The Truth about Mary: Unscriptual Deification of the Lord’s Mother by Minister Marlene

By Minister Marlene

The truth about Mary is that she was the Lord’s mother. Yes, she was a virgin! But Mary did not remain a virgin, she went on to have children by carnal knowledge. Before I go on with this article, I’ll say this: I went to Catholic schools all my life. I met some of the sweetest nuns and priests. Some, were not so sweet. Folks say I received a good Catholic education. But I’m here to tell you that I did not. Of course I appreciate my families sincerity in sending me to St. Phillip & James school, and later to St. Barnabas High. But I did not learn the truth about Mary. What I did learn was the blasphemous practice of worshipping Mary. What I learned was to bow down to a statue of Mary to give her praise. I did not learn the truth about Mary.

I thank God, that I soon began to study the Bible for myself, and saw that the Catholic church was in grave error. Their deification of the Lord’s mother is just a small tip of the cultish iceberg. I have long since denounced all ties with the Catholic church. My dear friends, Catholic or otherwise, I want to share something with you. The truth about Mary…

The truth about Mary is...

I’d like to  share an excerpt from Pam Sheppard’s groundbreaking book entitled, ” Faces of the Religious Demon”. Pam, along with Christian authors like Derek Prince and Rick Joyner write about the religious demon. Yet, Pam’s textbook digs the deepest, and shines floodlights on the scope and intricate wiles of such demons. I have to say that Pam’s book, ” Faces of the Religious Demon ” is the go to book on the subject of this type of demon. There is no other book of its kind in our world today. The Lord has given Pam an abundance of revelation backed by scripture.


In regards to ” the truth about Mary ” the Lord’s mother Pam Sheppard writes:

Although not terminology directly used in the Bible, a synonymous term for the RELIGIOUS DEMON in the New Testament is the spirit of Antichrist (John 2:18) The spirit of Anti-Christ will cleverly infiltrate the church and use religion to both deny and defy Christ very sneakily. The Apostle Paul also warned Timothy about seducing spirits that teach false religious doctrine (1 Timothy 3:5). Paul also warned the church of a class of demons that could transform into beings of light,–false apostles and deceitful workers hidden within human vessels, with a clever masquerade of genuine apostles of Christ (2 Corinthians 11:13-15).

The Catholic deification of the Lord’s mother, is yet a very clever device of the spirit of Antichrist. A classic example is evident within Catholicism, where followers not only pray to Mary, but teach that she herself, was immaculately conceived. Truly the deification of the Lord’s mother is subtle, though outright denial of the Lord’s divinity.

There it is my friends the truth about Mary. Pam goes into greater detail in the book. I would like all who read the above article, to remember the Apostle Paul’s command. Apostle Paul admonished that we should examine ourselves, to see if we are in the faith. To order ” Faces of the Religious Demon” today, go here:

Pam Sheppard, 30 years a minister for the Lord. Director and owner of Sheppard's Counseling Center. Expert in deliverance counseling, and her team of supervised deliverance ministers are waiting to serve you. If you suspect you are involved in a cult, or under demonic affliction, call the office now at (518) 477-5759

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  1. Very interesting read – I have often wondered why people worship Mary and other Saints. This is an eye opener. Thanks


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