Christian Dating Online Don’ts by Minister Francine

By Minister Francine

Christian dating and the dont’s, seemed like an interesting topic to touch on. I just came back from browsing around the web. I was snooping along the runways of the World Wide Web, trying to get the gist of what folks were saying. I have some thoughts I’d like to share about Christian dating. In addition, let me add this: If you have a problem, or a question, or even a passing concern about being single, and dating, please don’t hesitate to call Sheppard’s Counseling Center.

 Pam Sheppard not only deals with demonic oppression, she can also give you advice on Christian dating and relationship issues. She believes in prevention of oppression as well. Not only that, her mentoring program will give you the opportunity to ask any question you want, so you should join here:

All right, then! As far as Christian dating online, the first thing that comes to my mind, is the growing number of Christians searching for love online. Seems folks are running head on into affliction and trouble. Men or women posing as Christians may be scammers, or even criminals. How can we know for sure who we are dealing with?

 I say we, because I’m familiar with churches that operate online Christian dating platforms. The problem remains the same, you could be talking with an ax murderer whose also a bible scholar. Don’t laugh! Look at what happened with that so-called pastor who was drugging and raping women in his church. Unless the church knows an individually personally, you are dealing with strangers from around the globe.

I really see a lot of red flags flying when one starts cruising online for a mate. The man or woman you communicate with may live in a tiny island off the coast of nowhere. Meanwhile, they tell you they live in New York City, attend Creflo Dollar’s mega prosperity scam church, and own a yacht. How will you know who hides behind their I.P. address. In fact, you most likely will not have an IP address

It may be best not to tread the Christian dating sites at all.

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One response to “Christian Dating Online Don’ts by Minister Francine

  1. lola

    This is very scary. I tried it once and never again. You just never know who is behind that screen. It could be a fictional character too.


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