The Great Falling Away Has Already Happened!


(An Excerpt from the Fake Jesus: Fallen Angels Among Us)


Protestants have contended that only the Catholic Church is a part of the Harlot because of the deification of Mary, the priesthood and the worship of saints. They believe that these practices hinder the salvation of Catholics.  Yet, what of Protestantism?    Are souls being saved among the denominations and the non-denominations of the Protestant faith today?  I am finding that even the best churches are hazardous, primarily because subtle deception is actually held in place by the sincerity and the commitment of its leadership. To be sincerely wrong can be almost as deadly as being obviously deceived or purposefully deceptive.

From my own vantage point from a deliverance perspective,I have been put in contact with several    demonized Catholics AND Protestants around the country and even the world. As such, there is one major sign that suggests that the church age may be coming to a close.  I am willing to bet that some of you are guessing that the most outstanding sign of the demise of the Protestant church is either dying churches, sinning preachers, the prosperity gospel or even false prophets. These are certainly signs that “Satan has a seat”. But   the most outstanding sign  that Satan may be standing behind the pulpits is one of his cosmic beings,  Jesus Sananda Immanuel.

Consider this. The main reason why the church was commissioned in the first place was to preach a gospel that the Holy Spirit could use to draw the elect to the cross of  Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Yet for 200 years or more, the gospel has been tainted with an insidious error that no one seems to be able to correct and most ministers are totally unaware of it. In a nutshell, the main error is that the people are being taught worldwide   that “God will save them once they make   a decision to choose Jesus Christ of Nazareth.—ie.that the ability to be saved lies in man’s hands.” e-book soft cover

Such a teaching borders on blasphemy because if man is saved by “accepting Jesus,” then the decision is a work of man and not a gift from Godaccording to grace, “lest any man should boast  and declare “I am saved because I ACCEPTED JESUS! Whether denominational or non-denominational, pentecostal or Charismatic, practically the entire Protestant church upholds the “free will” decision approach to salvation.

Do you yourself believe that you can or could be saved any time that YOU wanted to? Do you believe that you are NOW saved simply because you responded to an altar call and/ or you repeated a sinner’s prayer where you “asked Jesus to come into your heart?” If you can answer in the affirmative, then you have been deceived and therein, defiled! You are in jeopardy on judgment day when the Lord looks at you and declares,”I NEVER KNEW YOU!!”

             Alarmingly,what is being preached in practically ALL of the Protestant churches is that through a personal decision–the volition and choice of human will—the lost  can ACCEPT Christ to be saved. This is a tenet that has so strongly grieved the Holy Ghost, that it is reasonable to wonder if He has left Protestantism entirely. Started by a preacher called Charles Finney about 200 years ago, this foundational error has pervasively spread like yeast throughout every corner of the Protestant church. Even the most renowned evangelist of our time, Billy Graham has also preached the ” make a decision”doctrine of salvation to millions upon millions.

Moreover, the church practices of the invitation to Christian discipleship through an altar call and the repeating of “the sinner’s prayer” are the main   anchors that hold the foundation of the “free will method” in place in its attempt to convince the lost that they must be saved by “choosing Christ” before it is too late. Some will even preach the doctrine of hell as a scare tactic to browbeat a “decision for Christ.” The essential root of the problem is that when a person sits in church, in a huge stadium, watches a TV evangelist, or even “is led to Christ” by another professing Christian, the lost are being taught that they can ACCEPTJesus into their own hearts and salvation is automatically theirs for the asking.

Interestingly enough, no where in the word of God is it written that “we accept Christ into our hearts.” Paul wrote to the Romans that we”believe in our hearts that Christ was raised from the dead.” However, Paul did not write that we must “accept Jesus into our hearts.”When we are born again, Jesus does not “enter our hearts.” How can He enter our hearts when He is at the right hand of the Father??? This is why the Lord told His disciples that it was better for them that He went away so that the Holy Ghost would come. The Holy Ghost is that part of the godhead who enters our spirits, causing us to become “temples of God.” The heart and the spirit are two distinctively different entities in man. Similarly, like the words “rapture” and “purgatory”,the phrase “accept Jesus”is yet another religious euphemism, not backed up by scripture.

Furthermore, the message of “I accepted Christ” is so preposterous that it is an offense to the triune Godhead. We DO NOT ACCEPT CHRIST. NO ONE CAN BE SAVED UNLESS GOD HIMSELF HAS ALREADY MADE THE CHOICE!!!! The Father and the Son have already done the choosing or the electing before the beginning of recorded time. When the sinner actually hears the call, he simply responds. Even when a sinner cries out for Jesus, it may appear to be an act of his own free will, yet the Lord said that no man can come to Him unless the Father which sent Him draws them. (John 6:44)

Subsequently, even when a sinner begs the Lord for mercy to save him, he does so because he has been drawn to the cross by the Holy Ghost. Therefore, even our repentance is not human but godly. Godly sorrow is a repentance for sin that has been divinely given to the sinner to cause him to repent, to sorrow over the Lord’s sacrifice.At the cross, a sinner’s spirit is washed, cleansed and forgiven by the blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

It is important to state here that nothing stops God, not even the church.When the Lord is ready for the elect, He calls them. If they are sitting on a church pew, He can still reach them, regardless of what they have been listening to. The problem is that many of the elect who are in church believe that they are already saved but they are not. The Father plans to save them. Nevertheless, for the Holy Ghost to draw them to a genuine salvation experience, the strong man must be bound with the light of truth. In this instance, the “strong man” is the religious demon, aka,the Fake Jesus. Jesus Sananda Immanuel.

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2 responses to “The Great Falling Away Has Already Happened!

  1. Courtney Campbell

    Hi I just found your blog and I am clicking away. Its good stuff in here, but this article is written out of a 3-fold misunderstood interpretation. The first issue is that you said that Jesus does not live in us and citing Paul as having never said this. In Galatians 2:20 you will find Paul saying this, “I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.” Yes Jesus is at the right hand of God like you said, but at the same time by faith Jesus lives in the believers. The body of believers now make up Christ’s earthly body.

    The second issue is that you believe that salvation in Christ is not available to all men. This is not true. This is the message of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, a religious cult. I can understand how John 6:44 interpreted verbatim says such, but you are missing something essential. While a man must have desire from God to come to Jesus we must then understand that all a man needs to do is ask God for desire. God said, “If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.” Matthew 21:22. Ask in His name for a desire to know Him and that He will grant. Christ has an extended an invitation of Himself to all men and it is up to each of us to accept Him in our hearts. Hearts being the center of our bodies, lives.

    Third and final issue is the argument that mankind are not free moral agents and that God has predestined who will be saved and who will be cast out. This view conflicts with the nature of God. He loves his creation and is just towards us. His son died for ALL of us. Thereafter we are given the choice to return or refuse the love. From Lucifer to Adam&Eve who knew everlasting life to those of us who are born into sin and desire everlasting life, there is choice. Either serve Him and be righteous as we were created to do or serve an idol and be idolatrous which is not the purpose for which we live. So it’s live or die; a choice we make for ourselves.

    Sorry this is so lengthy. I just want to thank you for pointing out the scripture John 6:44 because I had never noticed it before and now I can share it as a methodology for witnessing. We need to pray with the unsaved who are willing to accept our loving, blameless Christ into their lives for the desire to know Him. If we plant the seed (gospel) and show them how to water it (prayer) then God will bring the increase. I believe that and receive it right now in Jesus name. Amen.


    • PEople live in me who have been close. SOme are alive, some are dead. Yet they live on in me, primarily in my memory. PEople believe that Christ “literally” lives in them. This belief opens them to the Fake Jesus.

      ALso, I don’t like the term “accept” Jesus. I was an atheist. I rejected Jesus, did not believe that He existed. 40 years ago, on March 29, 1977, He came after ME. First in dreams and then in circumstances. I did not say “I accept you.” Who am I to accept HIM? That thought never crossed my mind. That is like me saying “I accept the sun, I accept rain, I accept grass. All I knew 40 years ago is that I BELIEVED. I HAD FAITH THAT WAS GIVEN TO ME. I DID NOT CALL HIM. HE CALLED ME.

      SALVATION IS A GIFT FROM GOD SO THAT NOBODY COULD BOAST. WHAT WOULD THEY BOAST? Well, that they accepted Jesus when others didn’t. GOd chose us. We may not find that out until we are on our deathbeds. Nevertheless, if He called us, we shall know.

      It’s like this. If Publishers Clearing House knocked at your door and said “you have won 5 million dollars. You start jumping up and down, screaming, full of joy. Not by any effort of your own. You don’t stop and say, “well, should I accept this? NO. That never comes to your mind.

      I could come up with a bunch of scriptures to confirm that God does the choosing. But I don’t have the time or the inclination to do this. We don’t know what God knows. We don”t know why He picks some and not others. What we DO know is that he knows aLL of us. YEs, the offer is made to all men. YEt God knows Who will follow from who won’t. Who will respond from who won’t. The way is narrow to salvation, and not broad.

      Let us not forget that we begin as sinners, fallen beings, without the capacity to choose God with our moral capabilities. We are at enmity with God, our hearts are desperately wicked. We need help from God to be born again. HE gives us godly sorrow, repentance and faith in the Lord”s resurrection. We cannot obtain that on our own. So those who are chosen are given the tools to be saved by the Holy Spirit. When we cry out for God, God has empowered us to do it.

      THanks for your lengthy comment. It shows your interest and sincerity. I welcome those who disagree in a healthy, un contentious way, as you have done.


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