2012: A Prophetic Message


Our  primary focus at Pam Sheppard Ministries  is to bring recovery and deliverance to sheep who have been damaged within an organized church system and to prevent others from being damaged. Toward this end, our primary goal is to equip you to guard yourself from spiritual abuse inflicted upon you as a direct or an indirect consequence of your regular church attendance. This is a very serious matter. As 2011 is coming to a close, my conversation in 2012 shall move forward  with a presentation of my personal perspective on the organized church, so that you can understand where I am coming from.

I must prepare you –head on– that I am a spiritual revolutionary—-a spiritual rebel WITH a divine cause. My cause is truth, even if it hurts me for a brief moment. Through years of trials endured and overcome, I have found that the pain of truth is spiritually valuable. I have learned that if I face the truth, the pain of it is greatly reduced and a real lasting joy and peace is pain’s reward. To be a prophet in these times is akin to the ministry of John the Baptist. John was a loner, a voice, crying in the wilderness. He preached against sin and he was a watchman. The only prophetic word that came from John’s mouth was this. “Prepare ye the way of the Lord.”

John knew that the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth was alive in his lifetime and so he preached repentance and righteousness. Jesus declared that John the Baptist was the greatest of ALL prophets. I believe that the ministry of the prophet in our times is no different from the ministry of John the Baptist. The only difference is that today’s prophets MUST preach of the Lord’s SECOND COMING. Like John the Baptist, today’s prophets are called to be voices crying in the wilderness, prepare ye the way of the Lord. I have never called myself a prophet: an evangelist, a pastor and a teacher, yes,—- but not a prophet. The Lord is molding me to become an endtime prophet and so, I am still “in the making.”

Nonetheless, if the signs I have received are from God, then He Himself has called me a prophet, more than once. My prophetic ministry is true to form in the spirit of John the Baptist. My primary message is one of repentance and righteousness. I also function primarily as a watchman– one who prepares the way for the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

As a watchman, I sound the alarm when I suspect that “the wolf is in the patch.”This website is my way of ” blowing the trumpet and sounding the alarm.” Unfortunately, I have found that Christians who disagree tend to avoid confrontation by flight. As they make their “exit” they send forth hypocritical “bless you” kinds of statements. For example, I have received emails like “God bless you, Sister, but would you kindly remove me from your mailing list? May the peace of God and His wisdom bless you now and forever!!! Take care! Yours in Christ!”

I say to such folk who send me such emails, ” Stop being a hypocrite and stand up for what you believe or simply “spam Pam.”  In the summer of 2007, I had a dream where I was clearly shown that since 1974, I have been “in school.” My first “studies” began 3 years before I got saved. In that first class, I learned about the wiles of the devil through my three-year involvement in the occult world as a psychic medium, a hypnotist and an astrologer. In my second class, I learned about “church.” That course has close to 3 decades to complete. The dream revealed in 2007,  that my studies were “incomplete.” What is on the horizon in 2012?  Well, it’s a full court press.

It is my nature to try to “figure out” where the Lord is headed. I was told up front in the dream “Pam, don’t even try to imagine.” Five years ago,I had no reference in my  past or even in my imagination as to subject matter of courses 4 and 5. The third course on spiritual warfare and deliverance has  been completed. The final courses are about fallen angels, the chakras, the kundalini spirit,  and the altered state of consciousness.

About a month after this dream, I found myself knee-deep in a study of the two angels who masquerade as “Jesus”, so much so that it was too much info for a blog. So the 4th course turned into two books: the Fake Jesus and the New Idolatry. Both books   center on the methods, teachings and practices of the fallen angels known as “ascended masters,” each book from a different perspective.

Some have predicted that December 21, 2012 will be the end of the world as we know it. Perhaps.  I was shown in a dream that by 2015, the USA will become a police state and the Anti-Christ will be revealed. Food utilities and water will be rationed and the churches will become command centers for goods and services for those who have taken the mark of the beast. How do I try the spirits.  Well, the dream pointed to  a landmark event will occur in 2012 to confirm if what I have seen is from the Lord or the religious demon that is assigned to me.  If the event does NOT occur, then I heard from a religious demon.  If it DOES occur, I will STILL remain cautious but I will not be able to rule out that the dream was from the Holy Spirit.

Trying the spirits involves learning how to pray, learning how to watch and learning how to wait. My wait is not idle. My message is simple. At Pam Sheppard Ministries, we concentrate on  un-deceiving the elect in 3 specific areas: 1. how to overcome false conversions, 2. how to deal with fallen angels and 3. preparing for the return of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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  1. I am hearing the same voices that you are hearing . I have at times thought myself mad and am glad that i have a confirmation from another believer . Please pray for me and place me on your contact list . I will , and am praying for you and your ministry. Be blessed, Rev. Jack Dennis


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