What is the Christian Women’s Answer to Domestic Violence? Part 1

Domestic violence is an age old problem. Christian women who are being abused, often find that churches, as a whole, are ineffective in dealing with these issues. A large majority of pastors, and Christian leaders are ashamed to admit that domestic violence is a problem in their church. I was a victim of domestic violence, and I know what can happen when a woman tries to get help from her church. This article will help you understand, how to handle domestic violence issues when your pastor is in denial.
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 This article is for informational purposes only. Call our office for professional help, and guidance. The Christian women’s answer to domestic violence is not difficult to understand. All one has to do is use the common sense God gave you. Some pastors refuse to give rational assistance and supporting scriptures to abused women. Instead, they will say ” God wants you to obey your husband “. To add insult to injury, pastors may also say ” you need to pray and change YOUR behavior.

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 What pastors need to tell you, is that violence abuse is criminal behavior, and God would not want you to harbor a criminal. What Christian leaders need to do, is stop blaming the victim. Such leaders are in need of prayer and forgiveness. What you must do, before trying to help the pastor understand is—GET TO SAFETY! You should pray about your situation, but an angel of the Lord, will not come down from heaven to block the blows. Your first anchor of help, must be thrown by you. You must protect your self and your children. Contact an online minister immediately.
 To be continued:Part 2:
  Call (518) 477-5759 For Immediate Help

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