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Faces of the Religious Demon: Freedom Through Deliverance Counseling


I would appreciate some reviews on Amazon from those who have read this book.

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Fallen Angels and Demons, Yesterday and Today

 Religious demons are not human, nor are they divine. They are simply fallen angels who began calling themselves ascended masters around the mid 20th century. In open communication with their occult disciples, we Christians have been sleepwalking in the spirit. Tenaciously focused on the contents of our own personal lives, the so-called “ascended masters” have been secretly planting their seeds and working diligently toward the fulfillment of their sinister agenda. The ascended masters are in the service of their master, Sanat Kamura, —Lucifer, the highest fallen angel that we all know as Satan or “the devil.” While the higher ranking demonic have been setting the stage for “their final act” of the endtimes, rank and file foot soldiers in Satan’s army were busy distracting all of us from the real issues.

Though these same demons were diligently working to stop the birth of Christ 2000 years ago, as they failed then, they will fail again. In spit of the fact that nothing or no one could stop the Lord’s first coming, there are those who believe that various conditions must be met before the Lord returns to earth, this time not as a babe but as a Lion with a symbolic rod of iron in His hand and a flaming sword bursting through His mouth. What a day, what a day! The bible calls it “the Day of the Lord.” In the first coming of the Lord, the angels of God played a significant role in preparing those involved for the Lord’s birth with special visitations to Mary, Joseph, and the father of John the Baptist, Zechariah.

The book of Revelation shows us angelic involvement prior to the second coming as well. Demons were also involved in the first coming, as they inspired Herod and his soothsayers to predict the signs of the time, and to conduct a relentless search for the baby Jesus by killing all male newborns from among the Israelites. Prior to the Lord’s second coming, the word of God suggests that both and demons will once again be extremely “active.” We will need the grace and the wisdom of God to be able to discern God’s from the demons who work on Satan’s behalf.

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Standing In the Evil Day






Certainly, the “EVIL DAY” referred to in the bible is when the Anti-Christ actually rules the known world in the near future.  However, the spirit of the antichrist has been present from the days of the first Apostles, with Judas Iscariot as “the spirit of the Anti-Christ.”

Yet there is also “the evil day” referred to in the Lord’s prayer.  When we ask the Father to “give us this day,” besides our personal need for the basic necessities of life, yet another way to understand our prayer request is to understand that we are actually asking God to “MAKE US READY” FOR DEMONIC DELUSION AND DEVILISH DECEPTION.” So on a personal dimension, the evil day is anytime the enemy attacks us.   The most clever, insidious form of attack made on the elect has actually been permitted by God Himself.  Satan cannot touch God’s people unless God Himself gives the enemy permission.  Paul even warned the Thessalonians  that in the last days, God would send “strong delusion” so that many of those who follow Him would believe a lie. Through spiritual ignorance, too numerous among devoted churchgoers are those I have found to be  in an awful place, where they actually oppose the very truth of God in support of demonic deception. 

Demons and devils are clever strategists who distract by the obvious in order to dupe the elect by the unseen.  I know their various  strategies  very well for religious devils  worked with me for about 20 years.  Without the grace of God, I admit that I too would be poor, blind and naked in the spirit today. God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble.  I have been given grace to escape many demonic traps that were set for me because I humbled myself to the truth.   I believe that we are living in the last church age of Laodicea–an age of strong delusion and deception.  On a personal note===In my counseling practice, I have worked with several innocent people whom devils set out to spiritually destroy in this season, due to their lack of knowledge of Satan’s secret devices and deceptions. I have also witnessed that true believers in Jesus Christ of Nazareth are in the most danger of deception because the unseen entities assigned to us are very skilled at using our faithfulness and our commitment to the word of God against us. The primary error of the faithful is the false assumption that God will not allow us to be deceived by the devil. 

 Yet the Lord’s warning that we are to pray that our Father not allow the enemy to   lead us into temptation but deliver us from evil on a daily basis strongly speaks to me that THE EVIL DAY IS EVERY DAY! Therefore, each BLOG  is designed to GET YOU READY  for the “next evil day.”  To be ready is to assume that strong delusion has already been released in our time.  With these letters, my associate mentors and I are committed to helping you prepare to escape every trap set for you by the devils and demons assigned to you.  Believe me.  I know from experience.  Your traps have long been set in motion. Besides being spiritual, my nature is also very practical.  I am well aware that my calling is not very popular.  So I don’t expect everyone to be receptive to these blog posts. I also realize  that I am called “to the few,” “the remnant of God.  I expect many will be unreceptive and un-responsive.   I wish you well and  extend my farewell to you now. For the rest of you, I will commit myself to ensure that when our Lord and Saviour comes again and  if you are alive,  you and yours will be wise virgins. The foolish are too braindead for me to reach. 

In the THE NEW IDOLATRY you will find these words: 

Besides watching, I believe that close to the end of the church age, there is yet another season: a time of preparation.  Watching is the first step to that preparation.  We must be very watchful because Satan has planned a deception of cosmic proportions.  “It won’t be a false doctrine, a defective world-view, or one of the tragic “isms” so prevalent today.  It will include a comprehensive global leadership backed by supernatural powers and capabilities that will overwhelm the imagination of the world at large.  And it will be authenticated by miracles–great signs and lying wonders. (Chuck Missler and Mark Eastman, ALIEN ENCOUNTERS.) When TD Jakes first became popular through television, he had a slogan that is timely for today.  “‘GEt ready, get ready, get ready, get ready.” He repeated it very quickly.  So do I with this book, “the New Idolatry.” With this book, I am saying to the remnant of God’s people with fervency:  GET READY, GET READY, GET READY, GET READY!”  





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By Pam Sheppard.

Photographs of demons? 

Well I have seen my share of them over the years. 

 My first exposure to charismatic witchcraft was a result of my close involvement with the late Rev. Leslie Smith, an Obeah warlock who was my first pastor in a denominational church. In fact, Rev. Smith was more knowledgeable of occult practices than he was of biblical doctrine.  Even so, the man could preach.  Yet what I remember most about him was his demonic powers.  For example, there were time when staff meetings and house meetings with his ex-offender project were held in his apartment or in the church dining hall.  During a few of our meetings, one of the participants took several black and white photos and when they were developed, I was the first to see them. When I gazed at them, I was astounded at what I saw in the background. A picture taken in Rev. Smith’s apartment revealed a life-sized head of a human skull sitting on his coffee table.

Without a doubt, if any of us had seen that skull during the meeting, believe me, everyone, including myself, would have run from that place. However, it was very noticeable on the photograph, not only to me, but to anyone else who looked at it.Even so, the most frightening of these pictures were the ones taken of Rev. Lester standing in the church’s dining ha hall.
Emanating from his left shoulder and spreading out to the top of his head was a trilogy of demons.  They almost looked like fruit or leaves on a tree and Rev.  Smith was the trunk.  Each of the three heads had weird, impish grins on their faces.  I was so frightened by these pictures that I burned them., an act I now seriously regret. I wish I had those pictures to show the skeptics.

However, I Do have a few pictures to share. Some of you  will be able to see the spirit and some won’t.  The first photograph was taken on October 25th, 1981, about 30 minutes  after I had preached my trial sermon and I was issued a license to preach in the denomination. At my left side is the head of a huge gargoyle.  The head is in a 3/4 turn position.  His green eyebrow is touching my left hand. He has high cheekbones, a large, pointed nose and a pointed chin. Since he is lightly turned toward me, only one huge ear is visible.

Who is this creature? For years, I rationalized that he was the fallen angel assigned to the church where I had preached the trial sermon.  No. He is the religious fallen angel that is assigned to ME!

The other two pictures below  were taken over a cemetery in New York, in 1983 by a friend of mine, an amateur photographer.  The “red” picture was taken at night with a red lens. To see the full head, the picture has to be turned by 90 degrees.  You can see small horns on his head and his mouth is opened wide in a circle.  A few fangs can be seen in his mouth, like teeth.  The other picture is a normal looking head.  Who are these beings.  I really don’t know.  Any being with a head THAT big is huge.  Only God knows where his feet are placed.  I can imagine that he is standing on two different states in the north east—a territorial fallen angel. Possibly the demon of this region.

To learn more about fallen angels you need  the Fake Jesus: Fallen Angels Among Us.

ebook: www.lulu.com/content/12044954
soft cover www.lulu.com/content/2716532

More photos in part 2 to come.

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How to Discern the Spirits Sent by the Devil By Minister Francine

Do you see the women above casting out Satan? I’d say that was Pamela Sheppard, a woman of God who has been discerning spirits and casting out demons for over 30 years. She was a pastor of her own church, a licensed therapist and an expert deliverance counselor. She remains all those things today and can be reached at (518) 477-5759.

Discern the spirits or serve the devil is a warning to me and you. I’m back on the topic yet again. If you remember, I told you that a demon that looked like our Lord, gave me a demonic message. I thought that message was from Jesus Christ of Nazareth, but it was not. I was told to enter a religious cult. Once a member of this cult, I was lost in it for 10 years. There is more to the story, let’s just say I met and was serving the Fake Jesus, whom Pam Sheppard has taught us about in her book of the same title.

I did not discern the spirits concerning this religious demon charlatan. I was duped, fooled, hook line and sinker into the kingdom of darkness. I was running from an abusive situation. I was 16, bought up under the demonic strongholds of Catholicism, and on the run. I ran right into the clawed hand of the devil. We have to discern the spirits. What is there to fear? If we don’t discern the spirits we shall serve devils.
I was un-saved and did not, and could not discern the spirits that surrounded me . As a result, I spent 10 years of my life serving a spawn of Satan. My dear friends, the religious demon I was under was molesting children, both boys and girls, today he is incarcerated. Sentenced to 100 years. This is the kind of bondage you can expect if you refuse to discern the spirits. Please! Examine yourself, examine your own spirit, discern all spirits to see if they are of God. I was not saved then, as I shared. If you are un-saved, you shall never be able to discern spirits. Why be afraid? Fear— is from devils. Don’t be afraid to examine your salvation.
If you are ready for truth…if you are ready to learn how to discern the spirits…and if you are ready to examine yourself and your salvation experience…Call Pamela Sheppard Now at (518)477-5759…

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How to Discern the Spirits the Easy Way

By Minister Jackie

The organized church neither wants or likes to discern the spirits, and they continue to reshape, redo and up sell tons of Bible translations to members. As soon as a new fangled translation comes out, it becomes available in the church bookstore. Un-saved and undiscerning members flock to buy them. The devil and the religious demons are having a field day with the organized church, and these demons excel in deceit and deception.

Anytime Bible translations become a sales opportunity, discerning of spirits is not in operation. Some say the organized church is asleep, Pam Sheppard teaches that the church is over run with religious demons. Discerning of spirits is not in operation when folks refuse to test spirits. Discerning of spirits is not in operation, when folks think Jesus came into their room at night and gave them a ” blueprint” for a ministry.
 Blueprints are for the faithless. Pam pointed that out to me, and I wondered how I could have missed her pointed truth. You better believe I’m going to stick with Pam for the duration, and learn all I can. In fact, her six books are being shipped to me as I type. I have ebook versions and I’m hankering for the hard covers too.
I know of someone right now, who was awakened by what he thinks was an angel, or Jesus himself.  During the night( when he was rudely awakened to arise)  he wrote the pages and pages of blueprints and plans for ministry. He thought the blueprint was given by angelic visitors. Did he check the spirits? Did he discern the spirits? I’m afraid he did not! As Pam shared with me, why would we be given a blueprint when we walk by faith?
We have ALL failed at discerning spirits. I myself, once thought I saw Jesus and that he told me to enter what turned out to be a dangerous religious cult. In fact, the leader of that cult is now in jail for over 100 counts of child molesting charges. Not only that, this religious demon was trafficking children across state lines for sex. This man quoted and taught the Bible like a champion scholar. How could it be possible that the Jesus I saw, was in fact Jesus Christ of Nazareth? I did not discern that spirit. I had a visit from the fake Jesus. The fake Jesus came, duped and hoodwinked me with a message I thought was from God. You ought to read Pam’s book ” The Fake Jesus “.
Do you want to know the easy way to discern spirits? Folks, take Pam’s courses for ministry, read Pam’s books. Don’t be proud! Learn to discern the spirits. If you will just do this, you my friend, will awaken to truth, just like I did.On the subject, here is a quote from “the Fake Jesus.”
As we become willing to examine EVERYTHING we have been taught or practiced within the organized church, the Holy Ghost will open our spiritual ears to hear, to understand Him and to obey Him  when He calls our name out of Mystery Babylon. “
Pam has said a mouthful in just one sentence.  Her books are filled with nifty statements like that, line by line.


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