How Charismatics Pray

By Carol A. Davis

Was just thinking about this the other day: I think Charismatics see prayer as something totally different from other denominations do. They don’t really see it as asking God for something. They picture it as some kind of spiritual force, like emitting an “energy.” They would never call it that, because it would sound occultic, but that’s exactly what it is.

That’s why they think the more you pray, and the “deeper you go into the Spirit” the more it will accomplish. That’s why they think it’s better if as many people are praying as possible, that the more and longer and “harder” you pray, more will happen. For instance, years ago there was a popular “Christian” book called This Present Darkness, and it was a suspense story with angels and demons as characters that narrated the spiritual activity going on in the background. There was a scene where one of God’s angel asks another, “Why don’t we do something?” (about whatever bad situation was happening). The other angel says, “We can’t. There’s nobody praying.” Entire sermons were preached about this book, despite the fact the author said it was just fiction and he did not intend it to be taken that seriously. It was a perfect example of how they think, that the angels can’t even do anything without them.

We need to go back to the purpose of prayer as taught by Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Lord, let your kingdom come, let your will be done in this or that situation, give me this day, my daily bread, forgive my sins, forgive my enemies, lead me to overcome temptation and deliver me from evil.

That ought to do it!



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4 responses to “How Charismatics Pray

  1. ulrm

    That is one of the reason why I never went to a all night prayer .for me long prayer mean litle faith


  2. I had the opportunity to pray like this today. There was nothing I could physically do in the situation, just pray for God will to be done. It’s the peace you get when you know that it’s enough. No long prayers, no crying, etc, just faith to know things are going to be exactly how they should be.


    • kaz

      Wonderful words so true, I remember being so impressed when I heard people pray with great gusto and easy and length. But then I as brought up a Catholic so prayer life in public was not something I was used to. Then involved in Charismatic renewal in the Catholic Church, started reading the Bible, praying with – would you believe it – Protestants and barriers fell down. I discovered a God who wanted to get in touch. Long story.. full of the Spit ( so I thought) I went to seminary in Poland.. ordained a priest, a professional minister, but you know full of head knowledge and no understanding for prayer..I left, led a life that would be make the prodigal son look good! And yes there is prodigal returning.. and could not be done with simple prayer.. Father I am not worthy to be your son.. is there mercy for me.. I cry that prayer a lot…


    • Expressions like “prayer changes things” lift up our pride and cause us to act like we control God with our prayers.


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