the web and the Holy Ghost does the rest. The Lord’s yoke is truly easy and His burden is certainly light in my life today. I don’t even have to wrestle with demons face to face, as people are being delivered over the telephone, all around the world. day and night. In truth, the Holy Ghost is my only covering. I don’t have to worry about regional directors, bishops, or secular bosses and administrators or a husband to stand in my way. Not that I am against marriage. I simply no longer have the commodity of time to learn the ways of yet another man so as to be his helper.

Even though I am transparent, I make it a practice NOT to share the experiences of family, the local sheepfold and other personal associates without their permission. If I share my professional experiences with a client in counseling, the background of the client is camouflaged with no identifying information disclosed. Most important, no human being controls my income or my livelihood. Therefore, I am free to be an open book. It took years to get here and I relished it. As a state government worker, I once had to be closed and cautious but those days are over. The way I determine “what to share” is by the perceived needs of you, the reader. If I believe that exposing myself could possibly help you, then I share. If I don’t, then I keep my sins and my personal business between me and God. Only with Him am I completely transparent. Another reason why no person can pull my strings, is that I have never been “fearful.”

In conclusion, I believe the scriptures which reveal to me that my secret sins prior to being born again are not remembered by God, nor are yours, if you are born again.  So we all  need to learn to forget them as well. I have forgotten most of mine because it is built into my human nature not to be shamed based, nor to condemn others or myself.

SO I OFTEN FORGET WHO DID ME WRONG or even what they did.

I don’t minimize. I simply cut myself and others some slack. People are jealous of me for that because they realize that I am beyond either their criticism or their correction without God using them. I let people have their “opinions” but people with a critical tongue to bring me down I will cut out of my life with a quickness.


Sometimes an evil spirit is the culprit and we need to put him on the run and make him flee. This I do with ease.

Contact info: 888-818-1117



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