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My First Encounter with an Orb by Pam Sheppard

About 5 years ago, I was contacted by a pastor  from Denmark who had visited my website. I had a picture uploaded  of my storefront church among my photos  and the  pastor noticed an unusual image in  the picture of my church  that was also in a photo taken of his church.  He  joyfully announced to me in an email, “You have at least ONE angel  in your church.  One is appearing on the photo that you have on the web that is just like the ones shown in the picture that I have sent you of our church.”

I don’t know when and how I knew that these round circles with lots of dots in them  are what occultists call “orbs.”  When I looked at the photo of the church in Denmark, I could see the same image, 20 or more times over.  (See the first 2 photos below) The pastor labeled the orb on my storefront church  with the word “angel”.

The pastor’s email  was rather interesting because of its timeliness.  I had begun to suspect that demons were in my church as I saw some demonic faces peering at me behind the floral arrangement in front of the window, and also behind the altar.  When I received the email, I was planning to  move the church out of the storefront, not just for that reason but for several others that need not be mentioned at this juncture.

Anyway, I certainly did not believe that this was an angel.  On the contrary, I suspected that it must be a demon based upon what I perceived occurring in my church.  Since we moved a few months later, I didn’t dwell on “the image.”  So I forgot about it until recently.


According to photographers, researchers, scientists and New Agers,  an orb is a luminous circle of light that can be photographed, taken with or without a flash camera.  They range in size from tiny to an average of two to 5 inches in diameter.  Various websites connect the orbs to aliens and ghosts, while the Christian pastor in Denmark believes that the orbs are “angels.”

Researchers and professional photographers indicate that the orbs are not lens flares, nor are they dust or pollen particles in the air.  The strange part is that orbs have predominately been photographed and even seen with the naked eye at occult conferences, in graveyards, masonic lodges and caves.

So my question  is, “why are orbs  now showing up in photographs taken in churches?”

Skeptics reason that the orbs appear in high places and that may have something to do with the camera.  Not so.  My storefront church has low ceilings yet there is an orb that manifested on the film.  Some say that they are only visible at night in dark places.  Yet, the picture of the storefront church was taken in the daytime.  Below are some other pictures of orbs taken in a masonic lodge, and other religious settings. I have in my possession, several more pictures—some taken at the Notre Dame Cathedral, another in a cemetery and some in caves, and other “spiritual” buildings.

Here is the picture taken in the storefront.

The picture below is the pastor’s church in Denmark.  There are at least 20
or more orbs in this photo.

I also have a picture packed away in a huge box that were taken in the denomination I was ordained in. On the photo, are orbs but these are orbs with faces in them  They remind me of the cartoon, “Casper the Friendly Ghost,” only their mouths are in a scornful, mocking grimace. Here are a few more pictures of orbs taken in “spiritual” places:

So, what do I think this all means as it relates to the organized church?  I was born again at home in 1977, never having attended a church a day in my life.  In 1979,   I received 3 dreams that guided me to a particular church–messages that I “assumed” were from God.     Four year later, I was called out of that church, and then again in 2003.  The first time I was called out was in October 1983.  I was at a Kenneth Copeland Believer’s Convention held in Atlanta.

Asleep in my hotel room, I was awakened by a bellowing, booming voice that sounded like mighty waters, loud trumpets, and thunder ALL AT ONCE.  I jumped out of the bed and hit the floor where I bowed down on my knees.  The voice of thunder only said 3 words: COME OUT, SEPARATE. Must have said it 20 times or more.

I came out a few weeks later,  but I went back to the same Denomination in 1987, where I caught un-holy hell for the next 17 years until God stepped in and led me out in 2004.  I waited for 2 years for the Lord to lead me to affiliate with a different church system.  Not only did He not do so, but  when He spoke again, the Lord compared the church to “a condemned building.” He has also revealed that “He NEVER sent me to the Denomination  in the first place and that the 3 dreams that led me there “WERE NOT FROM HIM.”

Once I was out, I thought to “go back for a visit.”  The Lord spoke again, this time asking me a 4 letter question that brought the fear of the Lord upon me.  He asked, “Are YOU Lot’s wife?”

After hearing that question, I won’t even step inside of a church building for a wedding or a funeral.  By nature, I am a balanced, rational, non-obsessive personality.  However, regarding entering church buildings, I am adamant to the right side of obsession.  I don’t tell others what to do or not to do.  I just take care of ME and I keep Lot’s wife ever before me in my conscious and unconscious mind.  When a close relative died last year, I walked into the church building, looked at the body for less than a minute and I walked out—very, very fast.  I sat in the car until the funeral was over.

This is me.

So I don’t attempt to cause others to be as adamant as I am about this point.  I counsel and mentor people who agree with me on most points yet they admit that they see nothing wrong with going to church, and I do not contend with them about this issue.  Recently, one of my clients stated that “her church was different.”  I simply advised her to  “go and take some pictures.”   She did.  Here is the photograph of her church.  It is filled with orbs.  The biggest one is on the far right of the stage.

Without any advice from me, the Lord is “leading my client  out of this dwelling place of demons called a church.”So what do I believe is happening??? I believe that the fact that orbs are now manifesting in churches is a sign that devils and demons have taken over ALL Christian pulpits.  Church buildings are like haunted houses–filled not with ghosts but with evil spirits.Certainly, demons have been attracted to churches for centuries and so that is no surprise. Moreover, doctrines of demons are many.   However, I believe that  demons literally  “took over” when the church began to preach an “I accept Jesus” doctrine, taking salvation out of the hands of God and putting eternal life into the hands of man.  This is the reason why ALL churches are affected, in every nation of this world.  Charles Finney allowed the demons to use him to bring “a new gospel” into all churches.”  If you have ever said, “I accepted Jesus,” you too have been affected.”  None of us are exempt.

So if you think that your church is the exception, I suggest to you that the next time you enter the building,


If you are being led out of the organized church, help is available at 518-477-5759

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By Pam Sheppard.

Photographs of demons? 

Well I have seen my share of them over the years. 

 My first exposure to charismatic witchcraft was a result of my close involvement with the late Rev. Leslie Smith, an Obeah warlock who was my first pastor in a denominational church. In fact, Rev. Smith was more knowledgeable of occult practices than he was of biblical doctrine.  Even so, the man could preach.  Yet what I remember most about him was his demonic powers.  For example, there were time when staff meetings and house meetings with his ex-offender project were held in his apartment or in the church dining hall.  During a few of our meetings, one of the participants took several black and white photos and when they were developed, I was the first to see them. When I gazed at them, I was astounded at what I saw in the background. A picture taken in Rev. Smith’s apartment revealed a life-sized head of a human skull sitting on his coffee table.

Without a doubt, if any of us had seen that skull during the meeting, believe me, everyone, including myself, would have run from that place. However, it was very noticeable on the photograph, not only to me, but to anyone else who looked at it.Even so, the most frightening of these pictures were the ones taken of Rev. Lester standing in the church’s dining ha hall.
Emanating from his left shoulder and spreading out to the top of his head was a trilogy of demons.  They almost looked like fruit or leaves on a tree and Rev.  Smith was the trunk.  Each of the three heads had weird, impish grins on their faces.  I was so frightened by these pictures that I burned them., an act I now seriously regret. I wish I had those pictures to show the skeptics.

However, I Do have a few pictures to share. Some of you  will be able to see the spirit and some won’t.  The first photograph was taken on October 25th, 1981, about 30 minutes  after I had preached my trial sermon and I was issued a license to preach in the denomination. At my left side is the head of a huge gargoyle.  The head is in a 3/4 turn position.  His green eyebrow is touching my left hand. He has high cheekbones, a large, pointed nose and a pointed chin. Since he is lightly turned toward me, only one huge ear is visible.

Who is this creature? For years, I rationalized that he was the fallen angel assigned to the church where I had preached the trial sermon.  No. He is the religious fallen angel that is assigned to ME!

The other two pictures below  were taken over a cemetery in New York, in 1983 by a friend of mine, an amateur photographer.  The “red” picture was taken at night with a red lens. To see the full head, the picture has to be turned by 90 degrees.  You can see small horns on his head and his mouth is opened wide in a circle.  A few fangs can be seen in his mouth, like teeth.  The other picture is a normal looking head.  Who are these beings.  I really don’t know.  Any being with a head THAT big is huge.  Only God knows where his feet are placed.  I can imagine that he is standing on two different states in the north east—a territorial fallen angel. Possibly the demon of this region.

To learn more about fallen angels you need  the Fake Jesus: Fallen Angels Among Us.

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More photos in part 2 to come.

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