Book Review by Tina Issenock: Faces of the Religious Demon

Cover_faces_newGet ready to stretch your religious paradigm.  Today, while many are shouting, “Lord Bless Me”, it is clearly evident that much deception abounds!

 Pam Sheppard takes an unconventional look at spiritual deception by examining the practices and behaviors within and the institutional church, and sets up a very helpful model that brings hope freedom to sincere believers who find themselves captive to her.

 Ms. Sheppard does an exemplary job in answering the unspoken suspicions that many average day churchgoers are unable to decipher and/or are afraid to confront. She gives clarity to how the spirit of Anti- Christ operates, through what she describes as FACES of the religious demon. 

 My many concerns and questions were answered. For example,  as I was relieved to know that theIMG_1063 Christianeze used within many denominations is not only  misleading, but more importantly,  that the jargon is evidence that a religious demon is present and responsible for creating doctrines that are not of God.  One specific example and a very popular one in the churches is “the name it and claim it”. Also, in the chapter called  Doctrinal Mixtures, I was enlightened by the fact that religious demons send messages to people, who then interpret the messages  as “confirmations.”

 So if you desire to walk in complete fullness with the Lord, as well as   acquire more understanding for the benefit of discerning the wiles and strategies of the enemy, this book will enlighten you to the subtleties of “the mixing of lies with truth”. I highly recommend it as end-time read. 

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8 responses to “Book Review by Tina Issenock: Faces of the Religious Demon


    I have the E copy now I’m gonna buy the hard cover!


  2. This is going to be such an important book, deception enters in the most subtle of ways often in the guise of something from God..wolf in sheep’s clothing. I am privileged to have been able to meet Pam on my journey and have learnt much. For me personally it reminded me that God is a holy God, who accepts the free sacrifice of those who are willing to be obedient to the one true God.


    • yes, Kaz. I can’t handle everyone in phone sessions or in group. so I am using the books as a means to reach people.

      Faces has been published since 2006. It helps me out a lot, particularly in phone sessions. The book convinces people that deliverance is not a quick fix.


  3. Tee

    This is an excellent review.


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