Spiritual Covering Exposed: Part 3… Top 3 Reasons Why Pam Sheppard is my Teacher

Spiritual covering is really a false doctrine. In my last post I explained why. We certainly don’t need a spiritual Daddy, or spiritual Mama to give us a permission slip to share the message of Christ. Jesus never, ever gave this directive. I think I’ve already blown the dilapidated roof off this false teaching. So why is Pam Sheppard my teacher, I’ll be explaining why, as I go along. In fact, I’ll give the top three reasons why and then some.

There are teachers in the body of Christ. If you are a lone ranger pastor or disciple refusing correction, and harboring an unteachable spirit–something is wrong. Something has to be wrong, for why would God say he would speak directly to you?  Where in the Bible do you see this? Where in the Bible did God say that a time would come when he would teach individual ministers directly? Even so, Jesus had 12 disciples, sent them out two by two to minister. Has the gospel changed since then? No follower of Christ is an island unto himself. Even though it is time to exit the organized church, how is it possible that God has left us without teachers?

Allright! You agree with Pam Sheppard, and understand Rev 18:4. You know that the organized church is the harlot we must come out from. You fundamentally agree with her teachings, but insist God will teach YOU personally, and you need not be taught by Pam or anyone else?

I’d like to share some thoughts from something I read, that was written by Pam Sheppard. If we are going to be used by God, in these last days, or any day, we must have a teachable spirit.  Pride comes before a fall, and the prideful think they know everything. But guess what, the devil thinks he know’s everything too. A lot of would be teachers believe they are the  only ones God will use in this hour. They and no one else. The devil is adept are setting up traps and tricks. To think that you, or I are the only ones who will sit at the Lord’s final table, is a lie from the pits of hell.

Some lone ranger pastors have indeed become elitists, clannish and even brutish. Some are condescending looking down their noses at others. I almost went that route myself. As Pam states, God intends to use people from the old system, once he delivers them from it. A remnant is a piece of the original. Yet, as the remnant we need retraining. If you’ve read any of Pam’s messages, you know this. You know it and I know it, we know that Pam’s teachings are mostly new to us, and yet we’ve already learned from them.

Having said that, I’d now like to share my top ten reasons why Pamela Sheppard is my teacher:

1. The first message I heard by Pam Sheppard is the counterfeit births audio message. A light bulb turned on in my head. I already knew that many I had connected with, as I wrote ministry articles online, were unrepentant. Most were caught up in false doctrine. I did not know that so many in church were unsaved. I knew nothing about the fake Jesus. Pam’s counterfeit births teachings are full of proofs and addresses exatly why the organized church was a place of demonic controls. I now  understand why fallen angels and demon possessions were erupting from the very altars. This first revelation, set me free from figuring and wondering, what had gone wrong with church. This is the first reason why Pam Sheppard is now my teacher.

2. Pam’s articles explained many things. In fact, an article at www.pamsheppard.com helped me understand obsessive compulsion. I was trying to counsel a person who was a hoarder. I knew after reading Pam’s article, that I was far from being able to help this person. I did not know enough about deliverance. I had cast a spirit of depression out of myself, but had no idea how to help someone else. This is the second reason why Pam Sheppard is now my teacher. Pam is a deliverance specialist.

3. I read Pam’s website for over a year. Time passed, and I got a message from the Lord that I was to come out from among them. I was to come out from the organized church. God told me to get out of the church system. The first few times I read about Pam on her website, I had not yet received this message. That day, I was up until the wee hours of the morn reading the 29 mentoring newsletters on http://www.pamsheppard.com

I read and I read  and my spirit bore witness that everything Pam was teaching was 100% true. God had also told me that not only was I to come out from the church, but I was to go to a place He would show me. What was that place? That place was SEW, the Spiritual Empowerment Workshop (a private group on Facebook). I also began on the job training in deliverance ministry. I’m not ashamed to need re-training. Rather I’m happy that God did not leave me in my ignorance. I need to learn many things,and unlearn many of the false teachings I was  exposed to. This is the third reason why Pam Sheppard is now my teacher. Pam has been refined in the fires while on the battlefield.

I accept Pam Sheppard as my teacher. Even so, I know , that I know, that I know that God has placed Pam here, for such a time as this. She is here to train ministers. As I shared, my spirit bears witness that God has taught, and called Pam out for this purpose. What sense does it make for me to stand alone, and continue being ineffective in ministry? There is no such thing as a lone ranger pastor. How could it be possible that God has left us with no teachers in the body? Is God a deserter of his people?

I hope you enjoyed this article. I think it’s important to read as many of Pam’s articles as you can. Not just catching a few truths, here and there. This way,  you will get the fullness of the messages God has revealed to Pam. We  willing to drink in the false teachings, so as disciples, ministers and teachers who must retrain, in these last days…Let us show the same diligence for truth.

Read much more about Pam and draw on her 37 years of  experience—right here on Pam Sheppard Publishing.

If you, or someone you know needs deliverance, if you are a called out one who needs to be trained for endtime ministry, call 518-477-5759.

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