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Passivity: Mixing Christ With Belial

Passivity: Mixing Christ With Belial
by Pam Sheppard

Freedom of religion has gone too far, where the Christian religious system has embraced various practices that are a product of non-Christian religions and humanistic practices. For example,—-yoga, hypnotism, EMDR, biofeedback, visualization, relaxation therapy and other modalities cause its practitioners to enter into an altered state of consciousness. These spiritual practices are uplifted in most branches of secular and even by professional Christian counselors. For example, there is such a thing now called “Christian Yoga.”  Yoga is rooted in Eastern mysticism, incompatible with the Christian faith.  Operating in some of the major denominations and sects, it is believed that such eastern practices are simply “getting quiet to hear God,” by tuning out the world’s frequency to tune into God’s frequency, obtainable through Christianized yoga.  Using this practice, the narrow way to Christ is broadened to encompass anyone who goes into a trance to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  To expect conversion to the Lord through the practice of such modalities from other religions is akin to expecting Satan to cast out Satan.

It just won’t happen.  Through passivity, yoga stretches wide open the seven psychic centers in the body known in the occult world as “chakras.”  Chakras are actually demonic doorways for Hindu deities who themselves are the principalities and powers of Ephesians 6.  Each entity stands guard over each portal or doorway:  Over the crown is Shiva, the third eye is Hakini, the throat is Savashiva, the heart is Isha, the navel is “Vahnil the sexual organs is Vishnu and Rakeeni and the anus is Brahma.

The main problem is that the passivity of yoga weakens the human will, a  hindrance to Christian growth, to say the least.  I have a license to practice therapy in the state of NY.  There is even an association for Christian counseling that I could belong to in my profession.  Since my profession is extremely eclectic, it welcomes all practices from Buddhism and Hinduism, yet it rejects the true Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  I could actually lose my license if I prayed with clients “in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, if any of my clients were to take civil action against me.  That is all right.  I don’t take on clients who worship any other Gods but the Lord.

In “Faces of the Religious Demon,” I present case studies of people demonized by mysticism.  Christian yoga and the kundalini spirit is an eastern idolatry of camouflaged witchcraft and sorcery that continues to destroy  spiritual seekers for a lack of their knowledge.  Such practices have rendered some seekers mentally incompetent, while others have become reprobates, doomed to damnation.  The hidden objective is to convince the spiritual seeker to practice passivity. Why?  Because passivity is a progressive weakening of the human will. Devils and demons can only enter demonic doorways by the free will passivity of human beings.  Passivity is induced by creating an atmosphere through the practice of an altered state of consciousness.

Here is a quote from “Come Out of Her, God’s People,”

Demons obtain legal grounds and the right to act in our stead when believers become passive.  Moreover, when we enter into a state of passivity, we lose all self control and free will. Consequently, passivity is very important to the religious demons and devils assigned to us.  Clearly demons become empowered in their attempts to pave the way for Satan’s final end time deception.  Consequently, our passivity will enable the Anti-Christ to overshadow all humanity at the same time so as to prove that Satan is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent.  In other words, to establish Satan as God Almighty.

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