How to Discern the Spirits the Easy Way

By Minister Jackie

The organized church neither wants or likes to discern the spirits, and they continue to reshape, redo and up sell tons of Bible translations to members. As soon as a new fangled translation comes out, it becomes available in the church bookstore. Un-saved and undiscerning members flock to buy them. The devil and the religious demons are having a field day with the organized church, and these demons excel in deceit and deception.

Anytime Bible translations become a sales opportunity, discerning of spirits is not in operation. Some say the organized church is asleep, Pam Sheppard teaches that the church is over run with religious demons. Discerning of spirits is not in operation when folks refuse to test spirits. Discerning of spirits is not in operation, when folks think Jesus came into their room at night and gave them a ” blueprint” for a ministry.
 Blueprints are for the faithless. Pam pointed that out to me, and I wondered how I could have missed her pointed truth. You better believe I’m going to stick with Pam for the duration, and learn all I can. In fact, her six books are being shipped to me as I type. I have ebook versions and I’m hankering for the hard covers too.
I know of someone right now, who was awakened by what he thinks was an angel, or Jesus himself.  During the night( when he was rudely awakened to arise)  he wrote the pages and pages of blueprints and plans for ministry. He thought the blueprint was given by angelic visitors. Did he check the spirits? Did he discern the spirits? I’m afraid he did not! As Pam shared with me, why would we be given a blueprint when we walk by faith?
We have ALL failed at discerning spirits. I myself, once thought I saw Jesus and that he told me to enter what turned out to be a dangerous religious cult. In fact, the leader of that cult is now in jail for over 100 counts of child molesting charges. Not only that, this religious demon was trafficking children across state lines for sex. This man quoted and taught the Bible like a champion scholar. How could it be possible that the Jesus I saw, was in fact Jesus Christ of Nazareth? I did not discern that spirit. I had a visit from the fake Jesus. The fake Jesus came, duped and hoodwinked me with a message I thought was from God. You ought to read Pam’s book ” The Fake Jesus “.
Do you want to know the easy way to discern spirits? Folks, take Pam’s courses for ministry, read Pam’s books. Don’t be proud! Learn to discern the spirits. If you will just do this, you my friend, will awaken to truth, just like I did.On the subject, here is a quote from “the Fake Jesus.”
As we become willing to examine EVERYTHING we have been taught or practiced within the organized church, the Holy Ghost will open our spiritual ears to hear, to understand Him and to obey Him  when He calls our name out of Mystery Babylon. “
Pam has said a mouthful in just one sentence.  Her books are filled with nifty statements like that, line by line.


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2 responses to “How to Discern the Spirits the Easy Way

  1. Donna Carr

    Hello pam, i am just want to say i enjoyed ,the search of decerning the sprits, i am i n a church that dose not operate in decerning the sprits and i need to know how to pray for my pastor, to have the lord bring him to that place my church said to say is a lot of stiff neck people with world in the for me to survive i watch,TD JAKES, JUANITA BYNUM, RON CARPENTER, JOSPHES PRINCE, I have also taching tapes i go as well to intersseory prayer that the lord used me to start but, they are fighting with theirown sprits they are not in that place with prayer so i go after them , and when i am with them i begin to call the sprits out and so forth, my pastor said to me i am talking to lord for about sprit decernment wow! GOD has put a love for them in my hart my pastor and his wife so i am asking how to enhance my spritual decernment so that i can help my pastor he will not say a thing about the way the church is being run i have sat down and talk with him and he did not say a word they have allowed the world to be in their so terriblely, i believe that my pastor is a man of GOD that has fail by the wayside and i want to support him to make the turn around, just like in the old testiment the men did not finished well moses solomon david aaron they all allowed the eneimy come and they lost out with GOD i know the GOD I SERVE WILL PROVIDE AND DELIVER YES HE WILL ! so iam asking if can give me some informatiopn to help me to turn my pastor around i pray that GOD will bless you abundantly as well to give the desire of your hart that you have been waitng on for a while, thanks GOD BLESS


    • Sister, you have asked the wrong one this question. I suspect that you will not like my answer to you. I believe that the organized church system has come to its end. The enemy has been inching his way in for 20 centuries. He has been in complete control for decade now. So I suspect that it is too late to try and salvage the organized church. I was a pastor similar to yours. My solution? The Lord led me to close down a church that I founded that was operative for 12 years. As to the TV preachers? That is yet another ball of wax.


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