You will not see the immediate truth of what I warn you about until you have your own revelation from the Lord. The Holy Ghost may use something that I write on this subject to  motivate a decision that you may have already been contemplating.  Nevertheless, no one can lead you out of the visible, organized church but the Holy Ghost.

The most dangerous churches are those where the people are supportive and dedicated to good works. It is hard to leave smiling faces who provide good music and helpful projects and programs.    After 25 years, I was led out. In fact, I literally had to be THROWN out when  MY time came because  “church”  had become “comfortable.” The Bishop and other church officers  had to mess with  my comfort zone for me to leave. Then again, “I had a dream.”  It was plain and it was clear.  The Lord said, “Pam, if you don’t come out, you will be like a candle, hidden under a bed.  I will not be able to use you.”

Perhaps that will be the case for you. Perhaps God will set you up to be thrown out.  But if you are among the elect, you will either walk out yourself, or the Lord will allow the devil to use fake Christians led by demons within the visible church  to PUSH you out. But out you MUST come in order to survive and escape the plagues that are coming upon those who still remain “in the house!!!” I warn “the lukewarm” to take heed to   the words of Paul to Timothy and the words of Jesus to the church at Laodicea. Don’t get me wrong about this.    

    So what is the bottom line to Satan‘s not so tender trap? How was the devil able to get into the church, and not only secure a seat in the back row, but actually make his way to the pulpit? Well, through a gradual infiltration that has taken a century or two, Satan finally has his pulpit position. You see, the gateway for the religious demon is “by invitation.” Invitations can be either formal or informal.   Whether in ignorance or by design, when a person has made an appeal to Satan’s services by either a formal pact or an informal agreement, that person   has unwittingly submitted himself to the powers of darkness..

 When signs, wonders and strange religious practices that did not emanate from the Holy Ghost are accepted as divine, a spiritual invitation is made to the fake Jesus. Without hesitation, the fake Jesus pushes his way through the doors of your soul. When sermons are preached by wrenching scriptures out of their context for the purpose of making three points that have nothing to do with repentance, rebirth or the resurrection, an invitation is made to the religious demon. When salvation is taken out of the sovereign calling and election of God and put into the hands of man to “make a decision for Christ” then Satan moved from the backseat into the pulpit. When unsaved people came to church altars “chanting” as they sought  to  speak in tongues, they invited demons to enter them and countless of these folk are now tormented, almost fully demonized.
 As would be expected, the sheep followed the preaching of a distorted gospel, looking for blessings, success, and prosperity to come in the abundant life they are taught that Jesus promised them. They have been seduced into believing that “they have a right to the good life” and all that prosperity entails. Rarely do preachers even mention that serving Jesus Christ can also bring trial, tribulation, trouble and in some cases, even death. Consequently, Satan’s seat has been secured by the gradual elimination of the cross from the gospel preached in most pulpits.

Can Satan be unseated by the organized church?. How can he be? Though short-lived, the bible tells us that Satan will have his day, when he officially takes his seat in the endtime synagogue, today called “THE CHURCH!” The organized church is fastly ringing true to her final name, Mystery Babylon. Furthermore, the time for repentance may already be OVER, because judgement of the household of faith has already occurred. The remnant within the church shall prevail along with the rest of the 144,000 righteous remnant. Whether an actual or a literal number, the truth is this.  The way to the True Jesus is narrow and straight and the very few are those who enter in and find the real Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the only begotten Son of the Father.

So What’s Goin On?!”

    I have been a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ since 1981, yet, I warn you. Church is not only  a dangerous place , but around the globe, many churches are actually so dangerous, that its members should   run from them as if the church building was about to explode  at any minute.  I have a pastor’s heart and have functioned in the pastor’s calling for two decades , and I am still a pastor without a visible pulpit. Yet I myself will never return for any reason. For a full picture, I suggest the book “Come Out of Her, God’s People.”

Even so, I personally believe that a person can grow spiritually without regularly attending any organized church. Most definitely, you should assemble with the saints, but the word of God does not lay out a detailed order of service, nor does it suggest the day you should assemble, the time or even the nature of the place or building where gathering together should take place. We live in a computerized world, where we can “assemble” 24 and 7. Simply put, I truly believe that the organized church as it now stands will be completely revamped by the Lord. Why? Because quite frankly, the traditional structures are not working. I myself have no replacements to offer, I closed my own local assembly two years ago.

  For 25 years in the organized church as a minister, I was hopeful that repentance would bring about reformation and renewal to the organized church. However, the love of money, which is the root of ALL evil, has permeated most of the church and I seriously doubt if the Lord is going to allow it to continue to exist in its present state. Judgement is swiftly coming and I shudder at what is going to happen to church and to churchgoers.  There are plagues for those who do not “come out of Her.”

My suspicion that the age of the organized church is either over or very close to ending has been growing over time. There is one startling fact.— I emphasize a crucial, damnable sign of the end of the gentile age. The bottom of the bottom line is that souls are not being saved in the organized church. What is really troublesome is that I am finding that even the best churches can be hazardous, primarily because subtle deception is actually held in place by the sincerity and the commitment of its leadership. To be sincerely wrong can be almost as deadly as being obviously deceived or purposefully deceptive.

In order to understand the nature of end times, we need to have a general insight on “what has been goin on.” I have read newsletters, articles and books written by well-meaning sisters and brothers that are too complicated for the average Christian. We have some very intelligent people in the remnant church—real deep, scholarly thinkers. The problem is that as they major on each individual tree, our minds are overrun with too manythoughts, too many ideas. The intent of my blog posts is  to “uncomplicate” things by centering on the big pieces of the puzzle  in order to make the spiritual picture more understandable to the average Christian.



 To get a picture of “what’s goin on” , it is important that we consider the intense significance of the fact that man was made a little lower than the angels. As are angels, we too are created beings. The highest created being was Lucifer, as there was no creature superior to him. Beneath Lucifer were the rest of the angelic creation: cherubim and seraphim, the archangels, principalities and powers, the lower angels and demons. The bible also suggests that there were other living creatures on earth who themselves fell at the time of Lucifer’s rebellion. It is believed that their disembodied spirits make up the lower class of demons. Of this, no one is sure. All we know is that no matter the class of demon, in the Name of Jesus, we can “cast them out from people.”

 However, demons cannot be cast out of the organized church because the leadership will not repent for practical reasons that I call the 5 “P’s”.  It has too much to lose. Position—self images are in jeopardy.  Power—too many enjoy ruling over others. Prestige—vanity relishes in the exaltation of people. Pride—puffed up preachers will not admit to doctrinal error.  Prosperity—too many livelihoods depend upon tithes and offerings. No one will risk financial stability in hard times.
The  dire situation of the visible church  is like a run away train.  To stop, it must crash. 

                                              And crash, it will.

To protect yourself from the crash, help is close at hand. 518-477-5759


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  1. J Wmsn

    Thank you Pastor Sheppard for clarification on your stance with this issue. I am of the opinion that satan has infiltrated “all” the minds of believers and unbelievers for the Bible speaks of in the Revelation times that, “even some of the very elect will be deceived”, so we are vulnerable to his supernaturality. We just have to KNOW without a glimpse of a shadow of a doubt that we are HIS own. With that allegiance we will be delivered from all unrighteousness and demonic influences.


  2. J Williamson

    Very interesting reading and concept; however is it safe to say “all” churches are under the influence of satan? Did not the FATHER call the church (the people not the building) the bride of CHRIST? It is the individual(s) that corrupt what GOD has made foundational and I don’t think a sweeping indictment of all churches is the answer. There must be a change of mind and heart to really seek the face of the LORD. That “call” that you spoke of must be from GOD and only that individual that receives that call truly know that it is indeed from the MASTER. The danger with churches are they have becoming impotent against the “powers that be” and have aligned themselves with government to enjoy their 5013c (i think) tax free status, making them unaccountable to government and parishoners as well. Of all the churches I have attended, not one of them have a business meeting or print out listing all the church’s financial dealings. Thus great profits are reaped by the pastors and staff and we are told just to “give” and it will be multiplied unto us (the laymen). When?


    • The indictment is not against the churches. The unseen forces have infiltrated ALL pulpits for 2 reasons: 1) all churches preach the decisional, I accept Jesus by repeating a sinner’s prayer or rising from my seat and going to the altar. This is a relatively NEW practice, about 200 years old, instituted in the church by a preacher named Charles Finney. The purpose of the change is that Finney convinced the church that they needed to count converts. So they wanted a visible way to SEE if somebody got saved. I will do a blog on Charles Finney soon. What is happening is that people are sincerely going to the altars and coming back with demons. For when they ask Jesus “to come into their hearts,” the are inviting in the fake Jesus, who calls himself Jesus Sananda Immanuel. I agree about the 501c3 impotence. I did not fall for that when I started my own church in 1996. I looke at the paperwork and said, “these folk are asking me too many questions.” So for 12 years, I operated without it. Even so, in spite of my sincerity as a pastor, my own church was infiltrated by fallen angels also. So I closed it.


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