False Doctrine: the Dung of Demons


People are faithfully going to church,  watching Christian television and reading Christian books, who  need to be deprogrammed from error that is causing them to be vulnerable to demonic oppression of a very serious nature. In fact, when I have tried to counsel those who have come to me to seek deliverance from the torment of demons, the mixture and error in their spiritual foundation is extremely deep.  Therefore,  deliverance is severely hindered by the amount of error that these captives have anchored their faith to by listening to pastors in pulpits,  watching Christian television or reading the books of various mega preachers.

  Evil spirits know it is fruitless to urge the righteous toward sins of the flesh, so demons use another tactic called DECEPTION. The Satanic strategy is planned in the form of teachings and doctrines that appear “good”. The biggest deception is to receive counsel solely based upon the godly life and character of the counselor or teacher. Most false prophets are clean living, righteous, upstanding folk.  So to receive their teachings based on their “good character” is what the enemy is after.

Therefore, it is important for you to know that every thing that the enemy does is not always evil as he works under the cover of light. So the strategy of deception is to get the righteous or good person to accept a wrong idea and then to pass it off to others “as truth.”

Certainly, the bible   should be the foundation of every Christian. However, it is important to point out that scripture is also  used as the basis of false teaching.  The enemy  has  very skillfully woven into a web certain scriptures  that will ultimately entrap a child of God like the prosperity gospel, praying in the spirit, tongues, slain in the spirit—I could go on and on!. With each false doctrine and practice, the method is to pull single texts out of their original context. In my work with  professing Christians in torment or bondage, the following scripture from the book of James rings true:


I train ministers in our deliverance mentoring program to   listen to the unbridled tongue so as to expose the nature of the deception. Also, Paul wrote to Christians that we are deceived when we think ourselves to be wise with the wisdom of this world.(I Corinthians 3:15) Deliverance Mentoring  is certaining a humbling process, for very often, Christians in torment must resist the devil by admitting that they have been deceived not only by well meaning Christian teachers, family and friends, but also by their own heart. (Jer 17:9, Isaiah 64:20)

Trained ministers serve as mentors to those who have left the organized church.

At Pam Sheppard Ministries, we de-program the deceived through our deliverance mentoring program. Trained online ministers are available.  For more info, call 518-477-5759

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5 responses to “False Doctrine: the Dung of Demons

  1. Amy Lundberg

    I have been reading your articles about false conversion happening in the church. I’m learning about what makes a false conversion, but what is the right respose to the right, biblical Jesus? Is it conviction, repentace and knowing that Jesus rose from the dead and abiding in Him? How can I know that I have a authentic Biblical salvation and right relationship with the Lord? I come from a past of the occult. Two years ago I surrendered to the Lord Jesus. I didn’t have much church backround but I knew that I needed Him. I destroyed my books and everything I could find that was demonic. I still struggle with shame and condemnation. I often get confused with the doctrine of the church and it never distills the torment. I’m hungry and thirsty for a right relationship with the Lord and to be born again. Thankyou


    • I understand. One thing you have written gives me pause. Your struggle with shame and condemnation. You see, there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus—ie the born again. I have been born again for 35 years and I have not suffered with that for even one hour. Also, there is assurance in the mind of the truly saved. If you knew that you needed Jesus and if you are truly saved, then it was the Holy Ghost who put that desire in you and He would have led you to the cross. If you just came to Jesus because life was un-satisfying, then you did not really repent. The key is that the Holy Ghost does ALL the work of salvation. All of it. We just “follow His leading.”


      • Amy Lundberg

        Thankyou for being honest. I was confused when I wrote that last message, but I am starting to understand what real repentence is. I know that I’m not worthy of God’s mercy but I am still going to repent and love Him even if he doesn’t do anything for me. He deserves the love of His creation. It’s not about asking Him into my heart. The holy Spirit regenerates the spirit and soul.I felt the Holy Spirit come and for the first time I knew assurance. I flipped to Romans 8 and I knew that I wasn’t condemned. Thankyou so much for taking the time to reply.


  2. We can recognize and avoid the sinner. So its the sincere, religious holy folk that can be the most dangerous to us cause we cant see em comin!


  3. wenonaruss

    I LOVE what u said about the biggest deception being receiving counsel from those who live a ‘holy’ life or good character!


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