Does Pam Sheppard Teach Truth? Part 1

Minister Marlene Taylor

Pam Sheppard  might just ruffle the tender feathers of those who claim to stand for truth.  Pam Sheppard wields her sword of truth with no apology. The lone ranger disciple, minister or teacher is puffed up, and angry at the false teachers that he or she has encountered.

I can understand the anger, butI  have no sympathy for those who deny the truths of the Gospel, and insist that God shall teach them directly. My dear readers, the notion that God has left His people without a teacher or prophet, is an outright lie from the pits of hell. No where in the Bible is it stated or implied that a time will come when God will speak to YOU or ME or ANYONE directly. To believe so exposes a spirit of rebellion. I’m not saying that Got never speaks to His people, but there are different parts, and assignments in the body. No one disciple or minister is an island unto himself.

So then, those who go off alone, have been taken over by a spirit of pride. Rather than drink in the truths Pam Sheppard brings forth, they rather stubbornly teach what they think they know. This is folly and grave error. Teachers will receive greater punishment from God. And if you cover truth by claiming not to be a teacher, yet you continue to spread your musings about God’s truth as you see it—. What then? I’d say self-deception has gained a foothold in your life.
 Oh yes! Many of these would be, lone ranger teachers, fundamentally agree with Pam’s stance that the time is  ” NOW ” to exit the organized church. Many of them also agree with the fact that countless false conversions are the order of the day.
Yet, it is Pam Sheppard who spent over 30 years  finding this out, and many other topics relating to demonic possession and more. Rather than sit at her feet, they catch a few kernels of truth from Pam’s writings and scurry back to their unGodly platform, a few even steal her words without even the respect of citing her.
 It is unGodly and an abomination to believe that God deserts His people, leaving them to fend for themselves.
Remnant believers, who have already followed the commands of Revelation 18:4 still lose extensive ground. How do they do this: to believe that you or I, are the only one’s who will sit at the Lord’s last table is pompous and proud. Lone ranger disciples, have missed the mark, and gone the way of Cain. How so?—Cain was jealous of his brother’s right standing with the Lord. Yet the Lord God offered Cain a chance to make things right, Cain refused (Genesis 4:6,7,)
Does Pam Sheppard teach truth? Hear this—I could have gone on in error out of anger at the organized church. I could have developed a rebellious , bitter, head strong spirit and become a lone ranger minister. I could have gathered some of God’s people to myself, and taught that which I believed was correct, but I did not. I was one who was was writing and blogging online, about the ills of the church, and had over 20,000 readers on a blogging platform at But guess what? I shut my writing down, stopped and left teaching and ranting by the wayside. The Lord gave me a helping hand too, as eventually I was locked out  of my own pages. I got the hint and  stopped writing!
Why? Because the Lord directed me to in various ways. Why? Because the moment I got a hold of Pam Sheppard’s writings, I got an automatic check in my spirit from the Lord, that she was not only a teacher, she was the teacher. More than this, she is a prophet to the remnant, and her position is that of a trainer to ministers. She is here to teach ministers.
 Yes God speaks to His people. God spoke to me and I heard Him. I don’t deny that. But there are different members in the body, with various assignments.

Pam Sheppard: Author of " Faces of the Religious Demon "

Now, you may or may not believe this, as pride is a heavy blanket. Pride will block the ears, and cloak the eyes. But know this: Pam has taught us that the organized church is over run with ” counterfeit births” a term she herself coined. The false conversions in every church are at epic proportions.
Many lone ranger disciples/teachers, are in full agreement with Pam on this. So then I say to you, just as in the days of John the Baptist, Pamela Sheppard has been sent to call the countless believers who experienced a false conversion TO TRUE REPENTANCE…so that we are throughly prepared for the coming of the Lord.
I have no intention of rousing up the 20,000 readers Ionce had from my old blog with rants, complaints and faulty teachings. I have no intention of teaching period, unless what I say meets the approval of Pam. I’m in a season to learn, and unlearn the false teachings I had been subject to in the organized church. Am I ashamed? No, rather I am happy that God has not left me in ignornance.

Pam Sheppard of Sheppard's Counseling Center

Does Pam Sheppard teach truth? My spirit bears witness that ALL Pam teaches is truth. I invite you to this reading below, entitled ” The Pam Sheppard Interview “. And if you are one who believes that God shall teach YOU DIRECTLY, I implore you to pray about Pam Sheppard. Seek the Lord for guidance as I have done. If you can not pray this prayer, something is wrong.
 The apostle Paul has commaded us to examine ourselves to see if we are in the faith. Even so, there are NO lone, alone, lone ranger pastors mentioned in scripture. Jesus had 12 disciples, and he sent out the 12 two by two. We are living in a time when disciples must be retrained/retaught, and sent out again to the remanant. Will you be one of them? Remember this, each day we grow closer to the Lord’s return.

Trained ministers serve as mentors to those who have left the organized church.

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