Lately I have been coming across the fantastic and highly suspect accounts of Nigerians who claim that they are now Christians. I  was a new age occultist BEFORE I was born again but I was not a witch.   In other words, supernatural things happened to me and around me that I  had no personal control over.  I was given “a taste” of what fallen  angels and demons can do through using human beings as vessels.   However, I was never taught HOW to do anything.

Recently, I have  been reading a book written by a former African witch from Nigeria.  I’ll call him “Eric.” As an author myself, I would love to give the  title and the name of the book but since I believe that the book is  dangerous in the hands of a novice, in good conscience, I cannot do so.

Let  me give you the good news FIRST. Eric believes that he is saved and so  his agenda is to   help by sharing the details of his witchcraft  involvement. Since I see no evidence of repentance in the man, I believe  that Eric himself  has experienced a counterfeit birth, set up by the  fake Jesus, the very one he was worshiping and serving as a warlock in  the first place. In various places in his  book, Eric provided  clear  and sufficient  evidence that NONE of the strange and sinister spells  and incantations  actually worked against a TRUE child of God.  So those  in Christ need not fear, for none of these weapons formed against us  can prosper.

Some Christians  would take this good  news to mean that as long as we individually worship and adore Jesus, we  are fine. Consequently, we don’t need Eric’s testimony. Well, here is  the problem with that kind of thinking. Today, 9 out of 10 Christrians  think that they are saved, but they are NOT. These are the ones who are  in big trouble! And we are going to need to know HOW to deliver them.

As a starter, these are some of the things that as a Nigerian warlock, Eric reports that he could do:

1. Completely influence and control others.

2. See physically without his eyes.

3. Vanish into the air, when necessary.

4. Read sealed letters.

5. TRANSFER HIMSELF OCCASIONALLY and live briefly inside another human being, a tree, etc.

6.Hear and communicate immediately with a demon or a fallen angel or human spirits, no matter the distance they be from him.

7. Bend strong iron with his eyes.

8. Render guns and other weapons ineffective when applied to himself

9. Overcome accidents and travel freely by air, land or sea.

10. Use his “SECOND PERSONALITY” to appear in 9 or more places at the same time.

11.Operate or command rain, lightning, and thunder.

12. Project himself into the higher extra-terrestial realms without a spirit guide.

Because I work with  people who are in demonic torment, I need to know what the enemy is  capable of doing.  Without knowledge gained from  Eric, I have cast  human spirits from my clients that I call “captives”,  as if these human  spirits were demons.  In fact,  Eric indicates that through a Satanic  ritual initiation, a demon entered him and lived on his left side. Just  as Beyonce has her “Sasha Fierce,” Eric had a second personality called  by a name, different from his own. It was through this demon that Eric  gained his power to do the 12 feats mentioned above.

Though exagerated, THIS STUFF IS REAL, PEOPLE!

If you need help, send an email to or call 888-818-1117.

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