Witchcraft Spells Among Professing Christians



Witchcraft Spells and you is the focus of this article. What do witchcraft spells have to do with a believer? Witchcraft spells and witchcraft magic uses spoken words, chants, declarations, incantations and other demonic devices as a means of control. Witchcraft is used by those who seek to control you. Are there witches in the church? Are their unsaved people in the church? The answer to both of these questions is yes. That’s right! Your own pastor could be a witch.

Witchcraft spells and all its evil renderings is about power, control and domination. Witches seek to control you by any evil means necessary. Witchcraft is all about manipulation and control. Witchcraft denies the power of Jehovah God, and those who practice it are in league with demons. Witch- craft comes from the kingdom of darkness. There is no such thing as a good witch, just as there is no such thing as a good, harmless devil.

Witchcraft Spellcasting and its Evil Devices have been Recorded in the Word of God…

A Christian must believe in witches, because God warns us about them in His word. In the Book of Micah, chapter three, God passes grave judgment on witches. What does God say? Jehovah God will cut off witchcrafts totally. Witches and soothsayers will perish.

As you can see, witches and their demonic spell castings, were under the wrath of God. Your church is not exempt from having members that practice witchcraft. How could your church be exempt from witchcraft controls, when Jesus said let wheat and  tares grow together? King Saul consulted the witch of Endor, requesting that she call up the spirit of Samuel. This incident is recorded in 1 Samuel 28:7.

Be Advised… Beware…And Be Vigilant…

You know, fact beyond doubt, that witchcraft spells can hold you in bondage if you are not truly saved. If your salvation is not built on the rock, a witch can afflict and run a train wreck through your life. Be advised and beware, witches are a reality in church or out. Witches will use any evil means necessary to afflict,control, and harass you into letting go of your faith.

The devil stalks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. If there were no such thing as witches in church, why would apostle Paul tell us to be sober and vigilant against the wiles of the devil? The devil stalks about looking for converts. In fact, Satan and his demons make themselves at home in the church. Evil spirits thrive in an atmosphere of sin. One look at the Catholic church, and it’s abominable molesting priests proves my point. One look at the ever-growing list of churches evading the IRS proves my point yet again.

What do You Think?

Are you convinced that there are no witches in the church? Do you find it hard to believe that witches sit in the pews and pulpits of churches? Are you positive that you need not worry about witchcraft spells? I’m here to tell you that witches sit in church, and practice witchcraft spell casting. Some of them are under such strong delusion,  they believe they are saved.

I Know of more than one  Witch who Where Members of a Church… If you are sober, vigilant and put on the full armor of God, your eyes will open.

Witch of Endor detail

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 What is a sex spell?  What is a love spell? How to tell if your fatal “UNEXPLAINABLE ATTRACTION” is a result of witchcraft spells? What is a demonic soul tie?

Do you think that witchcraft spells and controls are the reason for your troubles, and afflictions? Do you have a friend, family member, or someone who you suspect is under a witchcraft spell? Would you like to know more about deliverance counseling?

Look no further. Pam Sheppard, has over 25 years of pastoral experience, and her expertise in deliverance counseling is second to none. She has broken many a witchcraft spell over the telephone by  her deliverance model called deliverance counseling, aka the SEW Program. If you are having a problem with this kind of madness, arrange a telephone session by sending an email to pamsheppard911@yahoo.comor call 518-477-5759. Help is on the way.


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2 responses to “Witchcraft Spells Among Professing Christians

  1. Lynnette

    Is a person who has claimed to be a trans really under the control of satan? The person I am talking about is one of my grandchildren; who turned her back on God before this happened. My daughter (her mother) who has been a Christian all her life is now going along with this behavior (my granddaughter has had her breast’s removed- calling it top surgery – she is 23 and been claiming to be trans since she was 15 and fell in with a group of lgbtq girls in high school), these girls had her turn from a very feminine girl to a boy by the end the end of the school year. My daughter goes along with it because the kid has talked of suicide and she says she would rather have a living son than a dead daughter. I’m so distraught and have been praying since it started 8 years ago. Thank you for listening.


  2. What link? Would be glad to. But you need to be more specific.


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