Deliverance Essentials Workshop: Coming Soon!


Are you looking for complete freedom in Christ? Well, my brothers and sisters,the Deliverance Essentials Workshop is designed just for you! COUNSELING HAS BEEN MY SECULAR PROFESSION SINCE 1973. An ordained minister who served as a pastor for 15 years, I functioned in a deliverance ministry for 25 years while a pastor within the institutional church.

The fruits that I have to show for over 4 decades of professional work is a boatload of mistakes which God has turned into golden nuggets of truth. As such, I have developed a deliverance counseling model that is unique. It is outlined in my third book, “Faces of the Religious Demon: Freedom Through Deliverance Counseling.” I call it “deliverance counseling.”

The main objective of Christian deliverance counseling, deliverance coaching and mentoring is to set captives free. At Pam Sheppard Ministries, the most important tool in the process is actually the one who is in demonic captivity…

The Workshop Model consists of a series of essentials that serve as the foundation of all spiritual warfare, if captives are really going to be set free, and most of all, REMAIN FREE! . The Deliverance Essentials Workshop (DEW) consists of 10 lectures, several articles, short answer quizes, Q and A and assessments of narrative essays, using 3 essential E-books.

Although DEW is designed like a college virtual course, it is clear and simple enough for anyone who can at least read at an 8th grade level. You will also be assigned your own personal deliversnce coach trained by Pastor Pam, who will:

  1. 1. Grade each student’s tests.
  2. 2. Address the weak areas and develop an individualized deliverance treatment plan based on needs.
  3. 3. participate in certification of potential deliverance ministry candidates. 
  4. 4. Make referrals to Pastor Pam. 

Once registration is complete, the DEW will be automatically sent to the student, as a Power Point Presentation with a deadline date for completion based upon each student’s needs and schedule.

The main objective of the workshop is to set captives free. At Pam Sheppard Ministries, the most important tool in the process is actually the one who is in demonic captivity.

The treatment plan prepared by your coach lists the deliverance issues, hindrances in the situation, the goals, objectives and the strategies toward building your faith to be delivered by truth. Like no other deliverance training, each workshop student once delivered is a potential deliverance worker, personally armed and equipped to set others free.

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