The Dangers of Reincarnation and Hypnosis

By Pastor Pam

In all seriousness, before I was saved in 1977, I was a psychic medium and an astrologer from 1974 to the day the Holy Ghost stepped in, saved me, and wiped out most of my occult powers. . I was also a practicing hypnotist. Anyway,  I had  ended up believing in reincarnation so strongly, that I  began to conduct past life hypnosis with anyone who would be my guinea pig which was usually either a friend or a family member.  Well, I  seriously snapped out of this practice when one of her past life regressions went sour and  “refused to come back.”  That’s right.  I  took a friend back into the womb  and then “beyond” into 3 different so-called past lives with 3 different names and identities.  I was in for a very rude awakening.

       When I started the count down for the comeback to close out the hypnotic trance, the demon ( I  didn’t know it was a demon back then) began to mock me  by mimicking me.  As I  closed out with, “5, 4, 3,—coming back, opening your eyes,”  the demon repeated my  very words in a “sing-song” tone  through my friend’s mouth  and refused to let my friend go.”  Panicked, I  leaped out of my seat, grabbed her   and shook her until she woke up.  When she “came to” she had no idea what had transpired, nor any remembrance of the 3 entities.  Yet she looked at the wall and saw some handwriting on it that I could not see.  There was a message written there to her by  one of her so-called “past lives.” When the  friend read  the names of the 3 entities, I was flabbergasted.  She was correct.  So after this incident, I conducted no more past life regressions.

Hypnosis can seriously BLOW YOUR MIND!

So what ACTUALLY DOES happen to convince people to believe that reincarnation is real?

There is a rather simple explanation.  The demons that are on earth now were here since BEFORE Adam and Eve were created.  So they know everyone who has ever lived, including the details of their lives. Like magicians, they can even materialize on occasion, usually at someone’s deathbed or in dream.  In the movie the Exorcist, the demon who possessed the girl was able to imitate the voice of the priest’s mother and work on his conscience for not having been a dutiful son while his mom was alive.  Demons often are assigned to families and they know everyone, generations past. It is a small matter to reveal to  a psychic or a medium information concerning the past histories of anyone–including details.  With this same principle and pattern, a demon can provide information to a medium relative to a crime that was committed, a hidden object, etc.  The demon was there not only invisibly  watching and “takin notes”, but doing everything within its power to make the crime happen. Demons also   know where objects are hidden.  How?  Well the demon   was either there itself or one of its cohorts sent it the information through telepathic communication between demons within our atmosphere. Just as we have telephones and we can send messages anywhere in the world through the airways, demons have  their    own unearthly means of communication.

      If you have entered a deep trance through meditation or hypnosis, you ignorantly opened yourself to demons and fallen angels in the spirit realm Not wanting to panic you out, you may be safe and un-harmed.  However, some of you may need help being set free from these forces.  If so, help is available.  Call 518-477-5759.


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7 responses to “The Dangers of Reincarnation and Hypnosis

  1. The dream state is an altered state of consciousness that fallen angels use to communicate their points. There are ways to control dreams. It would be a teaching that I really don’t have time for in this particular format. I suggest you go to

    Any of the books there will help you.


  2. Daniale Hale

    Youve explained everything except why some of these people have vivid dreams of past lives.


    • No problem. fallen angels and demons have been around even before man was created. they are aware of every human being that ever lived. They even habituated the bodies of many of them. It is an easy thing for a spirit to imitate some one who lived hundreds of years ago and present that life in a dream.


      • Daniale Hale

        Please dont take this the wrong way im just curious cause i heard this from my uncle also. Why do they come into our dreams? Why do we dream these things? They are very haunting and taunting. What can you do about tye dreams? Just try toignore it? And are you in danger by being chosen by the demonds for these dreams?


  3. Reincarnation is the belief that when you die, “a change of the body, but something came up again in another body. Reincarnation bests describes the concept that creates the soul or spirit after death the body to return live in a new body, or, in some traditions, like humans, animals or plants. This doctrine is a central principal in most religious traditions of India, Hinduism, Jainism and Sikhism, speaks the Buddhist notion of rebirth is also often referred to as reincarnation. The idea was also some plants certain Greek philosophers, like other religions such as Druids and later spiritualism, Theosophy and Canker. also found in many tribal communities around the world, in places like western Siberia, Africa, North America and Australia.


  4. It’s really hard to find out the real meaning of life. We don’t know how to love life! Most importantly we don’t know what the relationship between love and life is. We must need our soul’s satisfaction. For this we need a guide… We can regard it as soul’s guide. We should select our guide according to our own demand.


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