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A  simple rule of thumb is that anything that is too complicated, too confusing is a clue that the enemy is involved in it. Deliverance ministry as it has been named and practiced since the early 1970’s is quite complicated, quite confusing.For example, why does a deliverance worker have to know the name of every single demon that he or she confronts? Certainly, demons exist and as the Lord commisssioned His first followers 2000 years ago, born again people have the power to cast them out.

Yet we need to be cautious of any movement where God is not sovereign. Since the 70’s, a ministry has developed where deliverance specialists are like spiritual lawyers who have to figure out the spiritual contracts of the universe by which demons operate by  a huge spiritual lawbook that explains how the law  that may or may not apply.From the Jezebel spirit, to generational curses, to territorial spirits, to binding and loosing, the more complicated that deliverance ministry gets,the greater the disadvantage.

The reality is that angels and demons have been navigating the spirit world for several thousand years.  Put to a tremendous disadvantage, what has happened in deliverance ministry is that workers are forced to question demons to find out needed information in a futile attempt to outsmart and beat evil spirits at their own rules!!!! Now that doesn”t make much sense to me and I can see the hand of the fake Jesus in this.The more complicated the process, the more in control Satan’s kingdom remains.

I have been battling with demons since 1983, so  I have seen how the enemy has tried to dupe me over the years  by complicating deliverance. So today, I stand on a few  essential, un-complicated truths, taken out  of the mouth of Jesus.  First, it is the truth that sets captives free, once the truth is known. So casting out demons indiscriminately will not bring freedom to a captive that refuses to face the truth.  The truth has to be received in doses because most captives have built up a huge wall of defense mechanisms in their soul to block truth.  Also, an evil tree doesn’t bring forth good fruit. So I examine the roots and the fruit in a captive’s life. The enemy can’t attack a believer without God’s permission.  So rather than seek demons for answers, the wise thing to do is to seek God.

I believe  that captives will only become free when they can accept responsibility for allowing themselves to be spiritually victimized. A captive who has not faced himself can only see and feel in the flesh because he has been blinded from true self perception in the spirit. Therefore, he may find it difficult to recognize how much his own sensitivities and hostilities have caused him to be vulnerable to demons. Without facing his true self, deliverance will be mature. In a search for demonic doorways, I begin the deliverance counseling process by plowing the ground of the captive’s soul.

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