Am I A Psychic or a Prophet?


By Pam Sheppard

I was recently asked  “if I am a psychic.” YouTube put that question in spam and it was deleted. Nevertheless, I addressed that question in the video.

Three  years before I was born again, a fallen angel, Germain, was training me to be a psychic. However,  I was snatched away from the occult the day I got born again.. March 29, 1977 at 4pm.  It was a Monday.  Most of my psychic powers left me immediately and suddenly, EXCEPT FOR HEALING. The power in my hands remained after I got born again. For the next 25 years,  I THOUGHT various psychic abilities WERE  FROM GOD, BUT THEY WAS NOT.

I was deceived for 25 years, a drop in the bucket compared to most churchgoers who are STILL deceived!!!

For example, I used to have divination dreams which revealed the future almost every day. Stupid stuff, like who would not come to work, who was gay, nosy stuff. Once I received and learned the truth in 2007, the healing power left my hands and so did the useless divination about the future. If I ever had any demons INSIDE of me, the Holy Ghost sovereignly cast them out without my knowledge or perception.

So no, I am no longer a psychic. Today, I am being groomed to be a prophet of God. Actually, I have been in training for a prophetic end time  calling since 1974. Today, I KNOW how to try the spirits to see if they be of God!!!!

A week ago, I was told the meaning of my life. My last secular job was in the field of corrections where I worked for 17 years.  Two weeks out of each month, I worked in prison 10 days a month for years. I entered each facility  with a badge and I was released at the end of the day, where I went to my hotel room.  I was also  married to a prisoner whom I visited every weekend for 8 years.

Recently, after a dream about the nature of that job, the Lord spoke to me as soon as I woke up and revealed the meaning of my life with the interpretation of the dream. What He revealed  is that my total 25 years going in and out of various prisons and jails as an employee and as a wife is symbolic of God’s purpose for my spiritual life right now. TODAY,  I GO INTO  SPIRITUAL PRISONS, SET CAPTIVES FREE, AND WALK OUT OF  PRISON DOORS UNSCATHED, UNTOUCHED BY ITS EVIL.

I am 75 years old. This is what the Holy Spirit revealed about me just last week that I did not know. Oh, I knew that my job is to set captives free from spiritual prison, but I did not know that my former life was a foreshadow of my work for Christ. My spiritual badge is the seal in my forehead that represents the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I belong to Christ. I represent Him in authority  given to me  as one of the Lord’s SPIRITUAL WARRIORS!!!!

So if you are a captive in even the slightest way or even  if you are seriously demonized, get in touch.  888-818-1117. Also check out my books at


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2 responses to “Am I A Psychic or a Prophet?

  1. Lisa

    Inspiring story, all glory to God. I know the Lord is with me. My spine is all messed up because of a chiropractor & my doctor said I’m lucky im not dead or alive. I dont believe in luck, i believe in the power of Jesus.


  2. Reblogged this on SETTING CAPTIVES FREE and commented:

    Satan’s greatest joy or thrill is to deceive a person called of God to be a prophet and to turn that person into a psychic, especially a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Watch and learn!!!


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