How To Resist the Devil


The Lord has cut me down so often in 30 years, that I myself am not used to being well received. So quite the opposite, I have been humbled by those of you who have so graciously embraced each book, article and blogpost  with such eagerness, affection and appreciation. Some of you have written and even spoken to me personally, expressing how much my publications have meant to you and for that, I rejoice.

Nevertheless, it is very important for us all to realize that other than for witchcraft, works of the flesh are not “cast out.” Even those demons that specialize in witchcraft have different names. So for the most part, works of the flesh are “put off” or “pulled down” but not “cast out.” The truth is that an ambitious, jealous person needs his or her flesh crucified through the brokenness of repentance and the fires of refinement. This is the work of “deliverance counseling.” As a therapist, one of my strategies is to cause both the saved and the unsaved to examine and understand the nature of their particular ” flesh style”. Why? Well, because demons take advantage of the flesh to mobilize their own agenda.

Consequently, knowing ourselves better than the demons know us is a primary step to resisting the devil. When the Apostle Paul admonishes us to humble ourselves, he gives us the first step to resisting the enemy.

to do so, we must try our own spirits to understand the nature of our own particular needs of the flesh. The truth received will crush that need or in other words, “crucify our flesh.!” One of the greatest revelations that I have discovered out of years of the 5 “T”S of testing, temptation, trial, tribulation and trouble is that “we are never as advanced as we believe ourselves to be.”For many believers have hidden strongholds. Each stronghold will create a specific fear or doubt as well as an accompanying pride system that will be difficult to break through.  Christians so bound, will often attribute their strongholds to demons, when in actuality, casting out a demon will not bring any lasting relief.  This is because the stronghold is embedded in the captive’s personality and is therefore a stronghold in the soul.  In cases where there has been little to no personality change, it will seem as though deliverance has failed when in reality, the root of the problem was not so much demonic as it was “soulical.”Casting out demons may bring a momentary sense of freedom or joy.  Even so, a substantial, solid deliverance is one where the fruit of  true meekness has been planted and nurtured.

Since meekness is the doorway to blessing, any captive in need of deliverance must become poor in spirit. (Matthew 5) To be poor in spirit is to be emptied of one’s character defects.  Deliverance will empty the captive from demons, but these demons and others will ultimately return if the conditions that provided them a safe haven still remain.  Therefore, my job as a bearer of the word of God is to seek the help of the Holy Spirit to sensitize a conscience that has been hardened by the pride of life.    Meekness is manifested when the captive comes to the realization that his thoughts are not as high as the Lord’s thoughts, nor his ways higher than the Lord’s ways. I do not cast out demons from people whom God has not humbled. I can recognize them.  They wander from one deliverance worker to another.  When they get to ME, they want to instruct me as to what THEY believe their problems are, what demons they have, how the demons should be cast out, etc. etc. etc.  I say “Good bye!”

Continual brokenness before the Lord Jesus Christ will  sustained you with a simple, yet a profound truth and it is this. “Whatever does not originate in your inward parts—in your spirit—will not bring you life.” In this regard, I have learned through personal experience that false or counterfeit spirituality may appear to produce a beneficial result but it cannot grant authentic, lasting,  resurrection life. I have entered into the Lord’s rest because I myself have labored by the revelation of the Holy Ghost. No more vain strivings for success according to man’s standards.  If I speak no more for the remainder of my life, I will remain satisfied. For with the”THE NEW IDOLATRY, I believe that I have declared more than a mouthful.


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  1. Pamela Renee Goode Lee

    I have enjoyed reading and while reading I began to have images people that are suppose to be leaders and are acting from those spirits that are embedded, I am not exempt from these I speak on, is the word, fasting the answer, what must I do to know that I know I’m delivered


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