Witchcraft Spells and You: What a Believer Needs to Know By Minister Francine


Witchcraft spells are about domination, demonic controls, and manipulation? Do you think that a love or sex magic spell has been cast on you? Are you experiencing an “UNEXPLAINED ATTRACTION “? If you are, witchcraft spells and demonic controls, may be the cause. Watch out for red flag warning #1.

Red Flag Warning #1:” Unexplained Attractions ”

What Exactly is an Unexplained Attraction?

If you suspect that a love spell has been cast on you, you may be experiencing an unexplained attraction you can’t understand. Unexplained attractions can be strong, overpowering and strangely sudden. Sexual urges may call for immediate relief. Unexplained attractions of any kind are cause for alarm. Why would you suddenly be attracted or lust after someone you barely know?

If you have an unexplained attraction, you may have felt instant love, or lust, towards someone you barely know, or someone who is not your type.

Be Advised…Beware…and Be Vigilant…

If you find yourself strangely attracted to someone you don’t know why, you may be under a witchcraft spell. If you love someone, you should know why. If you can’t figure out why you love or lust after someone, something fishy is going on. Those with a sound mind, know why they are attracted to a partner. Witchcraft spells, once cast, will make you feel like cupid just hit you over the head. This is nonsense!

If your having sudden, unexplainable urges to bed a person, witchcraft may be the culprit.

Have you been harassed by overpowering feeling of lust and hunger for sex? Is the person involved a stranger, or someone you barely know? Is the person someone who is not really your type?

If your suddenly in love with a stranger, or a person you barely know, you may be under the domination of witchcraft spells. Namely, sex magic or love spells.

If your suddenly in lust, something fishy is going on….

How Well Do You Know Yourself?

You should know yourself. If your not really an impulsive person, why would you have instant thoughts of bedding strangers or otherwise? The urge to give into seductive advances you can’t explain, is a sign that demonic activity is at work. Perhaps when you were unsaved, you had multiple partners, and bedded strangers. Yet, as a true Christian you’ve gained increasing power over sin. If your unsaved, unwashed, and rebellious, your definately a prime target for an ” UNEXPLAINED ATTRACTION”.

  1. If you find yourself baffled, and trying to figure out why love or lust has your chained….Beware!
  2. If you find you can’t pull yourself away from a person, no matter how vile and abusive they are…Beware!
  3. If you find your self lusting after strangers…Beware!
  4. If you find yourself attracted to anthing, or anyone, and you don’t know why…draw your breaks and…Be advised…Beware…and Be Vigilent!

If any of the above scenarios apply to you, witchcraft spells and demonic forces may be working sex magic or love spells, on you.

Stay Tuned for Part Three: Sex Magic Bondage and Case Study

About Pam Sheppard…

Pam Sheppard has over 25 years of pastorial experience, and her expertise in deliverance counseling is second to none. Please join this blog, and feel free to comment and ask questions. Take some time to read all of Pam’s articles, videos and teachings. You’ll be so glad you did. Your eyes will be opened to the devils wiles. Just as mine have opened ,and I continue to learn more.

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Follow along with me too, because this article is part of a series on recognizing demonic controls. My nex article exposes sex magic bondage. Love spell tricks and techniques, and a case study with even more details.

See you again in Part three. Until then, be advised, beware and be vigilent. Please leave me a comment below. We would like to hear from you. Was this article helpful? Do you have any questions?


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2 responses to “Witchcraft Spells and You: What a Believer Needs to Know By Minister Francine

  1. Lola

    An awesome article packed with very good information. Comment above, men are conquerors and pursuers. They might now show interest but once they smell that you have moved on, they will try to come back and lure you into their web. Men and their big egos. they don’t ever want to lose and the best part is when you show them that you’ve really moved on with your life, leaving them feeling stupid. Anyways, back to this article. I’m a Catholic practicioner and anything having to do with witchcraft or demonic activity scares me. I had a weird experience once back in 2007. I started working with a guy and started developing feelings for him. This guy was not my type at all. I used to treat him like crap at first because he was too persistent and didn’t get the point that I wasn’t interested in him romantically. It turned out that two years later, I fell in love with him. We dated on and off for two years, argued and argued and ended up together again. He’s always been there for me and I know I can count on him. It’s just very strange how things happened. That was back then.


  2. Dawn E Beale

    I can related to this one – “If you find you can’t pull yourself away from a person, no matter how vile and abusive they are…” wow that was me in 2005 to 2006 – I had met my new hubby 3 days before 2006 New Year, but was living as a roommate to a guy who I dated in 2004 for a brief time. Of course I had my own bedroom but my roommate and I were sexual active, my roommate had a thing every so often we get in fights, were we just plaid roommates doing our own thing. That’s when I met my hubby during one of the periods my roommate and I were not on good terms. The funny thing is when my roommate saw I was interested in someone else and all – he lurk me back into his web. My first year dating my hubby was a rocky one because I had no where to go to live if I left my roommates house. I almost lost my hubby to another girl who had the descent to know John was in love with me and walk away from him (she went after his friend -long story there). This girl today is one of my good friends – crazy. But I know she is a honest person (75%).
    Then in August of 2006, my roommate had a bad car accident after we spend the day jet skiing with another couple. He dies instantly at the scene – I was in the truck behind him, I didn’t see the accident but I came around the corner afterwards with the other guy sitting in the street. The other guy only suffered few cut marks, where my roommate had his window open and hit his head on a tree as he was going into another tree. My other passenger was a friend’s son – I feel he was protector by Angels that day. I called John right after it happen and told him I needed him up there. Since that phone call, we have always been together and was married in March of 2008. I felt relieved in away after a couple days of the accident, that God took away the one who was in my way of true happiness with John. Is that weird to think that way. My hubby and I have so much in common – but the weird connections is we were both marry to our first spouse on the same day but different years. I always prayed for God to spend me a decent man, a few jerks in between came but I am truly happy now. Even thou I have had health issues since 2007 with something once a year – I am able to still stand by the Grace of God.


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