Setting Captives Free is the Purpose of My Life!

I love to write but being an author is subordinate to my deliverance counseling and coaching work. In other words, “I write about what the Holy spirit leads me to perform. That is why I don’t write fiction.

Spiritual Warfare Library of PSM

by Pam Sheppard

I used to work in prisons and jails for 17 years as a state employee. I monitored and assessed them according to minimum standards, some of which I also personally wrote. I was in correctional facilities from 9-5, 10 days out of each month for several years.I entered each facility waving my official badge. Once I left the job in 1997, I then entered a prison as a minister on Thursdays and Sundays for group counseling with inmates.

Recently, I dreamt that I was back in prison, doing my ministry and programs. At the end of the day when my work for the day was done, I was about to head for the gate, when I was told that I WOULD NOT BE ALLOWED OUT.

I TOOK NO HEED TO IT, AND WENT ON THAT LONG WALK I took for 17 years, from the back of each…

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2 responses to “Setting Captives Free is the Purpose of My Life!

  1. I was born again in my home on 3/29/1977 on a Monday at 4 pm. I know very little of Apostolic teachings. I too am rooted in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ so I am not getting your point.


  2. Susie

    I was born again of the water and the spirit in the 70’s under the leadership of Bishop R. W. Macmurry at Greater Bethany Community Church In Los Angels California. He never taught what you said about Apostolic. It must be the New Apostolic teaching. I am rooted under the death, burial and resurrection teaching.


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