Spiritual Prayers and the Holy Spirit

By Pastor Pam Sheppard

Pentecostals and Charismatics teach that praying in the Spirit is speaking in tongues.  I disagree.  Though tongues is not the subject of this video, I believe this video  explains “praying in the Spirit.” The Holy Spirit is in the spirit of someone who is born again.  He knows all things, both past, present and future. So when we pray in the Spirit, we are praying as we are led by Him to conform to the Lord’s will with the prayer.  We don’t know His will in that  particular situation but the Holy Spirit reveals it and our minds receive it. God has already planned it and all we are doing is agreeing and cooperating with the Lord’s will.  Then when our prayer is fulfilled, we get a sense that God answered our prayer when what we sought was inspired by Him in the first place. What do we get out of praying for what God already intends? We  increase in faith and trust in Him.  


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3 responses to “Spiritual Prayers and the Holy Spirit

  1. I am just watching your video about protective prayer. I am not sure if you mean that praying a lot about protection is an insult to God. The Bible says multiple times to ask and we will be given, to pray consistently with supplications and faith, etc. What does it means by that ? In the context


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