I now see why the Lord waited 3 decades before assigning me to this particular “occult investigation.” Our God is an awesome God. First, I was a student and a practitioner of the occult, then an ordained minister and an observer within the organized church, followed by a study on setting people free from demons through a unique counseling model called simply “deliverance counseling.” These three spiritual paths within experiential learning definitely were required “courses” that took all of 34 years to complete in order to enter into this, the fourth course. I realize today that the first 3 courses were MANDATORY and not a drop of my time has been wasted. The Holy Ghost is never off track.

What Has Been Goin On?

In order to understand the nature of spiritual warfare, we need to have a general insight on “what has been goin on.” there are a plethora of endtime books written by well meaning sisters and brothers that are too complicated for the average Christian. We have some very intelligent people in the remnant church—real deep, scholarly thinkers. The problem is that as they major on each individual tree, our minds are overrun with too many thoughts, too many ideas.

The intent of each chapter in “the Fake Jesus” is to “un-complicate” things by centering on the big pieces of the puzzle in order to make the spiritual picture more understandable to the average Christian. To get a picture of “what’s goin on” , it is important that we consider the intense significance of the fact that man was made a little lower than the angels. As are , we too are created beings. The highest created being was Lucifer, as there was no creature superior to him. Beneath Lucifer were the rest of the angelic creation: cherubim and seraphim, the arch, principalities and powers, the lower and demons.

The bible also suggests that there were other living creatures on earth who themselves fell at the time of Lucifer’s rebellion. It is believed that their disembodied spirits make up the lower class of demons. Of this, no one is sure. All we know is that no matter the class of demon, in the Name of Jesus, we can “cast them out!!!!” So the bible tells us through David that we are created lower than the . Clearly, we were not given the power, the intelligence or even the beauty of Lucifer. We were not given either the might or the strength of principalities and powers. Nor were we given the speed and freedom of movement through the airways that and demons possess. Consequently, our creation is a little lower than the because we are bound by gravity in a 3 dimensional world, limited by space and time. Yet in spite of our limitations, the Almighty’s divine plan is to use a lower creation to rule all other creations.

This is the thorn in Satan’s own side, the reason why he hates all humanity with a passion. One day, the elect shall rule Satan’s kingdom as Jesus already does. As Paul wrote to the Ephesians, we have already been raised up together with Christ, seated in heavenly places. (Ephesians Ch.2) Those beings that were created before us marvel at the grace of God in terms of how He has manifested His love for us by the sacrifice of the Son of God.Once saved, even though we are a lower creation, we are yet associated with God in the heavens to rule forever in the government of the universe under the leadership of Jesus Christ of Nazareth

In truth, in eternity the first shall be last, and the last, or lower creation is first. Even more outrageous to the devil is that God Himself took upon our human nature when He was conceived by the Holy Ghost, born of the virgin Mary. At the cross and at His resurrection, Jesus Christ of Nazareth defeated Satan clothed in a body of the lower creation and sits on the right hand of His Father in a body likened unto ours. The Lord’s glorified body is immortal as our bodies shall be when He returns to raise us out of our graves and to change the bodies of the elect who are alive when He comes back. So what does all of this mean? Lucifer, in his fallen condition –now called Satan,— is highly outraged that God would choose a lower creation to rule him. Man is the weapon by which Satan is defeated, as Jesus Christ defeated him as “the Son of Man.”

The fury of Satan’s resentment toward God is seen throughout biblical history, for each time he attacks one of us, Satan’s real goal is to attack God Himself for placing the power to defeat him into the hands of a creation that is inferior to him. Satan is literally OUTRAGED!!!! In order to write this book, The Deliverance Counseling Center entered into the enemy’s camp to spy out the land. In other words, we reviewed the teachings about what is referred to as “the Christ” or “the Christ Consciousness on occult websites in order to be able to recognize teachings that emanate from a fallen angel that we call “the Fake Jesus”. What we discovered is that not only have fallen developed a huge occult following over the last 3 decades or more, but their hidden influence is extremely powerful within the present day organized church, particularly the charismatic, word of faith movement.

Mygoal with this book is to both warn and arm the elect of God and to undeceive those who unknowingly are worshiping the fake Jesus. The information we have gleaned from the ascended master teachings suggest to us that we are living in the last days, where some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils. Those who are lukewarm, shall be spit out of the Lord’s mouth, for they are poor, blind and naked. In my third book“Faces of the Religious Demon,” various case studies are presented to reflect “faces” or “facets” of how the Fake Jesus operates. A year after the book’s publication, actual names of these demons were uncovered, for in our times, fallen have made themselves known to their occult disciples and followers under the guise and title of “an ascended master.”

My first point to make is this. THERE IS NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN! Idolatry is not new. For an old testament Israelite, idolatry was the most heinous of crimes. In both the old and the new testament, the covenant relationship between God and His people has been represented as a marriage. Therefore, the worship of false gods was regarded as spiritual fornication or adultery—in other words—harlotry. The penalty for harlotry was death. Even though the same demons of old testament times have continued to operate over the centuries, only the style of idolatry has changed in our times. In fact, today’s “ascended masters” are most likely the same demons that operated throughout biblical history in both the old and new testament times. Only their names have been changed.Old testament harlotry occurred in two forms: the worship of false gods or the worship of the true God by the use of images and statues. All of the nations surrounding ancient Israel practiced idolatry in one form or another. For example, some worshiped mountains, springs, trees and blocks of stone in which the so called diety was believed to be “incarnate” in them. The Egyptians worshiped the sun,the Nile River,and animals they believed to be sacred: the bull,cow,cat, baboon, crocodile, the snake

. Today, when the Holy Spirit reveals to tormented captives that a demon is manifesting in their lives, they often have had dreams of demons who confronted them in the form of these very same animals that were once worshiped as gods in the old testament. With this in mind, interpretation of these kinds of dreams is very easily. Other animals dreamed about are insects and rodents. Among the Canaanites, worship was barbaric, degrading and often violent,including various demoralizing practices like child sacrifices, prostitution,sodomy and other degrading sexual acts. This is why there is often a strong sexual connection to idolatrous religion, and those who are tormented by a religious demon are often attacked in their sexuality. When the Israelites inhabited the lands where idolatry of this sort was practiced, God often mandated them to cleanse the area by destroying the idols which often included the livestock. Destruction was necessary due to the shameful character of the worship that was practiced, wherein sodomy was a prevalent practice.

The first cited case of idolatry among God’s people is the account of Rachel’s stealing of her father’s teraphim. Teraphim were household gods that were small enough to be held in the hand or to sit on a stand in the house. (Genesis31:19) Moreover, the whole book of Judges is an account of periodic apostasies, judgments and repentances where idolatry was often mixed in with the outward worship of Jehovah. NOTHING HAS CHANGED ALONG THESE LINES EITHER. The occultists and the nonChristian religions of today have their relics and practices while those who profess Jesus Christ of Nazareth may be unknowingly worshiping the Fake Jesus as they lift up idolatrous practices within the organized church system. In one of our publications entitled “Faces of the Religious Demon,” several issues on demonic religious practices within new age as well as within Christian cults and churches are addressed.

Likewise, the mediums of the old testament are referred to as “channels” in modern times. The term “medium” denotes the ability to operate as a conduit between the natural and the spiritual worlds: either the spirits of the dead which the bible refers to as “necromancy”, or the spirits of non-corporeal entities, , and/or nature spirits. In practically every case, the spirit that is communicating is either a demon masquerading as the spirit of the deceased or as an angel sent from God. The most outstanding biblical account of mediumship occurred when Saul sought the services of a medium, shortly before his death in an attempt to raise up his former deceased prophet, Samuel. A spirit came forth who claimed to actually be “the ghost of Samuel.” Was that “really” Samuel? The bible does not say. we suspect NOT—that it was a demon masquerading as Samuel.

Present day mediumship is at the core of the New Age belief system, and a routine practice among occultists. In this context, and under the name channeling, 21st century mediums are called “channels”. Channels are demoniacally “gifted” to receive messages from a “teaching-spirit” of advanced wisdom known as “ascended masters.” The usual process is telepathic, mind to mind. The ascended masters are fallen , cosmic beings or demons of the highest Satanic order. In some instances, mediums (or the spirits working with them) can produce physical, paranormal phenomena such as materializations of spirits, the movement of objects, or levitation. This was the school of mediumship that I was being trained for in the early 70’s. I saw a few materializations but experienced no levitations—other than my spirit left my body when demons “spoke

” through me. However, objects moved about me several times and continued to do so on rare occasions for at least 10 years or more, AFTER she was saved. Only once did I actually felt  like I “caused” a lost object to “appear” and this occurred BEFORE I was saved.

Every other time that an object moved, I had no conscious awareness that it was by a power that emanated from within or upon ne. Religious demons are not human, nor are they divine. They are simply fallen who began calling themselves ascended masters around the mid 20th century. In open communication with their occult disciples, we Christians have been sleepwalking in the spirit. Tenaciously focused on the contents of our own personal lives, the so called “ascended masters” have been secretly planting their seeds and working diligently toward the fulfillment of their sinister agenda.

The ascended masters are in the service of their master, Sanat Kamura, —Lucifer, the highest fallen angel that we all know as Satan or “the devil.” While the higher ranking demonic have been setting the stage for “their final act” of the endtimes, rank and file foot soldiers in Satan’s army were busy distracting all of us from the real issues. Though these same demons were diligently working to stop the birth of Christ 2000 years ago, as they failed then, they will fail again. In spit of the fact that nothing or no one could stop the Lord’s first coming, there are those who believe that various conditions must be met before the Lord returns to earth, this time not as a babe but as a Lion with a symbolic rod of iron in His hand and a flaming sword bursting through His mouth. What a day, what a day! The bible calls it “the Day of the Lord.”

In the first coming of the Lord, the of God played a significant role in preparing those involved for the Lord’s birth with special visitations to Mary, Joseph, and the father of John the Baptist, Zechariah. The book of Revelation shows us angelic involvement prior to the second coming as well. Demons were also involved in the first coming, as they inspired Herod and his soothsayers to predict the signs of the time, and to conduct a relentless search for the baby Jesus by killing all male newborns from among the Israelites.

Prior to the Lord’s second coming, the word of God suggests that both and demons will once again be extremely “active.” We will need the grace and the wisdom of God to be able to discern God’s from the demons who work on Satan’s behalf. These are some serious days. From a personal perspective, in 1985, I had a visitation in a dream from a 7 foot, ballheaded, muscle bound “Mr. Clean”looking being who declared himself to be “an angel sent from God.”

Without a doubt, I am one of the elect, chosen before the beginning of recorded time to be saved along with you and countless others. However, I was fooled for almost 20 years by this being. I thank God every day that while I was deceived, I was protected. I also am grateful to the Holy Ghost for exposing the deception in due season. Since countless professing Christians are awaiting the Lord Jesus Christ to return, set up and rule His own kingdom of peace and justice on the earth, they could very well be fooled by Satan—“The Man of Sin,” “the Son of Perdition,” he that opposeth and exalteth himself,” “the Wicked One whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of His mouth,” “he whose coming is after the working of Satan”. As Jesus warned us, many false christs shall manifest in the flesh. In this regard, Fallen angels are diligently preparing to transform themselves into beings of light by manifesting in the flesh, counterfeiting the incarnation of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, born in Bethlehem 2007 years ago.

Jesus also compared the time of His return to “the days of Noah.” What astounding thing happened in the days of Noah.? Fallen took on flesh, consummated the sex act with women and reproduced an offspring of giants. Noted in Genesis 6, these acts were such an offense to God that He brought about the flood to wipe away the contamination and to cleanse the earth. Since the floods of the days of Noah, fallen can no longer “take on flesh.” As Peter reveals, those are chained up in hell. However, there are other fallen who are not yet chained. Could it be that these thieves and robbers are among those who will once again attempt to enter the sheepfold by “climbing up another way?” (John 10:1) These principalities and powers, the rulers of the darkness of this earth once made their abode in the heavenlies but they have apparently already “fallen to earth.” In a nutshell, this particular group of fallen specialize in false religion. One particular demon masquerades as Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the only begotten Son of God.

Very often that demon comes into persons who have experienced being slain in the spirit. The demon that is received often calls itself “Jesus.” These circumstances add understanding to what the real Jesus Christ stated as recorded in Matthew Chapter 7: Some shall prophecy, cast out demons, etc. in His name— and He is going to say “I never knew you.” Perhaps the reason that Jesus never knew these professing Christians is because they were worshiping, giving praise, sending up prayers, making proclamations, making declarations in the name of a being who called himself “Jesus”, yet this being is a fake. An impostor. A demon. This is certainly a plausible reason why the real Jesus does not know those who perform various exploits in His name. They were worshiping a counterfeit. The Fake Jesus.

To obtain a copy of “the Fake Jesus,”



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