So why did St. Germain visit me? 

Well, first of all, I ignorantly made an invitation to him by participating in that seance.  Once I made the invitation, I moved to the next level of mediumship which used to be called automatic writing but today is fashionably called “channeling.”  Once I made the invitation, St. Germain  needed to assess whether or not I would make a good channel for him. He was looking for someone to channel his books.  I knew nothing of my future in 1974. I had no idea that I would write 6 books inspired by the Holy Ghost.  In fact, I didn’t even know then that I would become a published author myself and I don’t think Germain knew that either. All he wanted was someone with the innate psychic ability to passively sit down, pick up a pencil, and allow him to use their hand to write. I had the psychic skills but  I was not one who wrote by telepathic thought sending. My hand was literally used by a fallen angel to write. When I looked down, there would be all of this religious stuff that as an atheist, I had no interest in. I am also not a passive person. Passivity is not a part of my human  nature. I also had full consciousness when my spirit left my body and full memory once he departed. I did not LIKE the feeling and even though I was a willing subject, I believe God blocked Germaine from getting what he wanted from me because the Lord had “other plans.”

St Germain, The Depiction of a Fallen Angel

So the very next day after Germain’s manifestation, as I sat by the pool in an apartment complex in Hempstead New York, I shared my startling experience of the previous night with two perfect strangers who called themselves Blossom and Richard, both of them Jewish. They listened to me with a kind of secretive, knowing ear. Like cats who had just swallowed a canary.  From their lips, I heard for the first time the term “psychic power.”  They invited me to their apartment to TEST THE LEVEL of my psychic abilities with that dangerous toy called a Ouija Board.

Almost immediately, demons and devils  who pretended to be departed human souls of dead people I once knew,  began to move my fingers across the Ouija.  Upon witnessing my effectiveness with this device, Blossom and Richard told me that I was a medium to the spirit world and that the seance had unleashed the powers within me.  My summoning of the dead was said to have opened me up to the deceased who dwelled in the spirit world by transforming me into a source–a channel, if you will– for their communication. Looking back, on that score, Blossom and Richard were correct.

Other things happened.  Lot of “other things” which I will share at some other time.  Simply put, I graduated to a level where fallen angels—WALK INS—could step into me and speak to anyone gathered, anytime THEY chose to.  One  strange experience followed another.  Objects appeared and disappeared, astral travel, clarvoyance, and  much more.

Getting back to St. Germain, one of the things  that I constantly received  through automatic writing and channeling in the 70’s  was religious information.  I was an atheist and so I was really not interested in any religion, a circumstance that worked to my advantage in several ways.  In fact, I received pages of info about Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, but nothing at all about Christianity and the Lord’s name was never mentioned.  What I have discovered about St. Germain is that in 1974, he recruited several other mediums to channel for him—people who 3o years later, St. Germain has  made wealthy through the  new age, occult books that these channels  authored through and for him.

So who is Saint Germain?

The new age  world considers him one of the top 5 “ascended masters.” Rather than give an occult definition of the term, simply put, an ascended master is a fallen angel working for Satan, whom they call “Sanat Kamura.” I won’t get into all the various reincarnations of famous human beings St Germain claims to be.  In his long list of past lives, he claims to be the reincarnation of the prophet Samuel, Joseph, the surrogate father of the Lord, Plato and a host of Greeks and Romans.  He also claims to have lived as Roger Bacon, from 1220-1292. Yet what is noteworthy about Germain is his American influence as he claims to be the reincarnation of Christopher Columbus and he boasts that the nickname “Uncle Sam” is referring him.  So Germain is considered to be the founding father of the USA!

Yet what is quite deadly is that St. Germain boasts to his occult followers that he is the father of freemasonry, a Luciferian secret society that is at the roots of the organized church and the foundation of America. Once the Lord saved me, I escaped being one of Germain’s channels.  So what is St. Germain’s  sinister purpose?

To be continued under the title, What Do the Ascended Masters Want?

St. Germain thought he had me but the Holy Ghost snatched me out of his hands in a blink of an eye!

Fallen angels are not demons.  St. Germain is lying because reincarnation is a lie.  He has NEVER been human.  Since fallen angels are of another species or “creation” , most of them  not accustomed to being inside of a human being for more than a few minutes so they “practice.”  When this happens, the medium or channel will be exhausted. It is a very dangerous practice.  They can bring ANY destruction upon you in just a few minutes or even seconds.

If you have had such experiences, you may need help.  Send me a comment in this post or a fb message at


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  1. I am not an astrologer. If you read what I write, you will see that. Nor is my blog an astrology blog, it is so much more than that. If you read what I write, you will see that.


    • As I point out in my testimony, clare, I used to be an astrologer. I had not read the bible at the time, or I would have known that astrology is forbidden by God. I believe that it is forbidden because what astrology does is lay out various paths that the enemy is planning for us to take. For example, my chart reveals that I have an exact degree of conjunction with venus in scorpio on my 10 house. Astrologers more proficient than I predicted that this mean that I would marry a famous man and be in partnership with him in a grand career. This was predicted to me in 1974. Well, I have 37 years to look back on and I can tell ya, Sis, IT DIDN’T HAPPEN! lol. And I have had 4 careers. No Mr. Dream Man!!! lol The harm of astrology in this regard is that FOR YEARS, I KEPT LOOKING FOR MR RIGHT AND I KEPT FINDING MR. WRONG. Satan used astrology to try to guide my steps. I will visit your blog and take a look. Marlene thought you were an astrologer, no harm no foul.


  2. LOL. I knew it in my spirit but I have never really expressed it any where. In fact, you have just laid it out for me.The fact that I was an atheist hindered St. Germain. All he wanted to do was write about religion and all I wanted from himwas to find out who was my soul mate and what should I wear to the club. I was exasperating him. Witn God, my atheism was beneficial. He had no false religiosity to deal with. I was saved so fast that Germain was in shock and had to regroup.


  3. We test the Spirits to find what comes from the Lord. Do you test the spirits yourself, to find where your channellings or inspirations come from, or do you get together with others to test them? Which others?


    • Check the dates. The last time I channeled was 1977. Once the Holy Ghost stepped in and I became born again, my ability to channel disappeared. It has not happened again in 34 years. Anyone who is channelling is hearing from a fallen angel. No need to test what is obvious. The Holy Ghost does not communicate by channelling. I have received many revelations since I have been saved. I have written a lot about that. You can search with the term “try the spirits.” and other terms to find those posts,


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