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by | November 14, 2018 · 6:14 pm

How A Psychic Medium Got Born Again!


By Pam Sheppard

There is an un-spoken true story  to consider—a part of my testimony  that I rarely share  or reveal–a  most astonishing time—-the  4 day period leading up to the most important day of my life. I rarely share  my complete testimony  publicly because I personally prefer to remain Christ-centered.  Yet these are the events in real time that led me to Jesus in the first place. I have reasoned that I leave these matters out for the sake of brevity.  Well, after 41 years, its time to reveal the complete circumstances that led to how an atheist psychic medium, became born again on March 29, 1977 at 4pm.  It was a Monday.

Back in 1974, I began to  practice what the bible refers to as “necromancy” defined as communicating with dead humans   through  an occult practice called automatic writing, aka “channeling.” This too is another story, written about in the book called “the New Idolatry.” .  Since  I was an atheist, I was definitely not looking for God as I was adamant  in my  disbelief. Nevertheless, The day was March 25, 1977.

On this eventful day, I was in a ground floor office of a tall housing project building in Albany NY on Morton Avenue. There has been a renovation since those days  and that office was destroyed in the re-modeling.   My friend Vivian was a community worker for the public housing projects and we used her private office to  communicate with  various spirits through automatic writing with pen and paper.

 I was used to being flattered and told that they were grooming me to be the best psychic, ever—-better than Edgar Cayce and Jean Dixon. But this particular day, something very  strange happened as the essence of the contact was  totally “different.” .
It was written, “Pam you are a materialistic sinner. Read Romans 3:23”

Well, I was absolutely outraged at those words. I went off in a cussin rage. Picture this in your mind.  I angrily waved my hands in the air at spirits I could not see. I believed myself to be a generous  giver, in no way materialistic.  so upon reading this short message, I got so hostile that the spirits decided to cool me down !

He wrote: Pam, you do not know who you are dealing with. OPEN THAT DOOR AND YOU WILL BE SHOWN.

I opened the door which led to the street on a hill,  on Morton Avenue. It was a bright and sunny day.   In a split second after I opened the door, the sun was blocked, darkness set in, and a sudden wind blew all the cans, dirt and paper in the streets into a funnel. Then in a split second, the sun was back and the street was normal.

I gently closed the door !!!

I am not one who scares easily. However, before I left Vivian’s office, I shut my cussin mouth and gave up some respect! I did not know who this was but I sure realized that this particular  “being” was powerful and should be respected before he zapped me! LOL I rode home and stopped at a bookstore and bought my first bible. I had to check out what Romans 3:23 I mumbled  “SEE YA, VIVIAN.I GOTTA GO. so  I jumped into my car and I IMMEDIATELY WENT TO A BOOKSTORE AND BOUGHT A BIBLE, JUST TO READ ROMANS 3;23. To my anger and dismay, I read “ALL HAVE SINNED AND FALLEN SHORT OF THE GLORY OF GOD.” I yelled out loud  “NOT ME!!” I recall that I did not sleep very well that night. I actually had a dream about a being that I believed was as real as Santa Claus: Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

I dreamt I had a baby, left him in a room for three weeks as I reveled and partied. Then it dawned on me that I had not changed the baby’s diaper. It never crossed my mind that since I did not feed the baby in 3 weekw, he would be dead. All I thought of was the soiled diaper. in the 70’s , we used cloth diapers with diaper pins. Pampers had just come out. So I walked in the room, saw the baby laying on his back. I opened his diaper, and he  was clean, not soiled.

What I noticed was the wound on his side. I said in the dream, ” the baby’s diaper pin must have opened and stabbed him.” I felt sorrowful that I had been so neglectful.
Then the baby opened his mouth and said “may I have my cross please?”

Now I’m knocked for a loop. I think while I am dreaming, “I don’t believe in Jesus and His cross. The baby must have said “Bring me a pillow.” So I went across the room, picked up a pillow, brought it back to the baby, but the dream ended with the pillow turning into a cross  in my hands!!! I woke up, stunned. Then when I went out driving, I saw crosses EVERYWHERE! I was in a state of unrest. What does all of this mean? The entire weekend,  as I drove around town, the crosses on the  steeples of churches loomed over me, seemed to be 3 times their actual size.  If I dropped 2 of anything, they fell on the ground in the shape of a cross.  As an atheist, I was spooked about Jesus!

Then there was Friday,  March 26, 1977.  I had been  dating for about a week  a tall, dark and handsome Jew. Dave was a married lawyer who worked in the legal department. We had been secretly in a relationship for about a year. Dave  was well off but very cheap. He never  bought me ANYTHING. Once a week, I fixed costly meals  of lobster, steaks and wine in an effort   to impress a man who dressed in expensive suits, shoes and drove a BMW,  Each week for a year, Dave showed up to my house with nothing in his hand— not even a box of candy.  Nuthin!!!!  He ate, had sex, never gave me a dime. It did not sit well with me as a black woman.  I knew I was being used like I was a gas station to “fill him up” where he lacked.

So that Friday, I was “fed up.” As I sat at my desk fuming,  I dialed  Dave’s office extension  and demanded  $300 to buy myself a color TV. I did this in a  commanding  way while sitting at my desk. I threatened that  unless he gave me $300, I was going  to reveal our relationship to his wife and all of our  white co-workers.

To my surprise,  El Cheapo walked down to my desk and  wrote me a check for $300. I remember his words. “Pam, you deserve this.” Elated but cautious,  I leaped  up from my desk and I ran to Montgomery Ward and bought that TV after I got cash for that check. So when I came to work  on Monday, March 29th, I was shocked because Dave came to me saying, “Pam , I GAVE YOU THE MONEY. WHY DID YOU TELL EVERYBODY?”

What? I was confused and ashamed at the same time because I had not told anyone.  Yet when I heard this, all I could remember was the words of that invisible entity who wrote “Pam, YOU ARE A MATERIALISTIC SINNER.  I COULD NOT ESCAPE THE FACT THAT MY ACTIONS PROVED THAT I WAS A SINNER, as stated in Romans 3:23.

Disturbed beyond anything I had ever experienced in my life thus far, I could not complete  the work day  because I could not stop crying. I had no idea how news of our affair  was exposed. I found out later that my boss heard me making the threat on my desk phone  and that he  saw Dave hand me the check and say to me “Pam, you deserve this.”  A black man, my supervisor Jim was mighty proud of how I handled this prosperous Jewish  Caucasian, proceeding to  he brag to  other   black co-workers  who already knew about my affair with Dave.  A  white man  close to the blacks overheard and he informed  Dave.

The sorrow began immediately  and went on from about 10:am to almost  4 pm. Dave discovered at work  that I did not tell anyone,  so on his lunch break,  he came over to my house at about 1 or 2pm  to comfort and assure me that our relationship was still in tact. I offered him the money, half now and half later. He took a check for $150. I still have that cashed check!


So I got on the phone with Vivian, my psychic partner. I said Vivian, this is not like me. I cant understand why I cant stop crying. She said “You know.” I said “no I don’t.” She repeated  it a few more times, YOU KNOW.

In a split second, I threw my head back and shouted OUT OF WHAT SEEMED LIKE NO WHERE ” I AM CRYING FOR WHAT THEY DID TO JESUS.” Even though I shocked myself with  that outburst,  there was no time for me to even ponder, “where did that come from?  I don’t believe in Him.”  No. It seemed as if time stood still while simultaneously moved forward at a rapid speed.

Actually, my  REBIRTH seemed that it  TOOK MERE SECONDS.  IT HAPPENED AS SOON AS A THOUGHT about the resurrection  TOOK OVER MY MIND—a thought that stuck and stood still  in my mind.—   Everything you have heard about Jesus is true.  He died for your sins and HE IS RAISED FROM THE DEAD.  A DEAD MAN LIVES!!!!

I SUSPECT MY MOUTH WAS WIDE OPEN when TRAVAIL BEGAN, BIRTH CAME, AND I WAS FILLED WITH JOY, laughing, crying and dancing at the same time!!!! First I found myself laying  on my back on the couch, my legs wide open in a birthing position  like when  I gave birth to my daughter 8 years prior.   Yet, the contractions or birthing  took place in my chest area, where my spirit resides.  I perceived  in the spirit the hand of God go into me, touch my spirit, and then viola, darkness turned into light.  Tears turned into joy and laughter!   I felt like I had just been born and that I had no 33 years of history of sin in my DNA   on earth.  I was completely clean, no longer  a sinner!!!!

All in a matter of seconds!

I reached for the new bible I had purchased 4 days ago.  It opened to John 3, you must be born again. This was only the second scripture I had seen in the bible–ever!!!. Yet  I understood what the scholar Nicodemus could not understand. I picked up the phone which had dropped from my hand.  Still there,  Vivian gave me some specific instructions,  “you have just given birth to your new spirit in Christ Jesus. Go run a tub of water, and baptize yourself in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

I did so.

Then my 8 year old  daughter  got off the bus from school and ran into the house, with a group of little white boys chasing her, calling her “nigger.” This had been an everyday experience for Zee and the former me was often at the bus stop waiting  to jack up one of those kids.  Yet, this “new creature”  scooped them up with  a big  hug and gave them cookies.  The love I felt for those little boys was incredible. They looked at me as if they were saying, ‘this woman has lost all her marbles!”

A month later, Vivian did not remember any of this!!!! Our long standing friendship ended.  To this day, I have forgotten how that happened cause we were pretty tight!

In conclusion, this is a small but significant part of the day I got born again that I have shared sparingly over the last 4 decades. The significance of  my spiritual memoirs   is that a being from God came into my occult world and literally snatched me from the evil spirits I had been communicating with. I suspect it was a high ranking angel who has the power to affect the weather on God’s behalf.

My spirit friends were gone for good.  They have never tried to speak to me in 40 years, even when as a babe in Christ, I sought them. No, I have never been able to perform automatic writing again.  The so called “psychic powers” I was being trained to perform literally disappeared.

226F68AD-9904-476B-BECE-FDBE9555CA3BBy 1979, I had 3 dreams that sent me to find “Rev. Lester.”  I joined his church, only to  discover tht he was a down-low homosexual as well as a Jamaican warlock  who practiced witchcraft. Come Out of Her God’s People is the book to read as it contains my memories of 25 years in the institutional church and how the Lord called me out to serve Him online.  From my humble abode, I minister counseling, coaching, I author  books, articles, produce  videos, conduct workshops  and cast out devils over the phone.  So most of the  24 hours of each day, even while I sleep, I am serving the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth until He returns and on into eternity.

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False Prophets: There Are Many in These Times

via False Prophets: There Are Many in These Times

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by | November 14, 2018 · 2:03 pm

Are You Praying To and Under the Power of the Devil?



People who are comfortable and satisfied with their spirituality and their churchgoing experiences do not contact me. No problem. To each his own is MY motto. On the contrary, I hear from the confused, frustrated ones who realize something is wrong with both their spiritual life and their church, but they have difficulty in putting their finger on the problem.

Most people who call me think that I operate as a  prayer line.  Prayer is certainly an important  part of what I do.  However, the only prayer I offer for someone that I do not know is “Lord, expose the darkness to this person and if this person continues in telephone coaching  with me, then give me wisdom and revelation as to how to pray for this person.”  Help me to know this person’s heart so that I can pray YOUR perfect will for him or her.”

Prayer is an invocation to either God or the enemy. You can even sing a prayer. A few years ago,  I had to delete a song from my cell phone that I used to love and sing along with, until I realized that it was an anthem, even an invocation to fallen angels. The song is “I need an Angel” by the first American idol, Reuben Studdard. “I NEED AN ANGEL. CALLING AN ANGEL. SEND ME AN ANGEL—-NOW! HEAR ME NOW!”

No, I had to let that song go. We are not to ask God to send us an angel. If you are one of His elect, you were assigned an angel at your birth.  . If you command an angel to come to you, you are setting yourself up for a devilish response. For when you start communicating with a fallen angel, deceived that God sent him, the more you communicate with that angel, the more he steals your will power with the ultimate goal of taking over your entire life!!!

Then there are the prayers that emanate from those who seek the Father but the prayer bypasses or ignores the Son of God, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. ALL such prayers are heard and answered by fallen deities—angels that call themselves ascended masters. The fallen angel Maitreya hears the prayers made by those who practice Hinduism and Islam, while Jesus Sananda hears the prayers of nominal Christians and New Agers. The fallen angel who calls himself “Mother Mary” hears and responds to the prayers of Catholics. Satan himself focuses on the invocations he receives from witches and warlocks.

Then there are those who claim to be “praying in the spirit.” aka praying in tongues.  You need to know that there is no such thing as a prayer language.  This is a practice that the devil has tricked Charismatics to do.  For if you pray in a language that you don’t understand, is it not possible that the enemy is using you to pray not only against your loved ones but also against yourself? Could you not be the source or the tool that Satan is using to fulfil his purpose, which is to kill, steel and destroy by witchcraft curses uttered out of YOUR own mouth?

Speaking of witchcraft, Charismatic Christians are invoking witchcraft  when they use prayer to seek to control of the lives of others. Soulish prayers of this kind energize psychic power by projecting one’s thoughts on to persons that these folk are praying for, by saying that such and so person SHALL do this or that. Such prayer makes demands upon God to “make something happen.” Satan  answers these kinds of prayers.

According to Jessie Penn Lewis in her book “Soul and Spirit”

Every prayer should be directed Godward, and should never be a telling the Lord what to do for somebody else. We may pray that God will direct THEM what to do, but we ought not to say that they MUST do what WE think is God’s will they should do, or even that they SHALL NOT DO, even what we know  it is wrong.” (Soul and Spirit pg 35)

I agree with this statement completely.

For example, I receive frequent prayer requests from women, asking me to pray for their wayward husbands, that he will leave the other woman, return home, do this or that. I perceive that any prayer made to control another person’s will is a witchcraft prayer.

I will ask God for His will to be done in the situation. I don’t assume that EVERY marriage was made in heaven. So I ask for vision, clarity, peace to come into the wife’s heart, and for conviction and sin to come from God upon the husband. If he is under the spell of sex magic from a witch, I ask for God to reveal it to me and if I hear from God on it, I will proceed to break that spell. However, in no way, will I ask God to MAKE the husband DO ANYTHING!!! I don’t practice witchcraft in the name of my Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth!

If you believe that you are in bondage based upon a “witchcraft prayer,” call me at  1-888-818-1117.  ARE YOU READY TO BE UN_DECEIVED? Don’t call me if you are looking for “same ole religiosity.” I do not pray for the hearer to “feel good.”  I am looking for truth and wisdom that brings positive results.

So  I ain”t about serving up a religious prayer on anyone. Such a prayer is headed straight  to the devil. Also, if you are continuing to be  tormented and you won’t stop praying in tongues when I ask this of you, don’t waste my time by contacting me because no one can help you until you stop speaking in tongues. YOU ARE PUTTING CURSES ON YOURSELF AND THOSE YOU LOVE!!!


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Excerpt From “Faces of the Religious Demon.” Pg 89-91

The Narcissistic Personality and Spiritual Strangeness

When bordering on mental illness, a phrase that I have coined called “spiritual strangeness”can manifest in deep depression, the hearing of voices, visual appearances that are invisible to others and manifestations of narcissistic personality disorders of different varieties. (Where the demon of Jezebel is concerned, at the core of the mental illness is a pride system that reinforces false or counterfeit religious beliefs and practices. Psychic phenomena like telekinesis and astral travel emanate from the witchcraft side of the face of Jezebel.

As such, when supernatural manifestations are present, the spirit of Jezebel is generally the lead demon. The Jezebel demon is also at the root of self absorption, where legalism, perfectionism and self righteousness will progressively debilitate
the soul. I suspected that previously mentioned 92 year old Bertha was also personality disordered, particularly as it relates to her perfectionism and the confusion and despondency she experienced when even mildly challenged or suspected of being in error. Although Bertha manifested symptoms of perfectionism, a more classic influence of the face of Jezebel is more clearly evident in a professing Christian whose name I have changed to Pearl.

Claiming to be a doctor of holistic medicine, Pearl contacted me by email with a rather desperate and impertinent cry for a deliverance from an alleged physical infirmity that she believed to be demonic. She reported that she was without any physical strength, continuing to cough, vomit and remained without appetite. By virtue of her New Age profession alone, I was immediately aware that the spirit of witchcraft was definitely unmistakable. Moreover, the fact that Pearl professed faith in Jesus Christ while simultaneously misquoting the Lord frequently, I suspected that I was dealing with not only Jezebel, but perhaps the spirit of the Anti-Christ as well.

For example, Pearl views herself as “Christ-like”, not at all considering that her 30 year practice of homeopathic healing is an occult practice, nor would she consider
that her own beliefs could in any way be demonic. Working with a captive bound to the Jezebel spirit is no easy task. The complexity of the situation is that when helpless and in the middle of a crisis, the captive is usually cooperative and approachable. Due to the urgency of Pearl’s situation and the importunity of her emails and her phone calls, I overruled the steps and stages of my usual procedure. I confronted the demons by telephone in order to bring Pearl some immediate relief.

By reversing the process, I cast out the demon of torment first so that Pearl would be free to work on her other issues and problems. For example, her adult son had threatened to commit suicide if Pearl did not stop interfering in his life. As is the case with this personality type and the Jezebel spirit, Pearl’s life is one of chaos, instability, confusion and broken relationships. Once I exercised the authority of the Name of Jesus over the demon of torment, the spirit of Jezebel and the spirit of the Anti-Christ were clearly exposed, discernible in Pearl’s transparent self love and obvious sense of superiority. Pearl obtained immediate relief.

Interpreting her well being as a sign of a complete deliverance, Pearl backed off from any further counseling, disregarding and opposing all of my suggestions and comments that she was not at all “delivered.” With much debate and contention, Pearl conceded that “the Lord DID use me to set her free,” but she vehemently refused to address those underlying characteristics that permeate her very proud personality. Considering the length of time that she has been narcissistic, it is only logical that she would tenaciously defend her own self concept. Therefore, in Pearl’s mind, she is “as SHE says she is”—loving, giving, honorable, forthright, righteous, selfless, the perfect mother, superior—to name but a few.

It is apparent to me that Pearl is one of the unsaved professing to be saved. Notwithstanding, in Pearl’s mind, she is “Christ-like” even though she defied several of His words and His ways as evidenced in her emails. Once relieved of torment, the contradictions between Pearl’s actual character and her idealized image of herself became so obvious that it was amazing that she could not perceive it with her own self proclaimed intelligence.

On the contrary, Pearl is consistent in her ability to ignore the unconcealed. In fact, Pearl would only accept the reality of demons in her life as being sent to her through the jealous witchcraft practices of others, never once considering that she could be in any way responsible for her own torment. This inherent blind spot coupled with her adamant resistance to authority is the most serious obstacle to a complete deliverance. Furthermore, within her emails are numerous statements that would cause a knowledgeable Christian to seriously question her salvation.

Unwilling to be broken in spirit, the religious demon’s motive is self evident. Pearl’s solution is to do away with all demonic doorways of a personal nature by declaring herself “above it all.”Pride has hindered Pearl from taking a realistic assessment of those un-submitted areas of her soul. As Paul wrote, “God resists the proud but give grace to the humble.” (James 4:7)


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Excerpt From “Come Out Of Her, God’s People” Pg. 22-24

226F68AD-9904-476B-BECE-FDBE9555CA3BDiverse spirits of the Anti-Christ assigned to each of us take advantage of our flesh by targeting the specific style of our own self deception. Word of faith believers are dealing with Satan’s cleverest teaching spirits, masters at psychology. Since religious invisible spirits study all of God’s people, evil spirits  know how to give us sudden flashes or insights on one or several scriptures woven together to suit our own particular persona.

To illustrate, there is no sufficient data to suggest that speaking in tongues is “a prayer language.” Therefore, seducing spirits with teaching gifts are adept at stringing together a few scriptures to suggest to those who like to pray that when they pray in tongues, they are speaking mysteries that only God understands. Little do they know that they could be sending forth curses against God’s people because they can’t interpret their own private utterances.

Moreover, those who strongly seek after signs and wonders tend to reason and accept various teachings without sufficient data and thereupon base their decisions on wrong assumptions. Even though I ministered in a traditional, denominational church, I myself was really a charismatic. In fact, my denominational colleagues mockingly tagged me with the name “full gospel” or “Pentecostal.”

Fully intimidated, those in the denomination were extremely upset that I spoke in tongues prolifically and that people fell slain at my hand or command in their traditional worship services. I also was known for my healing lines and for casting out demons. The denominational leaders were very suspect of me as “not being one of them.”

My case seems to be pretty classic. The typical demonic strategy is to make several promises about a future ministry. The form of deception used against me appeared to be worldly when under the surface, it was really spiritual. This is the danger for all true believers for we cannot depart from the faith unless we were actually “in it!” My keyword of deception was “power:” healing, miracles, signs, wonders, casting out demons, raising the dead, and predicting the future. Comfortable and familiar with supernatural power while I was an occult practitioner, it was easy for the religious demon to seduce me with “Christian” based power. As I look back over 30 years, I can plainly see “motive.” The fallen angel assigned to me successfully plotted and arranged to bring people, places and circumstances together in order to usher in sufficient instances of disappointment.

The ulterior motive was to use disappointment to cause me to ultimately reject not only my service to people but Jesus Christ Himself. Just to let you know up front, as clever as the strategy was, ——-praise God,



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Get Your Affairs In Order! Cause Here Comes the Judge!


I have believed that we have some time, at least 10 years or so, before the tribulation begins with the revealing of the Antichrist and the Lord’s  return to earth to rule for 1000 years.  However, if democracy fails in spite of the Constitution and  its various checks and balances to protect the USA and the entire world from anarchy, then all my bets are off.  For if democracy fails worldwide, then the Lord’s  theocracy is literally “at the door.” This would mean that the Antichrist is now ruling a key nation.    So  look out, cause here comes the judge!!!!! Come Lord Jesus!

To Get ready, Be ready and Stay ready, you need two  courses:  Satan’s End time Agenda and   The Institutional Church in End-times. 

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Why The Lord Often Chooses the Worst People

By Pastor Pam of Pam Sheppard Ministries


According to normal  standards including my own, for God to choose me either for salvation or for ministry defies human understanding.  Here is the reason.  I was an atheist the first 33 years of my life. In fact, when I was 3, I refused to believe in Santa Claus! As a child, I stood against parents and grandparents, refusing to attend ANY church. My father’s mother called me a heathen and she was correct!!!!  By the time I was 33, I had attended church ONE time for non-religious reasons, and even then,  I ran out of there because I was extremely uncomfortable to say the least.

So you tell me! Moses was raised an Egyptian and had to go into hiding for 40 years because he killed an Egyptian.  As Moses stood before Pharoah commanding that he let God’s people go, I too am one person, standing up against the entire institutional church worldwide with the same agenda.  COME OUT OF HER, GOD’S PEOPLE.  DON’T RECEIVE HER PLAGUES!

Moses only addressed  Pharoah and the nation of Egypt. I don’t speak to the IC directly.  I speak to the elect  of God who are connected to  the entire religious system worldwide, some of whom  are  members of churches that are considered both righteous and good. Those who will hear me are a few, most of whom have already heard from God themselves.  For them, I will be the voice of confirmation. Even for the doubters, the confused  and even  the scoffers, I hit the proverbial nail on the head which is “Satan and his minions have already taken over the IC.  That is why you must leave!

 Moses had a rod.  I have a book “Come out of Her, God’s People,”  and more books.  I also have the anointed word of my mouth spoken over the telephone to offer prayer for those who are blinded by the world  and to  cast  out of demons by phone—-one person at a time, one demon at a time, one bondage at a time—anywhere in the world.


In this book, I present autobiographical info in the first 8 chapters. In the next 5 chapters, I reveal concrete spiritual and physical reasons as to why you need to come out.  My books are like a series:  Faces of a Religious Demon puts meat on the reason why you should “come out” with profiles and examples, the New Idolatry exposes the work of the seducing spirits and doctrines of devils, Be Delivered from Deliverance Ministry lays out one of the practices of seducing spirits, the Fake Jesus identifies who the fallen angels are and what they have been doing for centuries, and the Church of the End-time Zombies puts it ALL together, with strategy, agenda, and solutions.

If I were God, I would not have chosen me for such a task because I have no religious history.  It turns out that this is one of the most  important reasons why He chose me for this work.  Even though I served for 25 years as both a pastor and an evangelist in the IC system, I never incorporated traditions and practices into my soul.  Therefore, my detox was both quick and minimal.

So boldly and without reservation, I am called, chosen and sent to speak to the enemy on behalf of the saints to command the seducing spirits to  LET YOU GO!!!! If you are of the elect of God, I am sent TO YOU!!!!!



If you are one of those who “hears me in the spirit,” you can get in touch at  888-818-1117 or complete the contact form ABOVE.


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Faces of the Religious Demon: Freedom Through Deliverance Counseling

I would appreciate some reviews on Amazon from those who have read this book.

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To Oprah and Others: Psychic Power is God’s Power, Perverted!

Today I was happy to see Oprah Winfrey  campaigning  for Stacey Abrams for Governor of Georgia.  Oprah is at her best uplifting  a political cause that is of the flesh and is not spiritual.  I could certainly relate to her statement “I am an independent woman!”   Right on, Sister  Oprah.   Urging people to vote independently is a good thing which I support. Uplifting all women in this hour is certainly  in season.

Yet I recall what the Lord said:  “That which is flesh IS flesh.  but that which is spirit is SPIRIT!” I wholeheartedly support Oprah’s views in the flesh as they relate to politics and women’s issues.  However her spiritual views are occult. I could even hear in her campaign speech her spiritual belief in ancestor worship. Christians should not forget that Oprah is deceived into embracing the new age’s teaching of Christ consciousness.  Here is the truth.   Psychic power   is God’s power, PERVERTED by the devil.  It’s  CONTAMINATED,  DECEPTIVE.  Christ consciousness is a devilish religion., DEADLY IN ITS CONSEQUENCES!

LET’S BRING THIS CONVERSATION directly to YOU! Are YOU one of those “spiritual people” who dreams about the future, “and it happens?” Do you think of yourself as a person with “second sight” or even a psychic?  Were you steeped in the occult and whatever the circumstances, you found yourself embracing Christ?  I can relate because I can personally answer each of these 3 questions in the affirmative myself.

After 41 years in the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I have learned a lot from my mistakes.  For even though He snatched me out of Satan’s hands on March 29, 1977, the enemy continued to pursue me, changing his tactics to religious deception, toward successfully causing me to assume that every supernatural message i received was from God. I was duped for 25 years!!!!

Having overcome deception, the most outstanding truth in my  warfare arsenal, is this.  If  prior to your embracing of Christianity,  you have had even the slightest background in new Age occultism, Eastern religions  or witchcraft,  YOU ARE A TARGET FOR DECEPTION.  Furthermore, if you have  accepted even one message from Satan as if it came from the Holy Spirit, you are a candidate for a deeper, more dangerous message in your near future. Be aware that the religious demon assigned to you will capitalize on your “psychic powers” as he deceives you with counterfeits of  the gifts of the Spirit.

If you are one who prefers to work on your own, I have written ebooks and developed courses from those books that will benefit you beyond measure.  If you would prefer the personal touch, call 888-818-1117 to set up a telephone session or complete the contact form below:



Relevant Readings:

The New Idolatry

Oprah Winfrey, a Purveyor of the Satanic New Age

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