IS TRUMP GOD’S Choice for President?

First of all, God does not elect or participate in an election mainly because He respects the free will of the people.

So when churchfolk claim that Trump won because they prayed for him, that is the epitome of religious foolishness.

God did not choose any of the 45 US presidents, for the truth is that this is not a nation under God, in spite of what we claim.  How could a country built on the backs of slaves be “under God?”  Politics is “of the world.”  Satan is the god of this world. So if any spirit chooses a president, it is not the Holy Ghost but it is the  god of this world, it is Satan who  makes that choice and we the people go along with it.

Jesus Christ of Nazareth announced the course of this age when He declared “if the world hates you. you know that it hated me before it hated you.”  I don’t know about you but as a born again person for 39 years, I have been chosen out of this world, even though I am still in it.  So I do what My Savior requires of me, which is to render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s.  As such , I vote.  Nevertheless,  Caesar decides who runs, and within the  limitations that others have set, I try to make a thoughtful choice.

Yet I suspect that Donald Trump is a significant end time player and therefore we need to be able to read “the signs of the times” as it relates to what is now labelled “Trumpism.”  It seems that  the undergirding root of Trumpism is this: If you agree with Trump, and you stroke his ego, then he will declare you  acceptable.   Anyone who takes issue with Trump is his enemy.

Most people see Satan as always manifesting evil so they don’t usually  realize  that the goal of Satan’s son, the Anti-Christ, is to promote a beautiful, idyllic kingdom, in accordance with Trumpism’s  main slogan “let us make America great again.”

What I have noticed is that the people who overlooked Trump’s behavior all appear to be mesmerized, with the women reminding me of “Stepford Wives.”   Trump  did not enchant or hypnotize the people  on purpose, but once he noticed it, he took advantage of the hypnotic  power to mesmerize the populous.  Trump remains ignorant to the fact that  this is a form of Satanic power, transported to him by  evil witchcraft  spirits. Yes. Trump now has the power of charismatic witchcraft.  Satan will require much from him for accepting his power, whether he did so in ignorance or by design.

To define the great seduction of Trump that drew the people to overlook his dark side   is his natural ability to speak a common, down to earth word, letting the chips fall where they may. On the contrary, politics is so damn phony. Since    Trump calls it as he sees it, with a no  nonsense, “let us face the bullshit” approach. Therefore,  Trump  is appealing to those who are tired of political mendacity. .    He is at his best with —-The government is rigged.  The media is rigged. The people love him for it.

My suspicion is that he really did not expect to win, so he set the stage early on  to project blame on the political system. Clearly,  since  a narcissist of this magnitude rarely ever takes responsibility for his own failures, this sort of strategy is expected.

However, because of the electoral college, a plethora of dissatisfied white folk who see Trump as their salvation, helped him to  steal the electoral  college vote.

Nevertheless,  Hillary Clinton DID win the popular vote, the subject of another blog.

As a black woman, I perceive Trump’s biggest problem is not racism, sexism  or his other woes. His destructive issue can be found in two of his recent tweets.

First, he went with his gut instinct with his  usual projection of blame on others, tweeting that the media was responsible for  the nationwide protests in the streets.  Then, in the morning, he did the politically correct thing, praising the demonstrators for their “passion for America.”

You see, political power requires a politician  to be a hypocrite. Trump has now stepped into the political world, for real!

As rich as he is, Trump is crass, blunt,  certainly  not used to all of the pomp, protocol  and circumstance that comes with the office of the  President. Trump  calls a spade a spade, no pun intended. Yet  in just a few days, he has had to restrain himself in the very  ways that his base was seduced into follow him.  Trump”s reign is probably over, even before his head hits a White House pillow.

Yet even deeper, could it be that God in this picture has already used Trump to prove that democracy has come to the end of her road?  For democracy has to lie to survive. Jesus Christ is TRUTH.  When He comes,  the day of the liar shall be extinguished.

So the message in the Trump administration for me is this.  Jesus Christ of Nazareth  shall soon return to set up his own government,  a theocracy where King of kings,  Jesus Christ shall rule with a rod of iron for a 1000 year term, having jailed Satan until He throws him into the lake of fire forever to burn!!!

If you have fears and concerns and you need “transition” help, let us know.  RESCUE can help.







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