Watchman Nee on “Spiritual Authority”


In his book entitled “Spiritual Authority”, Watchman Nee describes how a true leader of God should exercise authority. He writes “Authority is established by God’therefore, no delegated authority need try to secure His authority.  Do not insist that others listen to you.  If they err, let them err; if they do not submit, let them be insubordinate; if they insist on going their own way, let them go.  A delegated authority ought not strive with men.  Why should I demand a hearing if I am not God’s established authority?  On the other hand, if I am set up by God, need I fear lest men not submit?  Whoever refuses to hear me, disobeys God.  It is not needful for me to force people to listen. God is my support, why then should I fear?  We should never say so much as one word on behalf of our authority,  rather, let us give people their liberty.  The more God entrusts to us, the more liberty we grant to people.  Those who are thirsty after the Lord will come to us.  It is most defiling to speak on behalf of our own authority or to try to establish authority ourselves.”
(pg. 121)

Jesus declared that true authority comes from servitude.  In other words, a true leader is a servant to the people and not a demagogue or a despotic tyrant.  Most leaders who try to rule over the people are doing so based upon the weaknesses and insecurities hidden within their own personalities. Such leaders will desire to have control over others as well as over himself.  He wants nothing to happen that he has not initiated or approved of.

 This quest for control may on one hand preach freedom, yet on the other hand insist on knowing and controlling everything. Such a person wants to be right all of the time and is very irritated when found to be wrong, even in regards to insignificant things.  For example, when confronted with a question he does now know the answer to, he will pretend to know. He also always strives to have his own way.  Any kind of delay, any enforced waiting, any difference of perspective  will become a source of irritation.  As a counselor, I try to  arm the captive with this sort of information about themselves  so that they will make sound judgments in choosing whom they will allow to lead them spiritually in the future. As a ministerial servant, I don’t demand anything from anybody—not money and certainly not loyalty. I resist pride by not allowing ANYONE to place me on a pedestal. It is the tendency of people with religions demons  to enjoy targeting Christian leaders to receive the brunt of their own transference issues with abusive  parents.  Once a person with a religious demon is disappointed or damaged, he or she  can be ruthless and relentless in personal attacks of erring,  human   leaders whom the sheep  themselves pushed off of their own self- designed pedestals.

From a personal perspective, I used to be a pastor in the organized church for 20 of my 30 years in ministry.  I pastored congregations of three different churches—-two I was appointed to by a bishop and one I started myself and led for 12 years. I learned a great deal from those experiences.  When people are not saved, they will rebel at any provocation. As long as they are stroked and complimented, all is well, and the leader can do no wrong. I try to be sensitive to people’s feelings.  However, there are many in church who suffer from mental health disorders, including but not limited to borderline personality disorder, paranoia, and narcissistic personality disorder.It is my leadership style  not  to strive with people. In fact, recognizing that I am not wrestling with flesh and blood, I do not enter  into battle with the Lord’s sheep. I let them attack me before I would retaliate and attack them. I have  forgotten several horror stories of the personal  abuse I sustained at the hands of the sheep–people who called themselves “Christian.”The truth is that they were not true believers but imposters.

We have but ONE litmus test.  It is the test of love.  Love is what sustains us. Not human, emotional love but our love for Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  I don’t need 3 months or 30 years to love a true Christian. When my spirit bears witness with the Holy Ghost and I KNOW in my spirit that a person is a child of God, I need no evidence of loyalty or a personal commitment to ME!!! When I am in the presence of a true Christian, I don’t have to make a lot of effort at relationship building.  I love them immediately, no holes barred. I don’t care how much we disagree or whether or not our personalities clash. If they love the true Jesus,  I love them, un-conditionally. 

 I have lived more than 3 decades of  my life as a servant.  However, if a pretender, a hypocrite is exposed up close and personal, I am no one to play with, so I warn folk not to take my Christian kindness for weakness.  If  you do not walk in love, you are barking up the wrong tree when you fool with me, Devil!

Religious demons have many faces. Some will come with flattery and appear to be helping you when inwardly, they are unloving, ravenous wolves. I call these kinds of  people  a Judas spirit, the spirit of the Anti-Christ.  To know more, you need my book “Faces of the Religious Demon.” 


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