Dr. Cindy Trimm, Slain in the Spirit and Ashtar

THE FAKE JESUS:Fallen Angels Among Us

It was this video clip that birthed the book “The Fake Jesus: Fallen Angels Among Us.  I’m not sure, but I suspect the year was 2006.  I had recently heard a voice say to me that the entire institutional  church was akin to a condemned, boarded up dwelling and that the Holy Ghost had vacated it. As a pastor for 25 years at the time,  I was truly  hoping that the message I had received was not from God.  So I decided to take a year and do some research. Just as I was about to begin by studying church history, I was led to watch this particular video.

At that point, I had never heard of Dr. Cindy Trimm so I watched the video without any preconceived perceptions of  her ministry.

When the clip reached the 2 minute and 42 second point, my book “the Fake Jesus” was conceived, for it was at that exact moment that I heard Dr. Trimm “declare,” I THANK YOU FATHER THAT THE SPIRIT OF THE ASHTAR HAS FALLEN UPON THE PEOPLE,  as the people were falling slain in the spirit like ocean waves across the entire building where the congregation was assembled.

Astar? That sounded familiar.  I first went to my bible and found Ashtoreth, an old testament idol. Once I googled the name “Astar,”  Google  corrected my spelling  to ASHTAR. Beyond a doubt,  I was in a state of shock.  For the door to aliens, ascended masters, and fallen angels imitating our Lord  flung wide open. All because of the 2:42 slide of this video.

This is only one image  of Ashtar. He also appears as an alien.


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  1. S Walker

    She said the spirit of Esther.


  2. I once attended a ministry, which I also got involved in as a greeter, setting up before services, and helping in the ministry office.
    This was called a “prophetic” ministry and a woman by the name of Dr.Michelle Corral was the pastor over this ministry.
    She was connected to many well known people who were often guest speakers at her ministry. Cindy Trimm being a regular monthly speaker, always asking for people to give finances, and selling her books after services. I felt , even though she used the Bible, a lot of her own views and a lot of hype and emotionalism, as well as clairvoyance was made to seem like it was from the Holy Spirit,,,,,but I discerned something else not Scripturally sound. Benny Hinn also became a guest speaker and people were always encouraged to give money. While I was trying to believe this ministry was good and godly and Scriptural,,,,, I saw things that were just not right, and I saw compromise. There were always people getting”words” ,,, supposedly from God,,,,but I had reason to start believing that there was clairvoyance and witchcraft involved in all this.
    People were always expected to fall over, and she, Michelle Corral, would blow on people as if there was some supernatural power in this to make them fall over. The “anointing” was totally a main focus, always talking of the anointing,,,, and tithe and other offerings were very much required as if a commandment of God. There’s so much more,,,but I could never really share what I went through and experienced. Maybe I needed to know other people saw this too.
    Anyway, I always asked God to never allow me to be deceived, and to always show me the Truth. And I finally got away from this group, which felt like a cult, and along with other past ministry experiences,,, I have been detoxing from wrong teaching, and from a lot of brainwashing and deception.


  3. Kierra

    I just want to let you know that Cindy Trimm did say Ashter not Ester. Her accent is even that strong when speaking. My ministry focus on exposing demons, fallen angels, Satan and the NWO agenda through animation which I am currently working on. My two gifts are discerning of spirits and dreams. Cindy Trimms was doing more than just calling out the spirit of Ashtar. She was doing a lot of occultic hand sings such as the devil horns, anti-christ and 666 hand signs putting the congregation up under a spell. Many people do these hand signs without being aware, but to keep doing it more then several times is a different story. When the congregation felled down, some of those people who were shaking seems familiar to those who are up under demonic possession in voodoo.

    I was listening to someone on youtube who was back masking Cindy Trimms preaching and there are some crazy stuff said backwards. How is that if she is of God with the Holy Spirit? Makes no sense. Things done backwards is called the law of reversal taught Alester Crowley who was a high ranking Satanist in the early 1900s.He was also know as the world’s most evil person on earth. He wrote many books on child sex and ritual sacrifices and how it should be done to gain power and control etc. He brags about how many people he ritually sacrificed especially children, mostly little boys. Many secret societies such as the Freemasons, Eastern Stars, the Jesuits, etc, occult organizations, Satanic churches, musicians, positions and people in high places, celebrities and CEO’s of major corporations who are masons, occultism, witches, satanist, sorcerers, etc all look up to Alester Crowley and his teachings.

    His teachings are everywhere. When I was listening to Cindy’s Trimm audio backwards with my headphones, I felled a sleep. I woke with the audio still playing backwards, but I wasn’t able to move. There were a group of demons standing by my door. Before they could get a hold of me, I tried really hard to moved my arms around. After a few minutes, I was able to move around and I hurry up and brush myself getting rid of the feeling that paralyzes my body. Why am I seeing demons while listening to Cindy Trimm if she was of God with the Holy Spirit dwelling in her? I believe she is witch pretending to be a servant of God. In that same video with her invoking the spirit of Ashtar, she told the congregation to gather close touching their neighbors really close. You can be a false prophet and speak God’s word accurately with different agenda’s to deceive Christians or whatever.

    Then Cindy told them to put their hands on their head. She then corrected them and said put their hands on top of their head before she started doing the Tsunami hit. I have seen hypnotist do the same exact thing that Cindy did and this hypnotist caused a group of people to fall asleep. God mentioned about his people dying because of lack of knowledge. It doesn’t have to be about not knowing the word of God or not having salvation. It has a lot more meanings to it. Majority of the Christians like 98% do not know their enemy Satan and is blind to most of his devices and do not see Satan and his servants disguising themselves as servants of the most High. There are Satanist laughing at God and laughing at Christians because they say that the greatest Satanist among them are the one’s who stands behind the pulpit deceiving the Christians.


    • Thank you so much for your revealing, insightful observations nd testimony. Zi would like you to copy and past this at setting captives free.me Search with the name Candy Trimm nd post your comment on that post as well.


  4. S. Janine Hyman

    Per her NON-EUROPEAN accent, she said the spirit of ESTHER (queen of the Jews). In all of her other recordings, it is clear that she is talking about Esther of the Bible–it’s just a difference in her accent. I have studied several of her recordings and she pronounces her ESs as ASs. Nothing for you to publicly bash and accuse of because you do not understand an accent from someone not from the states–but from Bermuda. The Esther is simply a slip of the tongue (as she often. Every recording just about that I have heard, when she is in high gear, she messes up a word or two. Why look for something negative when there IS none? I think that says more about the author than it does about the preacher. A WHOLE story concocted based off a misunderstood word.


    • I am the author.

      Let’s say you are right about this and she said ESTHER. GOD CAUSED ME TO HEAR “ASHTar.” I needed to know about HIM. I do not know Cindy Trimm, NEVER read a book of hers or HEARD a full sermon or teaching. She is not important in this. ASHTAR IS.

      One thing I DO know about Trimm. SHe is into invoking Angels. The only angels who will respond are the fallen ones. GOd’s angels are not to be sought directly. They will only heed the voice of God and not our voices.

      So it stands to reason that when Trimm or any one else invokes Angels, they are being led by those angels who follow Satan.


  5. ava stubbs-smith

    Thank you for sharing!!! The holy spirit revealed to my as well that this wasn’t right. He told me to look up her origin. 1 Thessalonians 5:12


  6. Nakita

    The only spirit I want to fall on me is the Holy Spirit. It doesn’t matter how it was pronounced. We should only desire the Holy Spirit.


    • That is the bottomline Nakita. That hits the nail on the head for all those who want to argue about what Trimm did or did not say. Or make excuses about an accent. WE SHOULD NOT BE LOOKING FOR ANY SPIRIT TO FALL ON US BUT THE HOLY SPIRIT!!!!!!!!!!


  7. Reuben

    If someone has an issue with us, with what (they think) we have said, done etc, we would expect and hope that they would first come to us, before going to anyone else: especially before going public, to protect themselves from the sin of presumption (Psalm 19:13) without clarification from the person/people concerned.

    Forgive me if I am being presumptuous, but was Trimms ministry contacted, right from the beginning, to clarify and explain the word or name she used which is in question, and why she used it, as well as anything else we are not sure about about her and her ministry, especially before going to anyone else about it, and making public that which has not been verified and clarified from the one concerned ? If so, their feedback should have been mentioned in this post to begin with, right at the top.

    A tree is known by it’s fruit, not by it’s gifts. The Lord will say to many gifted people who did wonderful things in HIs name, that He did not know them (Matthew 7 & Luke 13). The issue is to identify and discern the fruit He is referring to, which is not just the fruit of one’s ministry, but the fruit one’s private and personal life. For without love in personal relationships (I Corinthians 13:4-7), we can move mountains, prophecy, speak in tongues, and give all to the poor, and yet personally profit nothing (I Corinthians 13:1-3), though others have been blessed by us and through us.

    Does the way we live, our thoughts, words, and actions represent Christ ? Character is tested under authority, beginning at home – your husband, your leadership at church, your place of employment, your government, and especially how one speaks about others to others, and about our leaders to others. Two wrongs don’t make a right. If we discern unrighteousness, may we respond righteously, instead of react unrighteously, and justify our unrighteous reactions with perceived unrighteous acts.

    It is not written that love does not provoke, but love is not easily provoked. The weight of responsibility is one the one being provoked, to discern if he/she is being provoked by truth or error. The truth is highly offensive, and many were offended by the truth, and left Jesus (John 6:60-66). May we not just know the written word, but the living word, which gives us insight, discernment and understanding to the written word. A head knowledge of scripture, does not prove or imply that we have come to the the living Word for life (John 5:39-40). The devil knows more scripture (the letter of the law) than most believers. He quoted or misquoted it to Adam, Eve, and Jesus! He that has ears to hear (and not just eyes to read), hear what the spirit is saying. Shalom.


    • What you right is sweet and nice but it just does not happen in the real world. If it did, then no one would get anything done.

      This is how it happened in real time. I knew nothing of Trimm. Just watched a video clip and heard her say “I thank you Father that the spirit of the Astar has fallen upon the people. I went to the search engine with ASTAR. It respelled it to ASHTAR.

      From that point on, I forgot about Cindy Trimm her ministry and anything connected to her. period. I wrote a book called “the Fake Jesus: Fallen Angels Among Us,” never giving Cindy Trimm yet another thought.

      Should I have gone to her to ask her permission or clarification? I HEARD ASHTAR WHETHER SHE SAID IT OR NOT. It is not important if she actually said it. It is important that I found out about Ashtar. Finding out about Ashtar turns out to be more important that my own ministry, up to that point. Cindy Trimm is really not in my scope of vision.


  8. Jennifer Combie

    My My My it never ceases to amaze me how Religious spirits can turn things around, how those who do not live holy lives can trample on what is and who is holy. Do you know how many times I thought the Holy spirit was telling me to do something and it was not the Holy Spirit at all but just my mind at work . Do you know there is a devil and he feeds on what he hears. he knows where you are at and uses your deceptive spirit to confuse you . How do we know a true prophet we know a true prophet if what he speaks come to passed we also know a true prophet by their behavior. when I listened to Cindy Trim I am encouraged to continue serving the Lord. Now what kind of spirit would encourage me in the things of God. I recall this story I Read some 10 years + this man who was in conversation with Jesus all of a sudden this imp like creature came between them making this rakkety rakkety noise, Jesus continued speaking but he could not hear what Jesus was saying because of that imp, but the man was wondering why wasn’t Jesus doing anything about the creature. He was desperate and so wanted to hear what the Lord was saying, he commanded the creature to not only stop, but to get out in Jesus Name and the creature ran off. He said Lord, why didn’t you stop the creature you have all the power. Jesus said ” the same power I have you have. (The same power that rose Christ from the grave is in me). I am so happy I can command my morning because I am in Christ. I am so happy I can call those things that are not as if they were because I have the traits of my Father God . Thank you Father for raising up Cindy Trim for such a time as this. who cares with critics. critics do what they are best at and that is to ‘critic’. we the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus do what we are best at serve the Lord with all our heart and all our soul and love our neighbors as our self Amen. Lord Please open the eyes of the Critics.


    • Seems YOU are the one who is the critic. ?when I made this post, it was NOT to criticize Cindy Trimm. This post is not about her because I don’t know her or her work. all I saw was a short video clip and I heard her day “I thank you Father that the spirit of the Ashtar has fallen upon the people.

      So YOU Jennifer are critizing me simply because I reported what I heard.


      • britcstar

        thank you for being a watchman on the wall by praying and exposing evil. My allegiance is to God and God alone. I pledge my allegiance to the Lamb alone. God is going to expose the wicked hearts of his people. judgment will begin at the church. It amazes me how people heard this with their own eyes and still want to challenge you instead of being careful as to who they will open themselves up to – many are called, but few are chosen. smh God help the state of the church and humanity as a whole.


  9. Hey Sister,
    I just wanted to take a moment to encourage you and let you know that you are not alone. I saw the entire unedited version on youtube and you are spot on. Unfortunately the brainwashed masses vehemently refuse to question anything about the religion forced on them by their oppressors. Our people are spiritually dead because we refuse to study and anyone with a bible, a smile and a collection plate is welcomed with open arms. Bottom line WHOEVER she called on WAS NOT JESUS/GOD. Isnt God a jealous God then why are we praying to other entities during his prayer? God is a creator. Why would he send a “tsunami” to “slain” his children seeking his help? She is also clearly using demonic hand signs at key moments. She also tells the people not to hold hands when the bible teaches “touch and agree.” She then says heaven has been locked and she must open it and she is praying for “mentals to be opened in the spiritual.” What scripture says heaven is locked? She like the rest of these modern preachers begins by first thing she prayed for was “economics and financial blessings.” Why would a “spiritual” person pray to a spiritual God for “mental” and physical (money) blessings? Shouldn’t we be praying for spiritual gifts? Shouldn’t we be seeking ye first the kingdom of God? My whole life is trying to awaken our people to the many lies muddled in the truth and the truth hidden in the lies and they do not want to hear it. Our people would rather live comfortably as slaves and turn a blind eye than take a stand against Satan who you hear her refer to as Shaytan in the longer version. I saw in the comments the same lazy excuses that are often directed at me and I liked the class, humility and strength with which you replied. May God richly bless you my sister in the struggle. He who has ears let him hear.


  10. Helen

    How many souls are you winning to Christ? God can use any one he pleases. Sounds like you are tearing down preachers to split the church so you can sell books. What manner of spirit are you speaking from? For you to say no one has that kind of power they had 2000 years ago is foolish. God has not changed. He is the same God today yesterday and tomorrow. The same God of Abraham. May God have mercy on you.


    • You are yet another deceived person who forms opinions without reading. Unfortunately, the so-called CHRISTIAN world is filled with folk like you.

      First of all, I don’t win souls for CHRIST. That is yet another false teaching. God does not need us to WIN anybody. I tell them the gospel. It’s the Holy Spirit that does the converting. I don’t win a soul.

      God has not changed but His methods DO change. Has nothing changed in 2000 years? Think about it.

      Another thing. You give me too much credit. The institutional church was conceived in 313 AD by the Roman Emperor Constantine. He is the one who originally split the church. The church has been split ever since.

      And finally, God has had mercy on me by Undeceiving me. Hopefully, you too can share in that because you are quite deceived.


  11. Hi Pam:

    what ever happened to “Behold I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy?” There is power in the name of Jesus and He delegated that power to his body, the church while we are waiting for his return.

    i’m not getting caught up in demons, devils and evil and fallen angels; they are not important, but preparing for the return of Jesus Christ, and winning souls for the kingdom of God. That is what should be a Christians major concern right now, not various names of demons and idols in the Old or New Testament. when Jesus cast out the legion of demons, he sent them into a herd of swine, and left. He did not spend time finding out about their personalities, position of authority, etc. and neither should we. Our Lord Jesus Christ has all power satan, demons and devils and we should be too. When I awake every morning, I don’t command my morning, but I thank God that I’m alive and able to think, breathe, move around, etc. We should be concerned about God’s abundant grace and mercy and forget all the other trivial things that satan loves to hear us argue about and that keeps us divided as a body of believers.

    God bless you!


    • Thank you for your comment and your blessing. What I am going to say to you is an expression well used today. YOU DO YOU AND I WILL DO ME.

      I don’t particularly like to take scriptures out of their natural context just to make a point that fits my particular point of view. The scripture you reference was said to the Apostles. No one has had the kind of power that they had in 2000 years, yet they STILL had to fight and resist the devil in their own lives.

      For example, the Apostle Paul demonstrated his power to cast out demons, yet he had to still RESIST THEM. Surely God”s Grace was sufficient but Paul STILL had to stand while the enemy caused him to be shipwrecked, imprisoned, stoned and left for dead, and ultimately martyred for the Lord. so the Apostle Paul knew well when he wrote, “resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”

      So you can politely put down what I do and then close with “God Bless YOU, all you want. The proof is in my pudding cause I GET RESULTS! What I do adds meat to resist the devil and he will flee.” So perhaps you will think twice before you minimize what I do, that you know very little about.


  12. Phiwe South Africa

    I believe we should use our spiritual gifts more than listen to everything said about everyone. God has given us all the gift and some people choose to relax and hear from other people instead of exercising their own. They end up accepting everything even if its not correct. We pray to God in the name of Jesus. It is an insult to Jesus if we are to call false things. That sermon does give uneasiness feeling to the Holy Spirit. That is why it is false. She Prophecies like a magician instead of a Pastor. Her boldness does not mean she is anointed. I have checked some off her teaching they are mixed up. The bible does mention that there are and will be false teachings how ever. It also mentions that we do not wrestle against human but against principalities and dark rulers. Therefore we can pray about such things that God reveals and teaches his people.


  13. caleb

    Hi Pam,how can one determine which pastor or minister is genuine


  14. caleb

    Dr Pam all of this is quite shocking but I’ll like to know, how do you tell a real pastor or minister from a fake one.


    • Caleb, you have asked a good question. give me some time to create a post to address your question. In the meantime, do not watch CHRISTIAN TV, stay out of the churches, and do not let anyone speak into your life with their so called prophecies.


      • Hi Pam, i will like to know what Cindy is saying about this. She still alive and to answerd on this alegation. This is serious. Astrid


        • This is not about Cindy Trimm. I have made no accusations against her. I have not read any of her books nor have I attended her meetings. perhaps she did say “Esther.” But God caused me to hear “Ashtar.”

          once I looked up ASHTAR, the entire realm of fallen angels that call themselves ascended masters opened up for me. So I have moved beyond the realm of Cindy Trimm or her colleagues and followers.


  15. She called on a spirit called “ishtar”, “ashtar” or whatever but to call on another name but the name of God isn’t Biblical. And if the spirit is not the Holy Spirit then it is of the devil.

    There are a lot of phony teachers out there. There are actually witches and satanists who infiltrate churches to mix in false doctrine and other things not of God.

    I don’t know much about Cindy Trimm but from what I’ve heard she seems to be the same old prosperity gospel, name it and claim it type preacher.

    Something is not quite right with a lot of churches these days when they focus on prosperity and catering to peoples’ itching ears when the earlier followers of Jesus were persecuted and even martyred. Christians today are being persecuted and martyred left and right for Jesus’ namesake in many countries.


  16. Tammie

    I am glad that I did some follow up to this youtube video of Dr. Trimm, I was almost ready to listen to these audio prayers every morning even though my spirit man was not at peace. I just had a feeling of uneasiness likened to the time I went into an occult type store to purchase essential oils…not Holy.


  17. momofdestiny

    Even though I have a slight hearing lost, I heard “Ash” as the beginning sound. It sounds like Ashtur and a 2 syllable word to me. Issachur is 3 syllable.


  18. Reblogged this on RESCUE FELLOWSHIP: Delivering the Damaged and commented:

    My watching this video was the most pivotal event of my spiritual life, as this day served as the gateway to a flood of divine revelations that gave birth to 4 books. Pam Sheppard


  19. Donna

    Dr. Cindy Trimm is say Issachar which means for discernment of correct times and seasons.

    See for yourself


  20. Mara

    I dont know what Dr. Trimm said or meant to say. But I think the more important thing we need to realize it that there is a False Christ and the there is a great deception taking place. The church has already been infiltrated by the Ashtar Command, Sananda and Matrieya mascarading as angels of light. We must stay in our bibles so that we will not fall prey. Follow Christ Yoshua and let the Holy Spirit lead us.


  21. Yao

    exactly my point… even though angels operate according to the will of Holy Spirit, they are a distinct category of beings. So it is inaccurate to say every spirit other than the Holy Spirit is demonic. In addition, the Bible talks of “SPIRITS of Just men made perfect” (heb 12:23). Are all these spirits demonic? Also, in 1Cor 5:4(KJV) Paul talks of “my SPIRIT” being present when “ye are gathered together”. Was Paul’s spirit demonic?

    On the Cindy Trimm issue, I think she(cindy trimm) will have to tell us herself what SHE meant when she said what she said. Until we’ve heard her on the matter, our opinions are only presumptive.


  22. Yao

    is the spirit of Elijah demonic?… READ YOUR BIBLE!


  23. Pam, thank you for your stand. To everyone else, FYI, the spirit of ANYTHING besides the Holy Spirit is demonic. Period. So, it doesn’t matter what spirit she named, if it’s not the Holy Spirit RUN! READ YOUR BIBLES!


  24. GodSeeker

    brothers and sisters please understand that you are to study to show yourself approved unto the lord, rightly dividing the word of truth. The dividi g the truth is done through the holy spirit. Also recognize that God has set people in the body to assist us with our spiritual journey and life, not control it. We are to accept what the spirit bears witness in our spirit, not everything will bear witness because it is either not for you or you have not ascended to the level to receive it. We must understand that when people completely are sold out to God and get into the spirit of god, he gives revelation beyond the average understanding of those who are not deeply rooted in the spirit. Remember when Jesus began teaching to his own people – because he had spent so much time with God in the spirit – those who heard him thought he was speaking blasphemy;. So the question is was he blasphermous or was he so deep in the spirit and revelation – that the majority had to receive his words in parables because they were unable to receive it directly. Also know that there are those that are spiritual mature to receive what dr trimm teaches and there are those who are not. Just because someone is unable to receive it doesn’t make it demonic. People are on different spiritual levels and the depth of ones ability to receive will require a depth of understanding given directly from god. Ask god who gives liberally and unbraideth not. if dr trimm says things that you don’t understand, ask god. It’s not necessary to conclude that it is demonic. The knowledge of angels and their ministry is not widely known by people. But remember Jesus spoke to legion and command him to get out and legion had to come out. If people are working on the same level as Jesus was it is quite possible for them to command angels fallen or not. We must continue to ask God.


    • I knew nothing of Cindy Trimm and so when I first saw the video, I did not know she was commanding angels. Whether she said “Esther or Ashtar” really does not matter. I heard “Ashtar.” I googled with that name and the search opened up a door to my understanding of angels that I never had before. This post is really not about Cindy Trimm or even what she is teaching because I have only heard her for about 15 minutes. What I do know is that we walk on dangerous ground when we attempt to “command our morning.” I also know that Astar is a fallen angel who serves the fake Jesus, the one known as Jesus Sananda Immanuel. I also know that Sananda, second in command, serves the master of masters, aka Maitreya. Anyone on any spiritual level can understand this. These are the principalities and powers of Ephesians 6. You cannot cast them out because they are not “inside” of anyone. They are what is known as “walk-ins.” They walk in and out of those who serve them and teach their false doctrines. Cindy Trimm may be under the influence of her “walk-in” called Ashtar. He is the one who empowers her so she was compelled to thank the Father for Ashtar’s help to cause all those folk to fall slain in the spirit. Trimm may think she is talking to the Father God with all of her “decrees and proclamations.” She may be in for a big suprise that she is praying to a different father, Lucifer. Maybe not. So yes, I continue to ask God about these matters. Wrote more than one book about it. Waiting to hear more. Thanks for the time you took and the civility in the way you expressed your concerns.


  25. Mary

    I agree with u Pam. There is a lot of disillusionment in the church. How may i get ur bk abt false jesus. Am in kenya


  26. dena


    I have listened to a few of Cindy Trimm’s sermons on youtube. I most certainly thought she said Ashtar not Esther. I must say many of the things that she has spoken in her sermons is very encouraging, however, I believe we as believers in Christ Jesus must know our Bibles. My mother always said that if clergy is telling you the Bible says in…blah, blah…make sure you have your own Bible open so you can see for yourself that they actually are in the Book.

    We are in the age of technology, knowledge is increasing at the most rapid rate ever. Souls are hungry and thirsty for something to satisfy them. I strongly believe that it is most certainly Jesus we need to fill the empty hole in our souls. Because I am a bit of a conspiracy theorist about many things, I am very careful as to what I digest from people’s ministries. We should all be this way. If it is the latest greatest thing that has hit the “spiritual market place”, we ought to examine that “thang” thoroughly. If it leaves us with questions or leads us away from God’s Word–” Houston we have a problem!”

    My only concern with Cindy Trimm is this, is it possible that she may mix New Age, Witchcraft, and the Bible to captivate the believer? My husband is from the Carribean, he always says that it is common place that witchcraft and spiritual things are mixed more often times than not. I also believe that when God elevates you and you experience wealth, prestige, recognition, the demands of people requesting you speak all over the world, if you are not careful– a demonic spirit can attach to that and the end result is manifestations that can only come out of Satan’s kingdom. It may look and sound like what we are used to, but isn’t that how ” counterfeit” stuff works.

    I am not the judge of Cindy Trimm’s gifts or annointing…But we should all beware if we are unsettle by things that don’t make sense to us. When things come at me too hard to fast ” tsunami” style…I run for cover–which is my Word, because I don’t want to be fooled by the enemy. I’ve been hurt to much before accepting Christ.. I refuse to get in God and be fooled again and miss Heaven altogether. I am a person who has to spend time processing what has been spoken, because the spoken word is so powerful. The spoken word decreed and declared should always be from the Word of God.

    I don’t really hear Cindy Trimm’s Bermudan accent–as it is a bit watered down to me by an East coast flare. She speaks a certain way because like many of us when we educate ourselves a bit and start speaking we can develop a vocal style of speaking…this is so common in the Church. Lastly, another point of thought is people that come from a poverty mindset…I am one of those people…Education is power to us, however, again if not carefully submitted to God, the devil will take this another way. I notice that may of her sermons explain the science of the Bible if you will. And God has been leading me in this particular vein for His glory. We do need to understand the function of the body, mind, soul, and spirit. Most importantly if we choose to follow the path of explaining the “science” of things in our sermons, we should make sure that we understand that God IS NOT, NEITHER EVER WILL BE predicated upon science…but science is predicated upon God…therefore…science should explain God to us in His awesome Greatness and never lead us away into godless worship of things that lack substance.

    Didn’t expect to write this much…but church folk please wake up and learn to establish your relationship with God it is a personal walk…READ YOUR BIBLES and stay in your WORD…if you don’t stand for nothing you’ll fall for anything!!!


  27. Renee

    GGreetings Ms. Sheppard,

    I really don’t see the humor in this matter. The scripture teaches that Hasatan better known as “Satan” is the accuser of the brothern. I want to be sure that I understand what you mean by “I did my research.” Did you research “Holy Ghost” and “Asher” as in the 12th son of Jacob. Should we believe that the Most High God speaks to us about the error of our brothers/sisters ways but then would allows us to associate His name with the devils titles. I’m convinced that He does not.
    As a reminder, in Matthew 7 the Messiah tells us [ Do Not Judge ] “Judge not, that you be not judged. For with what judgment you judge, you will be judged; and with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you. And why do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye, but do not consider the plank in your own eye? …
    I want to be sure that I am very well understood, I believe that idolitry is sin and anyone who names the name of the Most High God should depart from it. I also believe that anyone who is truly seeking after the Most High God will know the truth in their heart and follow the Messiah.


    • When I watched Trimm’s video, I had never heard of her before. So I was completely objective. I simply researched what I heard her say—Ashtar. Now she could have said Esther or even Asher, as you believe, Renee. Regardless, that was 5 or more years ago. I have since watched Dr. Trimm and my assessment—not judgment—is that she teaches that we can command angels as Jesus did. Anyone who does that is walking on dangerous ground.For you see, I suspect that God has already released the spirit of strong delusion, and that as a result, fallen angels have been released to deceive and take over the Institutional Church. Cindy Trimm is simply one in a million—- caught up in a global deception.


  28. Renee

    Greetings in the Name of the Most High YaHoVah!

    As I read this article, I felt compelled to list a comment concerning it.
    First, I love the Word of the Most High!! He is His Word and His Word is Him. There is no division.
    Second, for those who have taken time to fast, pray, seek the Most High and search and study the scriptures, I’m sure there is a level of anointing and Truth that resides within us “the Truth sets us free…” I admonish you to earnestly seek the Most High for the truth concerning this.
    Third, respectfully, to the Pastor who posted his experience and expressed concern for the church I would like to say I also have a concern. In your writing you refer to the Spirt of the Most High as the “Holy Ghost.” In searching the original scriptures and the history of scripture translation I have a clear understanding that the word “Ghost” should never be used when refering to the Most High God. The Word Ghost comes from and unholy source. Please do your research.
    Lastly, I listened to the recording of Dr. Cindy Trimm as well as read some of her books. It’s clear to me that she as and understanding of spiritual warfare prayer. She also teached about the importance of living a holy life pleasing to the Most High God. It doesn’t make sense for her to preach and teach these thing and then call on the name of an idol. It sounds to me like she might be asking for the anointing of “Asher” who was the 12th son of Jacob to fall on the people. Again, please do your research.

    I hope this helps someone.


    • Lol. I did my research. In doing so, I found Ashtar!!!! All false prophets teach about living a holy life. they will even teach about spiritual warfare. the enemy is not stupid. He is not going to infiltrate God’s kinddom with an obvious half-stepper. Dr. Trimm is scholarly, intelligent and appears sincere. The perfect candidate to lead people into the waiting arms of fallen angels.


  29. John Woolridge

    Blessings to all
    As a Bermudian I can 100% confirm that she said Esther. It is just the Bermudian accent . Also it is clear that she was high lighting Biblical characters in her prayer ; Elijah, Esther and Jabez. Dr. Trimm loves Jesus Christ and operates under the power of the Holy Ghost.


    • Thank you John for your insight. However, whether she said Ashtar or Esther, it is necromancy to call on the spirits of the dead. Elijah is not dead but the rest are. You will say, “Trimm is only calling on THEIR anointing.” That may very well be what she think she is doing. But their anointing came from the Holy Ghost. He is here for all whom He has saved. What she is really doing is a lot like calling on spirit guides which is necromancy. Also, Trimm is into commanding angels. Ashtar is a fallen angel. She may love Jesus but is it the fake one? His name is Jesus also. Jesus Sananda Immanuel, the one whom Ashtar serves. We are not to command our morning or anything else. Also ‘slain in the spirit” is an altered state of consciousness. Fallen angels and demons have been grooming our generation in the enhancement of the ASC for the purposes and needs of the Anti-Christ through “any means necessary” to develop the altered state. For in this state, fallen angels and demons can and do jump into human beings who are in a trance-like state.


      • Dear Pam
        I would whole heatedly agree with if the intent was invoke the spirit of the names listed. But to call on the anointing of someone who prevailed with God and received Divine aid, is to request of God to empower them in similar fashion. ( For no one but God is the author of divine anointing) Making a request of an anointing is a request to be equipped in like fashion for a work which that person has already gained the victory. It is a call to faith based upon the legacy of those who have had that success. We see Elisha ask for a double portion of Elijah’s anointing. (And he is asking a man). Dr. Trims petition is to God and thus it is in the hands of the one most aptly can answer.
        Thank you again for your reply


        • your assumption here is that whatever name you petition will answer your prayer. From experience, I have learned that this is just NOT so. the enemy’s charge is to deceive. Anyone who is seeking something that is opposed to God’s will should know that religious spirits are standing by to answer such requests.


  30. Prophetess Victorious Dladla in South Africa

    greetings saints, when you heard an Encounter with the Lord, i would say when you bring that to people you will suffer rejection ,persecution just like Paul who had an Encounter with Jesus while he was on the way to Damascus. To kill christians. Now lets remember we will always have Sadducess and Pharises all the time who happen to know the law of Moses and they were scholars its amazing . but they didnt know who were they worshiping. I had an Encounter wuith the LORD Jeusu many times and when i tell what He taught me nobody is willing to hear and understand because already they have position themselves not to believe you . Idont know whether people look at who you are , where you come from. i have seen things that men of this world have not seen especial those who think they know . When you have the Holy Ghost in you. you will never doubt the power of God or any man or woman that is carrying the secrets of HEAVEN.
    The unbelieve has made many pastors not to receive a supernatural power of God in their congregation. The word of God is not about formality only but also power the same that ressurated Jesus from the grave . When you have Christ in you ,you have a power of God to command things as they are. Focus is a problem with leaders in churches because when they start working for the Lord ,they think they know and start elevating themselves for their own glory. Now they can not recive from they Holy Ghost because they already have their reward. So whoever comes with something they dont understand they crash the person because of fear and unbelieve and not being ready for the power of God to work in them . Lets be careful i am in the same office operation with Dr Cindy Trimm and Dr Juanita Bynum , i am glad that God is faithful if say same office i mean i am allocated inthe same position in the spirit by God . When God place such a person in your church i will advise all pastor never be against that person because you dont understand . Your church is blessed to have such person because not everyone can stand for warfares . The Holy Ghost is the one who train you for the purpose and reveal things that you may not know as the pastor . May the Lord help our unbelieve to believe…I am Prophetess Victorious Dladla living in South Africa . We are soldiers of Jesus Christ love you all saints of GOD.



    • Thank you for your commentary. I was once like you—-one who walked in great supernatural power for 25 years. However, he Lord revealed to me that I was deceived and that the power I once operated under was a combination of psychic and demonic power that He had nothing to do with. Pride goes before a fall. God resists the proud and gives grace to the humble. I have received loads of grace for admitting that the enemy deceived me. If you also humble yourself, He wll pour His grace upon you as well.


      • Cathy

        Hi! I believe that what God showed you about your experience is true. However, it is not true for everyone.
        1corinthian 12:28 And God hath set some in the church, first apostles, secondarily prophets, thirdly teachers, after that miracles, then gifts of healings, helps, governments, diversities of tongues. If God did not give the gift to a person who is operating in any, the work is truly not of God an it is indeed demonic. If someone is operating in the supernatural it doesn’t mean that it is automatically demonic. It’s just a matter of discerning if this is of God or not. As for Doctor Trim I am not 100% sure of where she stands with God and that is between her and God. But I know that many times God taught me things through her and many others. I say all this with love and respect to everyone and their place in God. Shalom!!!!


        • Very reasonable, pleasant comment. I can’t say I disagree with it, other than to point out to you that the enemy just doesn’t deal in total lies. sometimes he will use a person like Trimm to send forth what seems like truth that turns out to be helpful, only to use that same person to parlay what is deadly.


        • One other thing. What God showed me is true for EVERYONE. It was not about Ciny Trimm. it was about the fact that there is an army of fallen angels who represent themselves as ascended masters. These beings are religious and they are in control not only of the occult world but every person, place and thing that is “religious.”

          God showed me nothing about Cindy Trimm. In fact, when I saw her video, I had never heard her speak and I did not know who she was. This post and my book “the Fake Jesus” is not about any individual. Cindy Trimm just served as a point of contact. Whether she said Esther or Ashtar does not matter. I HEARD ASHTAR. As a point of contact, my going on a search for Ashtar was used by the Holy Spirit to open up my eyes about what fallen angels have been doing and are continuing to do.


      • Monica

        She is not saying Ashtar…she is saying ESTER..the spirit of Ester not Ashtar…now that’s decieved


      • PLEASE THE SPIRIT OF ERROR IS WORRING YOU? PSALMS 82 verses 1-6 tells us that we are gods. Jesus Christ confirms this in John 10:34 in job 38:12 expects us to command our morning and results will follow. The holy spirit might have left your church as a denomination but has not and will not leave the Church, which is the Body of Christ Jesus untill Rapture. 2 Thessalonians 2:7-12. Where you can see clearly that the Holy Spirit is the one that restricts Satan from unleashing his full scale wickedness because of the saints still on earth. Do not be like king Saul that the Holy Spirit left and the spirit of evil entered immediately. Thanks


        • This is what I mean about people who read the bible, take it out of context, yet do not understand it. I would like to know how ALL have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God can turn around and BE a god!!!! Let me see you about to have a heart attack command your heart to function properly if you also have the power to “command your morning.”

          I will not argue with you on this. I do not. Have time to waste on people who think they know the bible but they don’t.


  31. TAJ

    Hi Pam,
    we can command our environment because that’s the power and authority of dominion that God gave us before adam’s fall (genesis 1:28-30), JC reinstated that authority back to us since He came as the 2nd
    adam….so, we can command our morning, we can tell this mountain to move, we have the authority of Christ!, we shall decree a thing and it shall be established( Job 22:28)……also,angels are ministering spirits ( heb.1:14) appointed to aid the heirs of salvation, how are they supposed to work if we don’t assign them?


    • If I can command my morning or anything else, then I don’t need the grace of God. A terrible thing has occurred with how people go through scripture, take them out of context, and create a new doctrine or practice. Jesus meant that stament “figuratively” regarding faith. Go command a mountain to move without sufficient faith and see what “does not happen.”


      • Trinique

        The bible says without faith it is impossible to please God. You said that Jesus meant that statement figuratively, but then you say “command a mountain to move without sufficient faith and see what does not happen.”
        Do you believe you can command/decree and declare or not? what you just said only means that with out the right amount of faith it won’t be done, but your not saying it can’t be done in that statement. Ps. 2: 7-8, I will declare the decree: the LORD hath said unto me, Thou art my Son; this day have I begotten thee. Ask of me, and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession. As a “pastor” as you said you were, I would not have even done what you are doing. Sometimes you have to use wisdom and pray for others because we all fall short, but thank God for his mercy. 1 Corinthians 10:12 Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall… I can’t say what you heard or didn’t hear, but I know God is not the author of confusion. I did not know Dr. Trimm, but last night I was at a service where she taught and inspired those present. There was no slaying in the spirit (which I do believe in), but it was a night of prayer and encouragement for this year 2015. Last night from what I saw, this lady is a true prayer warrior. Like I said I don’t know her personally, but I do know the presence of the Holy Spirit, and it was there heavily. Maybe you don’t believe that but that is you, I cannot judge you because God is our judge and lawgiver… James 4:12 There is one lawgiver, who is able to save and to destroy: who art thou that judgest another?


        • You need to read again. I am not judging her. i am not God so I judge no one. Yet judging is also distinguishing or discernment, and that is what we ALL should do.

          Yet As far as her teaching on decreeing, I don’t practice it because I don’t believe in it. yet my prayers get answered without decreeing anything.

          As to you knowing the presence of the Holy Spirit by feeling heaviness, I know exactly what you mean as I used to believe that also. I have been undeceived though. That is not Him.


    • Faith66

      Whether Dr Trimm is saying Ashtar or Ishtar she is speaking falsehood. I heard her at a conference some years ago and my friend said she didn’t like what she was saying but wasn’t specific, at the time I dismissed what my friend said. It wasn’t until I read her book commanding your morning that the Holy Spirit began to deal with me about listening to her. Her book teaches that we have the authority to manipulate the force of faith… faith is NOT a force that we can manipulate in the way she and other describe the Bible clearly defines what Faith is in the book of Hebrews, she goes on to outline prayers where she teaches people to speak to the atmosphere and the hemisphere and stratosphere and they must come into alignment with what we declare and decree. She teaches that we can command anything do we realise what she is saying? God is the only creative one we are his creation and made in his image but we are not little gods we cannot just declare and decree anything we want or feel as she teaches in her books this is blasphemous. She is part of the word of faith preachers, Pam Sheppard publishing you are totally correct. I used to listen to people like Cindy Trimm because many like her speak some truth but as I listened more keenly to many well known preachers God began to show me the error and how the church has swallowed the lie. I was brought up under sound Biblical teaching but I still found myself listening to this error for a while without realising it and it was only the teaching of my pastor years ago that God reminded me of when he said no matter who preaches to you don’t just accept it know the word for yourself. When false teaching is highlighted the first thing many Christians mis-quote is Matt 7 :1-3 Judge not lest ye be judged they fail to understand the context of this verse and that as believers we have a duty to contend for the faith once delivered to the saints. Taj , in Job 22 verse 28 if you study the whole thing you will understand that one of his so called friends Eliphaz is accusing him he is really mocking him


      • sis Jennifer

        Yes it’s the whole new age religion cap, law of attraction and knowing they self basically xing God the creator out… The bible is specific it’s not rocket science people change it to fit their agenda and that’s dangerous.


  32. Ernie

    Ma’am Cindy is from the Islands and so she has a bit of an accent. During this conference TBN was promoting the movie “One Night with The King” . Cindy said Esther not Ashtar.


    • I was raised by West Indians on both sides of my family so I am familiar with Island accents. I don’t doubt what you say regarding the TBN theme of “Esther”. It STILL does not negate that she said “Ashtar.” However, let’s say you are correct. The Lord caused ME to hear “Ashtar” so that the fake Jesus would be revealed and exposed. It would not be the first time that such a thing happened. The Lord caused the footsteps of the 5 lepers to sound like mighty chariots. I haerd “Ashtar” for “such a time as this!!!”


  33. beckyw1347@yahoo.com

    Hello I have played this back several times and I am listening and is she saying Spirit of Esthur or spirit of Ashtar I listen to her comment after and she says about every woman that you are now transforming for the next move of God…just a thought here


  34. Raquel

    Hi Pam,

    While I respect 100% what you are doing, as God is claling me out of the organized church as we speak. I know Cindy Trimm, as she is from Bermuda and I must correct what you are saying, “Cindy Trimm is not saying Ashtar, she is saying Ishtar and Ishtar is in the bible. Just thought that I would make that correction because you are wrong with this one.She is not saying Spirit of Ashtar, it probably sounds like that because of her Bermudian Accent. This will probably change the outcome of what you are saying about her now.

    Blessings to you!



    • Raquel, it does not change anything. Ishtar is as bad as Ashtar. Ishtar is an idol. The outcome does not change because I am not saying ANYTHING about Cindy Trimm, only about what I heard her say. About 100 times. Now what I saw happen, does not change either. I personally believe that the slain in the spirit phenomena opens doorways in the slain to demons. I know this for a fact for as a pastor, I once operated in the same so called “anointing.” I looked around the congregation at people who fell slain every Sunday but they could not STAND for Christ on Monday. Something wrong with that picture. Be well and be wise. Regards. Pam


    • beckyw1347@yahoo.com

      Yes Raquel I so agree with you I have her CD on Commanding You Morning and I read this womans comment on Cindy and I had seen Cindy at my church and God really moves thru her and I was so touched by her God I love her and the way she brings light to the situation and her teaching has helped me sooooo much. But then I read this ladies comment and then I got kinda worried so I listened and listened to what she was saying about the comment the lady made about the spirit of ashtar and I kept listening trying to decipher I was really stressing about it becuz I thought this lady Cindy is so AWEOSME I lOVE HER TEACHING then the next day I was listening and I heard her say the SPIRIT OF ESTHUR I KNEW THATS WHAT SHE WAS SAYING and becuz of the context surrounding what she was saying had to do with ESTHUR. I was so so happy becuz I felt like Cindy was really helping me shed some light on my life and so I started my CD back up and kept listening I have listened to her about so much I am embarrassed to tell you how many times becuz I enjoy it and I want to understand. So i too went on her page Pams like over a week ago and said a comment I think she is saying SPIRIT OF ESTHUR thats just Cindys accent or just the way she sounds in forming her words perhaps. BUT i was so relieved God let me hear it so clearly and I was so THANKFUL THIS woman is AWEOSME Dr. CINDY TRIMM she speaks with authority and you know she knows. I LOVE HER .



      • We cannot “command our mornings.” We are not gods that we can decree or declare ANYTHING. Also, listen once more. Trimm does not say “the spirit of Esther.” She says “the spirit of THE Esther.” Later she says the spirit of Jabaz. Not “the” Jabaz.” The spirit of THE Esther does not make sense. However, the spirit of THE Ashtar makes lots of sense if you know who Ashtar is. She also said “I release angels.” Ashtar is a fallen angel. No where in the word does it say that “we are to release angels.”

        I don’t ask anyone to believe me. Simply go to the Father OBJECTIVELY and ask Him yo reveal whether what I report is the truth.


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