Since September 2007, I have discovered that there are at least 50 ascended masters, perhaps even more. Fifteen of them rank as being the primary players— FALLEN ANGELS  who first claimed to be aliens, sent to earth to prepare for the advent of a one world religion and the rule of the anti-Christ. Within “The Fake Jesus”, we present information about the top 5: Ashtar, Jesus Sananda Immanuel, Mother Mary, St. Germain and most of all Maitreya. As the leader, Maitreya holds the title of “the Master of Masters.” The following essential points are presented so that you will have a basic foundation for understanding the material you will read in the rest of the book:


• Extraterrestrial beings, aka aliens, are not “other life forms.” They are fallen that Jesus Christ of Nazareth called DEMONS. The Apostle Paul called these cosmic beings “spiritual wickedness in heavenly(high) places, aka the skies that surround us.

• Most of these demons are “religious.” They began their open, telepathic communications with mediums and psychics centuries ago.

• Knowing that they would not be well received by true followers of Christ, their work in and with the Christian churches has been and continues to be “undercover.”

• There is a fake Jesus. He is not Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the only begotten Son of God. The fake Jesus is a demon that calls himself “The Christ.”

• The fake Jesus identifies himself as the portrait that has hung in many churches for centuries: a Caucasian blue-eyed man with long, light brown hair. The fake Jesus calls himself Jesus Sananda Immanuel.

• With his occult followers, the Fake Jesus boasts of having been the founder of various Christian cults.

• There is more than one high-ranking demon who specializes in false religion. The high-ranking demons call themselves “ascended masters.” The “leader of leaders” calls himself “Maitreya.”

• Each ascended master has a company of lower ranking demons, at least one demon assigned to every one of the elect.


Discussed in more detail in my book entitled “The Fake Jesus: Fallen Angels Among Us” , very often demons who are under the authority or chain of command of the Fake Jesus come into persons who have experienced being slain in the spirit. We suspect that being slain in the spirit falls under the domain and authority of Ashtar. Whether there is a true manifestation of the speaking in tongues is still being tried to see if it be of God. However, what we have discovered is that there is a counterfeit of the biblical experience of which charismatics have labeled “a prayer language.” We are examining whether or not the present day counterfeit of tongues is the actual manifestation of the power of the beast in the book of revelation, where it is written that the beast “calls down fire from heaven.” In fact, word of faith, pentecostal and charismatic preachers and teachers often call their conferences “fire from heaven.”

These questions and inquiries add an understanding to what the real Jesus Christ stated: Some shall prophecy, cast out demons, etc. in His name and He is going to say “I never knew you.” Perhaps the reason that Jesus never knew these professing Christians is because they were worshiping, giving praise, singing, sending up prayers, making proclamations, making declarations in the name of “another” Christ. A demon. This could be the reason why the real Jesus does not know those who perform various exploits in the name of yet “another Jesus.” The Fake Jesus.

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  1. zadonna1975

    Wow now I understand why I was seeing spirits and having demonic dreams after listening to Cindy Trimm prayers especially her healing prayers. Once I stop listening, things eased up! Thank you Pastor Pam for this information.


  2. I thought that the Nag Hammadi documents were the last ones found about Jesus, this is really exciting! Thanks for the link



  3. Pearl Johnson

    Ever wonder about the parts of Jesus’ life missing in the Bible, find out the truth at http://www.desposyni.podbean.com


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