Examine Every Religious Practice  By Its Root and Its Fruit

Speaking  in tongues happened to me  about 5 years after I was born again. I did not think I needed it, and I was skeptical from the beginning. Kenneth Hagin came to my town in 1982 and had a meeting with about 2,000 folk or more. I was in attendance,  then a licensed minister for about a year. 

Anyway, at the end of the service, those who did not speak in tongues were called to leave the conference and go into another room. Among hundreds of people, I was among the last to utter. I was still suspicious though. Even though I became fluent, I wanted to interpret, to know what I was saying. Although I prayed for 25 years for interpretation, my prayer never was answered.. It has come to me that my prayer was not answered because God has no answer to give other than “bible time tongues has ceased so there is no interpretation to give!!!!
As time progressed, I got suspicious. By then, I had been a pastor for about 20 years or so.   What I noticed first  of all, was  that too many of my tongue- talking church members had no problem with sin and most were unloving folk. Yet it was  my deliverance work that  told the tale. You see, I would speak in tongues in a deliverance and it became clear that demons KNEW what I was saying.

I said to myself “hmmmmmmm.” LOL.
So I did some research on the subject. Boy was I shocked to find that 19 centuries of believers did not speak in tongues and that it was revived in 1901 by Charles Parham, the father of Pentecostalism, a Down-low homosexual and a racist. I said hmmmmmm again.
I also discovered that Witches and occultists also speak in tongues. Truly I was shocked when I learned that the Corinthians spoke in tongues BEFORE Paul brought them the gospel of Jesus Christ. Also witches report that while they speak in tongues, a demon sits on their shoulder. once I completed the research for the Fake Jesus, I stopped “my  prayer language.”

That said, I have a simple solution to uncovering things that comes from the Lord’s own mouth. LOOK AT THE TREE. First the root. In other words, examine the founder. if there is something evil,or unclean about the history of a thing, remember that an evil tree does not bring forth good fruit. then look at the fruit itself.
Modern day tongues was first started by a man who was caught exposing himself in a park. There is a record of that. Then tongues carried over and was a part of the Asuza Street Revival where several witches became a part of the assembly.
Besides tongues, can you look over your life and see how applying this simple rule of tree and fruit, you would have avoided confusion and deception?
I have a private blog called RESCUE. RESCUE is where I spend several hours a day, 7 days a week.   If you are interested in joining RESCUE, send an email to rescueonfb@icloud.com

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