Catholic Clergy Sexual Abuse? They are Religious Demons!

These people are unsaved !

Catholic clergy sexual abuse, is a sign that these priests and popes are unsaved. What else could be the demonic issue? The issue is demonic. Case closed! Some of these Catholic clergy sexual abusers are making public apologies and public displays of repentance. Yet, what they need to do is GET SAVED. If you’ve read Pam’s book ” The Religious Demon “, you’ve heard that devils are preaching from pulpits.

 If you were of the one’s that find this truth too fantastic, here’s a perfect example. Any priest or pope bellowing the word of God from a pulpit, then sneaking behind that same pulpit to touch-up and molest four-year old boys is a devil. Catholic clergy sexual abuse crimes happen because Satan is preaching ,and running evil game in the organized church. It’s all very clear and it’s all very obvious…

So then, since, Catholic clergy sexual abuse has reached astronomical proportions, what do you think goes on in other denominations of so-called Christians. Obviously, the same thing. What would make other churches any different? Do you think only the Catholic church is full of devils AKA religious demons? You’ve heard and read the scandals so you know…

If you need deliverance, were a victim of Catholic clergy sexual abuse, or sexual abuse from other Christian leaders, no matter the denomination, call us now at (518)477-5759. Call Pam Sheppard Counseling center because Pam Sheppard will help you. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. If you were sexually abused by anyone, you can be free once and for all. Pam has been a deliverance counselor for over 30 years, that fact alone should prompt you to make the call.

Pam Sheppard, A licensed therapist for 38 years.

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