Raised From the Dead: Christian, Do You Understand?

If you are one of the elect, you ere chosen for salvation befor God framed the words, so He will call you to Himself. However, before He does, you need to understand the resurrection of Jesus Christ as an essential component of the gospel.

Spiritual Warfare Library of PSM

I suspect that the primary reason why the IC is so ineffectual is because she has lost the meaning of the power of the resurrection. When I ask someone who calls me to describe the resurrection, most skip right over it and start babbling about the Lord going to prison to preach, grab the keys, etc., saying nothing at all about what happened in the tomb.

This is another reason why they are operating out of a false conversion. For there is no born again experience without the resurrection. Colossians 2:22 says that we are buried together with Him in baptism, and we are also raised together with Him through FAITH in the fact that God raised the Lord Jesus from the dead.

Those who saw the Lord alive after His death did not need faith because their very eyes witnessed it. They were at the cross when He died…

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