Christmas Belongs To the World

Christmas Belongs to the World

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In order for a deliverance to occur and be long-lasting, it is important that both the worker and the captive realize that being crucified to the world is essential to a complete victory over the enemy.  Yet in order to fully understand how to be crucified to the world, the terms need to be defined. First of all, the world consists of “the church world.”

Secondly, the world is not the earth.  The world is an invisible group of “systems” that the enemy of our souls is still the god of.  So in simple terms, if Jesus Christ of Nazareth is not Lord over a particular system, that system is a part of THE WORLD.  Put another way, if Christ is not the head of it, it is “the world.”  That includes people, places and things.  For example, if Christ is not the head of your family, then your family is “THE WORLD.”  If Christ is not the head of your school, then your school is “THE WORLD.” If Christ is not the head of your career, your sport, whatever, it is THE WORLD. If Christ is not the head of your church, SHE IS THE WORLD!

Actually, ALL religious systems are a part of THE WORLD, if Jesus Christ of Nazareth is not the head of them.   Christianity and the organized church are a significant part of the religious WORLD. If you are born again, you must be crucified with Christ  to the religious world. Since the religious world includes the organized church system, you must be crucified to Her. If you love the organized church system, then you are a lover of the world.

There are other blogs where I explain why the organized church is a part of the religious world and must be rejected.  Just know that what I write herein is premised on the fact that I believe it was the Lord who spoke to me in 2007 and said that “He has already judged the organized church and that the Holy Ghost has been removed.”  So as I am dead to the world, I am also dead to the organized church and her practices. I don’t argue that point with anyone.  I simply walk by faith and not by sight.  The organized church is quite “visible” yet She is dead to me and I have buried Her.

According to the word of God, the cross of Jesus is the great separator between the Lord and every aspect of the world.  Consider Lot’s wife.  When God was destroying Sodom–the visible world—He warned those He was about to deliver “not to look back.”  Looking back was a sign of a love for Sodom and the things of the sodomite world.  Today, some seek deliverance yet like Lot’s wife, the cross has not separated them from the longing that still remains in their hearts for the world.

My birthday falls during the Christmas season. Three  years ago for my 65th birthday, I planned to celebrate by attending a gospel fest held in a Pentecostal church on a “holiday time Sunday.”  I thought to myself, “What could be the harm? After all, there would be no preaching, but only worship through song.  So I ordered 4 tickets. 

Two days later, I heard in the spirit very clearly, “ARE YOU LOT’S WIFE?”

Four little words!  Believe, me folk! My imagination was live!  No more needed to be said.  I cancelled the tickets with a quickness! Think of it!!! I was planning to return to the enemy’s territory, “to worship the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth!”  The bottom line is that I was “looking back”, possibly TO GO BACK! Who knows but God. A very bad move  AFTER God had delivered me out of the oppression of the enemy that I had withstood for 25 years as a minister in a corrupt system!!!.  This is what I believe.  If I  had attended that service, my days of celebrating Christmas season birthdays would have come to an abrupt end.  The fear of the Lord came on me, a fear that is  the beginning of wisdom!

Some have left the world, even the church world, but like Lot’s wife, the cross has not separated them from the longing that remains in their hearts for the world. So I warn everyone who has an ear to hear and an eye to see.  There is a religious world in our times  which is far more dangerous than other systems that are obviously evil and a part of Satan’s domain. This religious world consists of professing Christians who deny the cross and the resurrection of Jesus Christ in more ways than one.

You see the cross symbolizes deliverance from this present evil age (Gal 1:4),—from the powers of darkness (Col 1:13)—from the devils and demons who rule the world under their leader, Satan–(Eph 6:12) and—-on the resurrection side of the cross—WE ARE TRANSLATED INTO THE KINGDOM OF THE SON OF GOD! When we plead the blood, we are telling the enemy that we are dead to his world, that he no longer has authority over us, that we walk in that same power that raised Jesus from the dead.

Yet–if we look back—Satan treats us as if we were “Lot’s wife.” The cross and the resurrection loses its victory in our lives.  If the world STILL has the power to attract us or to influence our spiritual walk, then we are not crucified.  If we are not crucified, then we are open and vulnerable to demonic attacks and the fate of Lot’s wife can be OUR fate.

We arrive on the resurrection side of the cross only AFTER we have been crucified to the world.  No crucifixion? No power to defeat the enemy. For we overcome Satan by the blood of the Lamb! Pleading the blood is of no consequence to demons if the one who stands as a deliverer of captives is not crucified to the world.

As an aside, I believe it is reasonable to assume that since the organized church universally  accepts December 25th as the Lord’s birthday, churchgoers would take great pleasure when this holiday falls on a Sunday, the day they believe is the Lord’s birthday..  Well in my local community, a well-known Pentecostal church cancelled Sunday morning service on yesterday. I suspect they did not want the worship of Jesus Christ of Nazareth to interfere with the kids and Santa. How schizophrenic and worldly is that!?!


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2 responses to “Christmas Belongs To the World

  1. Melissa

    Dear Pam
    Thanks for your most interesting articles. You’ve certainly got me thinking. I’m a fairly new Christian and I’m really concerned about finding the true Jesus. I even wonder if I’m properly saved from what you’ve written. How would I know? I was heavily into new age for 20 years and was previously following the new age Jesus so I’ve been trying to do deliverance on myself. I’m feeling really overwhelmed at all this and praying my heart out to Jesus Christ and studying the Bible to try and figure it all out.
    My church (Church of Christ) is having their service on Christmas Eve with no services on Christmas Day. I don’t even know if I want to go now. What do you mean when you said “I was planning to return to the enemy’s territory, “to worship the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth!” Is it wrong to worship Jesus? I’m praying to find the narrow way and come out of the world. At this stage I’m not sure I can even recognise what is the true gospel and what is apostasy. Would you suggest one of your books would be helpful for me?
    Many thanks


    • Melissa, you are quite welcome. I will try to answer your questions in order.

      1. how do you know if you are born again? WEll, start by asking who drew you to the cross, you or the Holy Spirit? DId you understand the resurrection? Areyou bearing any fruit?
      2. You should go back to the article and read it again. Of course it is not wrong to worship Jesus. My point is that the institutional church is infested with demons. So it is best not to worship Him there. I was warned by God to stay out of the IC.,Actually, from what you have written here, deep down, you already know this. Why? BEcause YOur church does not want Jesus to disturb them while they celebrate their holiday which this year,malls on a Sunday.
      3. AS for my books, it all depends on what you want to know. The last book deals a lot with how to overcome the occult. The Church of the Endtime Zombies.. Also,the New Idolatry.

      The Church of the End-Time Zombies.

      The New Idolatry



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