I must admit that in the first 5 decades of my life, I did not particularly like women because in my  world space, there were just  too many  meely mouthed, back stabbin  female crabs in a barrel. And even though I had my issues with men as well, I liked them better and preferred their company and friendship to that of my own gender.  In fact, when I was in my twenties and thirties, my best friends were gay.  We could shop and do the hair, nails and dress up thing, but when I was pulled into a cat fight, their masculine strength would rescue me in  a New York minute.

Now that I have been saved 34 years, about to celebrate my 3oth year in ministry in a few weeks, I have really grown to love my sistahs and my sisters. Don’t know what I would do with out my crew.   Yet, online, I have run into a wild, unruly bunch  of professing Christian women who are like bulls or heifers  in a China shop.  I call them, “Holy Phony Silly Women!” lol

Silly women are those who think they can step out on the Internet—on facebook, in chat rooms, by email, Skype, youtube, you name it, they are out there from all over the world, buttin heads with Christian  folk like wild heifers. The freedom of the world wide web has mesmerized  them to forget Pauls words–-not to use liberty as a license to rebellion. Paul  said it like this.  “All things are expedient to me but all things are not lawful or helpful.” 

Much too much that women are “teaching”  and “preaching”  on the web is not only NOT helpful, but it is harmful.

The bible also tells us to avoid silly women and unfortunately, in spite of my affection and concern  for them, I have to turn away. It is not necessary to know a lot to teach.  The issue is that what you know—you KNOW!— and what you teach should be without error.

 One who teaches needs to be able to discern fact from truth, an hypothesis from a finding,  a  supposition from a conclusion.  Yet women are on video clips and writing facebook notes and tweeting  about spiritual growth and endtime matters. when they have not a clue.  Then, when they are  confronted, they angrily  justify and defend themselves with,

 “Oh, I am just a housewife.  I am not teaching.  I am just “spending quality  time with my online friends. I am not as bold as YOU Pam, to say that I am a teacher.  Oh no.  I am not a teacher.  I am just “having conversation.”  For after all, I am too humble to appoint myself, as YOU have done.   I have the fear of the Lord because I know that a woman is not suppose to teach.  And I know that teachers receive the greater judgment and condemnation for teaching error!”

Holy Baloney!

This is that same ole slippery way that women deal with their husbands.  You’ve played your manipulative games with him for so long,—letting him believe that he is running your home when you KNOW the truth is  that YOU are!!! Consequently, you rationalize  that you can also manipulate God and pretend that “you are not teaching YOUR interpretation of the word of God. 

 Let’s get real, Sisters.  This is Holy Phoniness to the max.  It stinks in my spiritual nostrils. You not only quote scripture, but you declare to people how they ought to worship and “get in the presence of the Lord,” whether or not to fast, how to fast and pray, —and even deeper—that there is no rapture, that Jesus is not literally coming back but that it is a “spiritual” return, that people should not prepare themselves for endtimes, that those who speak in tongues are going to hell, that pentecostals are all unsaved heathens.  That various folk are false prophets—I’ve heard a woman call them lunatics.  And on and on it goes, day after day. 

But this is not “teaching” you see! It is that great ole euphemism called “sweet fellowship with the saints and harmless, idle conversation”  Oh, no.  YOU  not a teacher.  Yeh!

To that, I say this.  Consider the “technical virgins” of today.  They believe themselves to be righteous because they have never experienced coitus by vaginal penetration, yet they masturbate 4 times a day to online porn or they are having anal and oral sex on a regular basis. “Look yall, I’m still a virgin. Yeh!

So I say to Holy Phony Silly Women. Stop accusing Me of flaunting my “education.” Stop being a crab in a barrel. Stop sneering about me behind my back and then cooing at me with an “I LUV U Pam! Ugh!

  After 30 years in ministry, if I don’t know my calling  BY NOW and if I am not bold enough to stand in it, then I am as Holy Phony and as Silly as YOU are.   (In the first place, you are not correct.  I have a masters degree but I have no Christian education, never went to seminary. I simply have 25 years experience in the organized church as a preacher AND a pastor and 38 years as a licensed counselor.) And I don’t teach what I DO NOT KNOW!!!!

So I say to others of you clearly.  You know who you are.  Since you will not allow me to teach you, then  stop plagerizing my books and come out of the closet.   If you are going to steal my words, at least give me a shout out!!! If you like what I write THAT much , I am willing to teach YOU and YOU know it. 

So “either teach, as WOMEN OF GOD,  OR GET OFF THE POT!

If you decide to teach, I can train you in 3-6 months. You don’t have to affiliate with me and no one has to know that I am the one who “undeceived you” and you can go about your merry way. It won’t matter to me.  My concern is for those who are following you that you are feeding error every day.


Time is runnin out, Gurl!

Humble yourself  right now, Gurl,  to the fact that you just ain’t ready! Time is too short to be narrowminded and petty. You need to get your act together, like yesterday! ASAP!


 Anybody who wants to come out of the silliness, rise up and get wise, call me at 518-477-5759. I’ll hook you up!!!


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  1. Hi Pam. This is really interesting and, to be honest, I’ve seen it happen. I’m on a few facebook groups where some really strange arguements have sprung up centering around ideas that I had never heard before. While, both sexes were equally involved with these discussions, the ladies seemed to retaliate more quickly and more often. After a while I learned that, whenever a comment begins with the words “I love you with the love of Jesus…..but…..” heads up; an artillery shell is incomming. Would it be ok to share your posts in other groups and forums? I’l only do this if it’s ok with you.

    Blessings always in Jesus name.


    • Certainly my brother. Share this whereever you would like. It is like the days of old. The women had been bound down and so when Christ liberated them, they went to far and Paul had to say, “women keep silent in the churches.” lol. The women of today were equally restricted in the church. When I entered ministry on Oct. 25, 1981, the women were my worst critics, my worst enemies. Then men loved to hear me preach and I got no complaints from THEM. It comes from our curse in the garden. All strive with women—men, children and OTHER WOMEN. Yet in Christ we are free, no gender in Christ. We are ALL one.


    • Marlene, the reason why this article is hardhitting because I have been tip toeing through the tulips with them for much toooooo long! lol I have a very strong masculine side and I do not respond well to feminine games and manipulation, nor have I ever been “a drama queen.” I am a hit the road Jack, kinda gurl. Because I am a Christian, I have allowed these women to tell me how much they luv and support me, and then the next day, kick sand in my face. I backed off from them. I am not a “back off” kind of person. In my flesh, I am UP FRONT AND IN YOUR FACE. That is my old nature. So I have backed off way too much. It was time for me to have “a final word.” Now they can either step to me or permanently STEP OFF!!!!


  2. Lourdes

    Wow, all that and a bag of chips. What an article. Spoken to the core.


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