Jesus Christ Is Alive in a Human Body!!!!

Because of a lack of understanding of and faith in the resurrection, many do not realize that Jesus Christ of Nazareth is alive today, in his glorified, resurrected body, and NOT in a spirit form. Even the scriptures teach that he appeared to Mary Magdalene and others in BODILY FORM, so that they could see that he overcame death and is NOT in spirit form. So why do these churches teach that Jesus Christ resurrected in “spirit form?” He even said that he was sending us his Holy Spirit as a counselor to lead us and guide us!!! Any other spirit is hovering around is of the DEVIL!!! It blows my mind how the enemy crafted a plan to minimize the power of the cross , so that people would not have faith in the resurrection, and therefore NOT experience TRUE salvation. TRUE salvation is contingent …on a person’s response to the Gospel: That Jesus Christ of Nazareth was born of the virgin Mary, came to this earth as the son of God, was crucified and nailed to the cross for the sins of the world, took YOUR place when it should have been YOU paying for your own wicked nature (because the wages of sin is DEATH), died and RESURRECTED IN PHYSICAL BODY FORM on the 3rd day.
 The part that most people miss is the actual resurrection part! The faith it takes to believe that a DEAD MAN LIVES, HIS NAME IS JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH, IS SITTING AT THE RIGHT HAND OF THE FATHER RIGHT NOW, AND IS NOT HOVERING AROUND AS SOME “MAGICAL” SPIRIT is what will determine whether or not a person will be saved!!! HE CAME ALL THE WAY DOWN HERE IN HUMAN FORM TO SAVE US FROM THE WICKEDNESS THAT WE ARE! The crazy part is that the BELIEF IN THE ACTUAL RESURRECTION…NOT KNOWLEDGE, BUT BELIEF, THE AHA MOMENT, IS WHAT WILL HIT A PERSON WHO GOD INTENDS TO SAVE!!! The POWER is also in the fact that HE IS GOD BECAUSE HE DEFEATED EVERYTHING, EVEN DEATH!!! THAT SAME POWER WILL ALLOW US WHO ARE BORN AGAIN TO BE CHANGED FROM MORTAL TO IMMORTAL AND LIVE FOREVER, JUST LIKE HIM!!!!! But instead, people are duped into believing that all they gotta do is “pray Jesus into their hearts,” when any true born again believer knows that the REAL Jesus is sitting at the right hand of the father and cannot come into our hearts. Only evil spirits do that through the heart CHAKRA, one of the openings, that allows evil spirits to enter into us. THAT is why any person who claims salvation and says that they “prayed Jesus into their heart” cannot truly be saved. Furthermore, we do not invite the Holy Ghost to save us. Evil spirits respond to invitations. He saves us IF we are one of the ELECT, WHEN the time is right, and HE REBIRTHS OUR SPIRITS. WE HAVE NO CONTROL OVER IT…NO PRAYER, NO WORKS (so that we cannot boast), NOTHING. IT’S IN THE HANDS OF THE HOLY GHOST. HE BLOWS LIKE THE WIND.


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2 responses to “Jesus Christ Is Alive in a Human Body!!!!

  1. aaron027

    This article adds to the clarity of the facts we must believe.


  2. This is an excellent article. Every time I read about the resurrection of Jesus Christ of Nazareth I get excited! It is awesome how Jesus overcame death and was resurrected, physical body and all! Thank you for bringing this article in such a timely season as this!


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