Does Pam Sheppard Teach Truth: Part 2 Can you Handle Truth?

Minister Marlene Taylor

If Pam Sheppard is as a bone of contention to you, and you find it difficult to handle what the Lord has called her out to do. I have to ask you if it’s possible, that perhaps you can’t handle the truth. Sometimes pridefulness prompts a person to prefer a mousy type, who timidly presents truth. This should not be the case, for the Lord God calls us to boldness. Boldness and forthrightness, are marks of a true prophet. Even so, the prophets of the Bible were neither mousy or timid. The prophets of the Bible were not popular, or well liked anyway. Why? One reason is because some find it hard to handle God’s truths.

” Satanic lies bind, but God’s truth unshakles”. Have you heard this? It is a quote I saw on one of Pam’s website’s. I’m now going to share the rest of this message, as presented by Pam, which she quotes a great man of God, who has passed on to be with the Lord:
Unless God’s child sincerely adhere’s to all the truth of God, it becomes very rough for him to accept this kind of painful humiliating truth…
Should the child of God desire freedom, his folly must be removed. In other words, he must know truth. He needs to appreciate the real nature of affairs. Satanic lies bind, but God’s truth unshakles. Naturally the knowledge of God is going to be costly, for it will shatter the vain glory one has assumed due to past experiences. He looks upon his self as far more advanced than others, as being spiritual and infallible.
How hard hit he will be if he confesses the possibility of his being invaded. Unless God’s child sincerely adheres to all the truth of God, it becomes very rough for him to accept this kind of painful and humiliating truth. One encounters no difficulty in accepting that truth which is agreeable; but it is not easy at all to take in truth which blasts one’s ego…the acceptance of truth is the first step to salvation.
                                                                                                                                                                     (Nee p.122, 1968)
Dear reader, in closing I ask you to to read all presented here at Pam Sheppard’s Publishing, in light of scripture, which is God’s truth. If you are ready for truth at this time please align yourself with it, sign-up here for deliverance mentoring. And when you have completed your training, take your place as a mentor trainer. Each day we grow closer to the Lord’s return.

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