Bio Electricity and Psychic Phenomena

Some believers who were accustomed to supernatural experiences like telekinesis, poltergeist and other magical types of manifestations will try to explain such phenomena with scriptures. They rationalize and continue to believe that psychic phenomena are the gift of miracles when they are really devilish tricks.

As I continue to research about the chakras , I found material on something called bio electricity.

I looked it up in the dictionary. Bio electricity is defined asan electric current that is generated by living tissue, such as nerve and muscle. The Thesaurus defines bio electricity as electric phenomena in animals or plants—organic phenomenon – (biology) a natural phenomenon involving living plants and animals—brain wave, brainwave, cortical potential – (neurophysiology) rapid fluctuations of voltage between parts of the cerebral cortex that are detectable with an electroencephalograph.

I have felt electrical currents only when I have been in the car, and with fast thinking, avoided a reckless driver from damaging my body. If the impact would have taken place on the right side of the car, I have felt l the electricityemanate from the right side of my body. I am quite a defensive driver. As such, I can also feel this electricity when a car is in my blind side. I feel it coming by this same electric current on that very side, either left or right. It has stopped me from changing lanes with a car in my blind spot on either the left or the right.

I have mainly felt this electrical current moments AFTER I have escaped a serious accident that could have physically damaged me or worst.

Now here is how Spiritual Satanists define bio-electricity:

Bioelectricity is also known as the life force, the chi, the body electric, prana, the aura, the spirit, witch power, etc. There are many different names for this energy.

Our bodies run on bioelectricity. Thoughts are electrical impulses in the brain. The brain runs on bioelectricity. When this electricity becomes imbalanced, one has seizures.

The amount of bioelectricity an individual has, determines the degree of their physical, psychological and spiritual health. People, who are ill or depressed, have lesser amounts of bioelectricity. Depression all by itself, is a symptom of too little bioelectricity.

Bioelectricity increases our energy, our immunity to disease, our charisma, instills a positive outlook, and strengthens our thought power. With increased bioelectricity, our thoughts (electrical impulses) become stronger and are more able to manifest themselves in reality.

Some examples of bioelectricity include:

Buddhist monks, who sat motionless in the street, (protesters), were soaked with gasoline and lit on fire. They continued to sit still and burn to death.

Martial artists: busting through concrete with their fists, knife hand “karate chop,” enduring major, crushing, and lethal blows, unharmed.

Dim Mak: the deadly martial art of inflicting light specific blows to chi (a variation of bioelectricity) meridians (acupressure points of bioelectric energy flow) during specific times that can cause delayed death, sometimes up to five months later.

When the mind, through fear, panics, or when one is in a life and death situation, this sometimes enables an individual to lift extremely heavy objects, for example, back end of a car, that under normal conditions, would be impossible.

Telekinesis- The ability to move objects with the mind

Pyrokinesis- The ability to set things on fire with the mind

Electrokinesis- The ability to control objects, such as computers that run on electricity

Levitation- Some martial arts and yoga masters have the ability to levitate their bodies into the air.
The strength of one’s bioelectricity is the foundation of all magickal success. Old spells with strange ingredients have little or nothing to do with the success of a magickal working, the success depends upon the strength of the mind and the aura (the bioelectrical field) that with proper focus and direction, will affect one’s environment and others.

When I was in the occult, I knew none of this yet objects were consistently moving around me. Only ONE time did it seem that I actually moved an object. I had been down by the pool with a bunch of books, sitting under a tree. When I came upstairs, one of the books was missing. I had that exasperation type energy on me, a bit angry, determined I was not going back down the stairs to retrieve it. So I pictured it laying by the tree and I willed it back.

Then I forgot about it, went to a back room, came back out front and there was the book, laying on my dining room table when the table had been empty.

Here is my take on it. I DID NOT MOVE ANYTHING. THE DEMONS DID IT and attempted to cause me to think that it was me. I knew when those objects moved that I did absolutely nothing except that one time. Was it my bio electricity?

I say no.



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3 responses to “Bio Electricity and Psychic Phenomena

  1. bluewings24

    I might be wrong, but I guess after reading this article, people should not be able to control their bio-electrical energy? Are there instances in which demon spirits are enabled to open up ways of controlling that within a human being?


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