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I have believed that we have some time, at least 10 years or so, before the tribulation begins with the revealing of the Antichrist and the Lord’s return to earth to rule for 1000 years. However, if democracy fails in spite of the Constitution and its various checks and balances to protect the USA and the entire world from anarchy, then all my bets are off. For if democracy fails worldwide, then the Lord’s theocracy is literally “at the door.” This would mean that the Antichrist is now ruling a key nation. So look out, cause here comes the judge!!!!! Come Lord Jesus!

I personally do not believe that Donald Trump is the AC.  As he recently confessed, he is a nationalist, not looking to takeover and rule other countries.  On the contrary, Vladimir Putin of Russia has already proven that he is a globalist, seeking world domination.

For more info on this subject, if you have time, watch this video.

To Get ready, Be ready and Stay ready, you need two courses: Satan’s End time Agenda and The Institutional Church in End-times.

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