Dr. Cindy Trimm and Communal Intoxication

What do YOU think of this video?  Here is a quote from “Come Out of Her, God’s People” on the subject of communal intoxication that should enlighten you:

“The father of Sociology, Max Weber coined the phrase “communal intoxication.” Communal intoxication is the subnormal ability of magicians, wizards, witches and charismatic religious leaders.  With the God concept at its center, such leaders induce an altered state of consciousness in their followers as demonstrated by the congregants manifestation of intense effusions of excitement and ecstasy.  Communal intoxication has a contagious effect where it can spread throughout an audience, infecting those assembled with corresponding sensations of enhanced emotionality and vitality.  Keep in mind that most of those who were subjects of Weber’s studies included tribal communities on other continents including Africa and the Middle East.  His findings suggest that the altered state of consciousness has both a significant appeal and a correlation to a charismatic leader’s ability to cause large numbers of people to believe that they have been released from various bondages and that they have “heard from God.”

     If you have been demonized AFTER participating in a “slain in the spirit” service, call 518-477-5759.  Help is available by a telephone deliverance. 

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2 responses to “Dr. Cindy Trimm and Communal Intoxication

  1. I guess you never read the Bible. If you have, then it is Jesus that you are calling a liar and a hypocrite.


  2. Pam

    No devil, demons etc..all made up..


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